Slice of Life & This is no Way to Lead a Country Close to Independence Day

If you are a regular reader, you might recall that my youngest son was in between roommates and leases and had moved in with his dad for a few months. When his dad died in April, he couldn’t bear to stay there and moved in with me for 2  1/2 months. Koopa moved in too.

They have moved out and Koopa loves his life out in the country now but he came for a sleepover on Friday and he seems to have missed me as much as I missed him.

He never left my side and enjoyed kitchen time, where the dogs get to share some corn on the cob, broccoli, potato skins, etc.

Koopa was in luck because I’d returned from the farm market and a grocery run and there was even fat-from-steaks on the menu.  ( I watch carefully and sometimes the grocery store will label steaks as “Butcher Steaks” if they are not beautiful or something….who cares! Two thin cut Delmonicos for under 6.oo! :)

Also on that Friday, the church that the kids attend just wrapped up a week of service at a local mobile home park area…weeding, painting, doing repairs, etc. The final event was a festival. Here are Brent and Javis …a photo that my DIL took that evening:

I wonder how long it took for their makeup to MELT / it was such a hot day.

The theme at the church this month was centered around the idea to not just go to church but to BE the church. Another thing that they do is that while they have a thriving children’s program, once a month they bring the children in during the first part of the adult service so these same little boys were ushers on Sunday.  ( another DIL photo )

While I don’t attend, sometimes I’ll listen ( they have livestream ) and I listened this morning while working on a quilt binding, and their pastor had a very inspiring message….he’s often heartwarming and funny, rarely judgemental, very servant-oriented and humble.

And then it was over and I checked the news.

There were the stories about the latest Trump tweet….the mock wrestling video of him beating up a journalist.

Deja Vu!!!!   Yesterday my son and DIL wanted to go to the gym together early A.M. so I went down to stay with the kids and make a big breakfast. When I came home, I checked the news, and it was all about Trump continueing his attacks on Morning Joe and this that and the other in the media. All of it vulgar and crude and disgusting for days on end now.


Yet the night before he was lauded by a Baptist Pastor   “Millions of Americans believe that [Trump’s victory] represented God giving us our next chance, perhaps our last chance, to make America great again,” Jeffress said. ( FIrst Baptist pastor )

and on Sunday defended by an evangelical. Headlines said Christian Leader ( Jerry Falwell Jr. ) applauds Trump attack tweets.

“The left is melting down,” Jerry Falwell Jr., a Trump supporter, said during an interview on Fox News

I AM NOT THE LEFT.  I AM NOT THE RIGHT.  I am a normal American and this is no way to lead a country close to Independence Day or at any time. And to see someone applaud this behavior and associate it with Christianity  ( in its truest form ) makes my stomach churn.

This is NOT what my grandchildren are learning in Childrens Church, nor at home. This is NOT how they are learning to think or behave. Nor were my sons raised to think or behave this way.

Yes, this is not a political blog BUT sometimes there is so much going on that it needs to be mentioned. If you are a Trump fan then this won’t make you happy but after the last few days of his tweets, if you support that, I am clueless as to how you could.

Here’s my little grandson a few years back attending our local 4th of July Parade. I don’t want him growing up having leaders with no morals, no sense of civility. I am ashamed of this President and it only gets worse with each day. My grandchildren deserve better than this. 

BRENT when he was little at parade


I was not intending to post again until well after the 4th, when I had completed something in regards to quilting / sewing projects but this is a weekend / week to go down in history. And not favorable history.

Feel free to comment….I don’t know / is it just me? I am so appalled….

And hopefully he’ll go golf and STOP for the next few days :)  Meanwhile we pay millions of dollars to transport him back and forth for his golfing and what do we get for that? :)

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28 Responses to Slice of Life & This is no Way to Lead a Country Close to Independence Day

  1. Karen says:

    I too am appalled – I can’t stand this behavior this is not what America is all about – I don’t understand where this is coming from and how he became president. How his followers can condone this behavior is beyond me –
    It is getting to the point that I do not want to watch the news anymore but yet I always have wanted to know what was going on in our country so I tune in and then have to shut it off.

  2. Brenda says:

    I agree with you completely. I dread to wake up each day to a new outrage.

  3. Jeanne says:

    With you 1000%!!!

  4. Also appalled! I still refuse to speak his name-taking a page from Harry Potter, he who shall not be named.
    all our children and grandchildren deserve better! I find it sad that as the widow of a retired Air Force Master Sargent I consider leaving the country I love and beyond that the fact that all of my children have considered it. He’s a disgrace. It has gotten so difficult for me to deal with that I now subscribe to the Washington Post and READ my news.

  5. Kathy D says:

    No, it’s appalling, and more appalling that it is applauded. Not sure how we got here.

  6. Judy Rogers says:


  7. Eileen says:

    Hello Deb, I agree 100% with you about Trump. I never felt like he was presidential. I am embarrassed that he is our president. Your grandson are so cute. I love the dog Koopa too. Wishing you a happy 4th of July. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  8. Dewena says:

    Koopa is such a sleek gorgeous boy! And those little boys are darling–bless them for their hard work and what they’re learning through it.

    I hear your pain, understand it. I’ll be brave though and just say that many of us who just couldn’t vote for the other candidate are also appalled at this behavior and wish it would stop pronto.

    I stay out of everything political on social media because of our four adult children, two were on each side. I love and respect each of them and there is no way on earth that is going to change–I feel that way about blog friends too!

  9. THANK YOU! I agree 100%. This is my country not his. What a Dump.
    Love your blog and your honesty. Your grand kids are adorable.
    Enjoy the 4th!

  10. Juliana says:

    Thank you for speaking up about what’s going on. I just don’t see how the dignity and history of the Office of President can’t have an impact on this man even if he is innately without his own personal dignity. It’s hard to imagine having to endure this for the rest of his 4 years.

  11. gail says:

    I absolutely agree. I no longer call myself a Christian, and Christians are part of the reason for that. If this is what it means, I want no part of it. The fact that the president’s party and so many of my fellow citizens think his behavior is okay gives me great sadness and a feeling of isolation. Thank goodness for dogs and grandchildren.

  12. Anne Specht says:

    Hear, hear!

  13. Deb says:

    So sad. Very difficult to explain to my kids how he is allowed to say what he does…….and why they are not allowed to say or do what he does.
    The news is turned on for weather at my house then promptly turned off as it irritates me so much. Social media is the worst….. and then I saw someone complaining of the vacation trips Obama was taking. Last time I checked he is no longer working for the USA as his term is up – who are we to judge how others spend their time after 8 years without a vacation? Shaking my head….. back to calming and relaxing hand stitching. Hope you have a peaceful 4th with the family Deb.

  14. Joyce says:

    The children just grow in beauty year after year. It is because they are part of a family that lives its Christian faith through acts of kindness, generosity, and the example of two fine parents.
    Under the circumstances you went on to describe, it will be necessary for those of us who are like you to step it up even more firmly. We must point out what’s happening in the White House and say, “See this? It is WRONG! There is nothing here that Jesus would approve.”
    I share your befuddlement at the “Christians” who see this vulgar man as a “savior.” God help their souls!

  15. Catherine says:

    We are so happy that so many of you have decided to make Canada your new home. You are always welcome in our true north strong and free – just bring warm clothes!!!

  16. Val Reynolds says:

    I have to admit….I am out of the loop….as I just don’t watch anymore. It is all just so unbelievable to me. His arrogance, lack of respect…he’s just such an absolute embarrassment and I get mad everytime I see or hear anything about/from him. So yes, back to stitching. Oh and your grandboys just make me smile! They are soooo cute and look they are fun boys.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Here Here !!!!!!!!!
    You are not alone in your feelings.

  18. tnhillhaus says:

    I’m so glad to see someone post about this! Too think that man has so much power over our future is almost more than I can stand. He is a disgrace on so many levels that it is beyond belief! I’m glad I have interests that can “take me away” because I have so much trouble hearing anything about him or the people who continue to support him.

  19. Grandma Kc says:

    Very well said my friend and the whole thing is so depressing. It really is hard to say you are proud to be an American when this is what is running our country. A big overgrown overweight bully!

  20. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    So dismayed and embarrassed about this person. I will not say the name and will never ever call him my president. Never.

    Does anyone else wonder why he doesn’t go off on Putin like he does on Cable News anchors? Seriously. I have never heard him say anything bad about him. Guess we know why as he owes him everything apparently! I am watching Rachel Maddow show as I type this, and the news is beyond belief. These people are horrible human beings. How can they do what they are doing to our country?

    I hate when people laugh about this. It isn’t funny. He is supposed to be doing his job, not entertaining his base.

  21. Kim says:

    Your grandkids are adorable and that pup has always been a favorite. He seems to have the sweetest disposition. As for the rest of it, yes, very upsetting…

  22. Kitsy Keel Smith says:

    I so agree with all of you and feel so sad when I read or see the outrageous behavior he exhibits. I miss O’Bama and his dignified family so much. But what can we do but wait until the 2020 election and hope many of his base will come to their senses and support what America stands for and not the buffoon who they think he can make America great again. It was just fine until he came along and he is just dragging us all down with him. I get sadder each day that I see what is happening to our society because of him.

  23. You have the most beautiful family Deb. You must be very proud of them.

    I never thought I’d feel this way much less express it, but I actually miss Bush!

  24. The grandkids look like they are having a good summer. I’ve come to the opinion that all politicians should stay off social media. It serves no constructive purpose except to point out how large an ego they have. Enjoy your holiday with family.

  25. Margie Miller says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! This president is a national embarrassment! He acts just like a naughty school boy…not at all like a president. He can’t bear any criticism and strikes back at the slightest offense. If he wants respect, he’s going to have to act like a man…not like a naughty child!

  26. Priscilla says:

    I can’t help but wonder & worry what kind of a country we’re going to be left with in the next 10 – 20 years. He’s doing SO much damage to ALL areas of this country. So bad that this is who & what is representing our country. Maybe it’ll get better as I feel we’re basically at the bottom & can only improve from here..who knows? We HAVE to keep fighting the battle though. Happy 4th!!

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