Slow Stitching Sunday : End of June

This past week I hand-quilted on my table runner a little bit. I am trying to draw feathers without a stencil, and just go by a visual from a book. Looking closely and critically at it, I started to think that one or two looked more like a toe or something rather than a feather. Then I put my Rose Colored Glasses on and decided to just keep going : )

Four more Crosses & Losses blocks are pieced together now.

crosses losses blocks on line

Towards the end of the week the batting that I’d had to order ( since my local store was moving and quilt supplies were the first thing to move ) arrived.  So I worked on pin-basting my half-quilt ( I’ll join the other half when it’s finished ) and then couldn’t resist starting a little hand quilting on it.

The other thing that I worked on is another red & green applique block and the post about that is HERE. For Slow Stitching time this Sunday, I ‘ll pick that up again. In the original post I thought the entire block would be easy…not so when I got to the first flower. I found myself holding my breath and clenching my teeth trying to get the pieces to fit together exactly. Perhaps I’ll cut the next round a wee bit larger than the book templates to give myself more leeway.

sewing end june collage

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29 Responses to Slow Stitching Sunday : End of June

  1. Deb says:

    I had that same problem with an appliqué. It has been sitting for over a year waiting for me to recut so I have room to turn it. Good luck with your slow stitches today.

  2. Balisha says:

    Your quilts are so pretty. I remember applique… biting my tongue as I made those turns.
    I see a metal thimble…do you ever use a leather one?

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Balisha I tried a leather one for under the quilt ( as well as metal ) but it doesn’t work for me. Using a thimble on the top for quilting works but I need to stab my finger underneath so while I have the leather I don’t use it :)

  3. Carla says:

    My first applique quilt was done with clenched teeth. Sometimes you have to let go of perfection. Here is a link to drawing feathers from Lilian Hedley in England, she really makes it simple.

  4. Christine Feldstein says:

    Very nice quilts! As regards me, I avoid applique… it takes too long!

  5. Chantal says:

    Great block. Love the yellow with purple which we don’ t see very often. Happy slow stitching.

  6. Kathi says:

    Check out a vid on youtube with Lilian Hedley showing how to draw a feather using a pencil and a coin… or something like a button… small and round.. looks easy… a friend tried it.. love your pics of what you are working on… good luck with your feathers! Kathi

  7. Kim says:

    I love the container you have your pins in! The quilts are lovely!

  8. Rose coloured glasses are a must have!
    Looks like you use the same thimble that I prefer to use.
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Stitching!

  9. Debbie H says:

    Haven’t tried applique yet, I am new to quilting. I too love your pin holder. I am looking for a template in that shape for to quilt on a baby quilt. Where did you get it? Happy slow stitching this Sunday.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Debbie I think the pins ( quilt basting pins ) came in that holder…pretty sure I got them at JoAnn Fabrics :)

  10. Bonnie says:

    I just found your blog. We live in a 2200 SF bungalow that was put together from an Aladdin Kit in 1921. We love it!! Your’s is, like ours, charming.


  11. Joyce says:

    I love seeing your progress! You are really moving along during the summer months even though those are considered non-quilting days. The fabrics you choose are so pretty. I have attempted applique a few times. It’s so hard to get those corners and points – grrrr!

  12. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Just beautiful..Your family must be so thrilled when you gift them a quilt!!

  13. I’m using my rose-colored glasses while working on these triangles in the chevron quilt I’m piecing. What lopped triangle tips?

  14. Grandma Kc says:

    Once again I don’t know how you find the time do to all of this amazing quilting — and it is amazing — plus run the diner and take photos of all you friends! Nice work!

  15. Angela says:

    Best of luck with those feathers. They always seem to look better in the finished quilt than they seem when they are being sewed.

  16. I think your quilts are very pretty. My mother quilted and I have a couple of hers still. The red and green would be favored here for sure~

  17. Sandra says:

    Your quilts are so beautiful and I’m so glad you share them on your blog. I’ve always wanted to try quilting and should find a beginners class somewhere and actually do it! :o)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  18. You were productive and produced some beautiful hand work and I spent the day at the beach. I’m feeling like a non producer right now. :-)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      That’s ok, Judy…after what you go through in the winter you need all the days at the beach you can get ! :)

  19. CathieJ says:

    Your quilts are quite pretty. I have yet to tackle an applique project. I really like you flower.

  20. Your quilts are very lovely. The hand-stitching takes a LOT of time!

  21. Vickie says:

    I’m so impressed that you can work on that many projects at one time! I don’t think I’d know which one to pick up! You’ve got some beautiful quilts in the works.

  22. Riet says:

    I love the purple blocks you made. Feather quilting I would love to learn but I am scared I will do something wrong.

  23. Kelsey says:

    Your purple and yellow quilt is really modern. I like the pattern a lot. I might just have to make one for me :)

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