Slice of Life Mid-October

We had a chilly week leading up to mid-October. Many a morning was in the low 40’s and we had a 35 degree low one day, then 33, then 35 again.  The flowers all survived the light frosts.

On Saturday, it began to warm up and the afternoon hit the mid-70’s.

I walked down to my sons’  house  late that afternoon…the hum of lawn mowers was everywhere  ( I’d mown my grass earlier ) and we sat out on their deck in the warm sun.  He had worked an extra shift that day and Tallica had been to a conference at their church.  The girls were riding their bikes…Javis was at a birthday party. Merle, who has an electric shock collar on, was beside himself as one of the cats sat taunting him in the neighbors’  yard, just outside of his reach.  We discussed this crazy election year, and the speaker at the conference, and general matters.  They were going back and forth about having some friends over later on….

Walking home it again amazed me that the neighborhood was still basically green.  Our summers are getting longer….starting earlier most years and ending later.

In years past the neighbors’ maple tree would have been brilliant by now.  Walking down the street towards it, little change shows. It’s only from this angle   ( the kitchen side of my house )  with the late sun illuminating the tips of the leaves that ‘fall’ shows up.


While I took photos of zinnias, roses, etc. still blooming after the first frost ( HERE ) while I had my camera out to get a shot of the tree, I took a few photos of my marigolds in the back yard.

These were planted as seeds, next to the tomato plants. For a good part of the summer they were hidden under the tomato foliage and when the tomatoes were done, their time had come.  There was a little bee enjoying his dinner when I was out there :)




Meanwhile new zinnias continue to bloom and the Pee Gee Hydrangea continues to deepen in color…


When the hydrangea get this dark, I generally start to clip some and bring indoors for drying, which I did.

Not too long ago I’d done a post about it being soup weather now.  There was a nice list of soups in the comments to think about for the future.  So on Sunday morning I made one of them; potato, leek and cauliflower soup. It turned out great. I had two big bowls for lunch, filled a small pot with more for another day, and took the rest down to my sons’  house along with some freshly baked bread and apple pie.

The bread was my Challah recipe that I’ve had forever,  but this time I ran out of white bread flour and added some stone ground wheat flour and it still turned out nicely…so if any of you want to try this recipe that way, while it calls for six cups flour, I usually only need five, and today’s batch used four white / one wheat and was a bit more hearty and filling.    The Recipe is HERE 

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17 Responses to Slice of Life Mid-October

  1. Barb says:

    I enjoy seeing how your weather is slowly changing. I can smell the scent of new mown grass (something we don’t experience much here at altitude). That bread sounds heavenly.

  2. Karen says:

    Even though we have not gotten close to your low temps at night we have some trees changing colors already some yellow here and there and one very early maple of some sort that always starts turning in October and the top is red and rusts while the bottom is still green.
    It was “poor man’s stew” for supper tonight – hamburger used instead of beef – no matter that we are not poor as church mice like years ago when Mike was in the military it is still a favorite of his and it gets made off and on all year – I’m ready for soup to and have plenty of recipes to try this winter on my pinterest page

  3. Debi says:

    I enjoyed your photos. You certainly are having a lovely fall!

  4. Nana Diana says:

    You do such spectacular photography, Deb. I love that one of the bee! Amazing shot.
    Our fall is just peaking here. I noticed it today for the first time…now I suppose our next week will be full of falling leaves and plants bowing their heads earthward.
    Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  5. Val Reynolds says:

    We are having the same temps: lows around 40 highs around 60….LOVE IT! Fall seems to have hit a fast forward button this past week as EVERYTHING is in Fall mode….I love the beauty of this time of year and am trying to take it all in. As with your flowers…I’m surprised to see some of my roses STILL budding! Have a wonderful week Deb!!

  6. Doreen aka Aunt Reen says:

    I too am longing for Fall to arrive in earnest. And yet it will get even warmer over the next few days. I agree, the climate is changing and summer season is extending. I so love your stunning pictures! Wonderful to see a hint of change on the leaves and the beautiful blooms and bees you’ve captures thru your lens.

  7. Averyclaire says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS photos! I love Autumn as do so many other people. Love the blue skies, the sunshine, and crisp coolness. We did have a bit of cold and today a bit of too warm…but lovely. And the colors are beginning to show!

  8. Kim says:

    It’s still warm and green here, too. I am not complaining. Amazing bee photos…amazing.

  9. FlowerLady says:

    What beautiful photos!

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  10. Joyce says:

    Oh the bee photos! Wow! You are a special friend to them – every single one of your images is better than the last!
    Crazy weather here too. Everything’s still green here except for some brown oak leaves falling in back. It’s been warm, and possibly up to 80 tomorrow! I sure don’t mind it, as it’s not the oppressive, humid summer heat, but still….something’s going on here!

  11. Kyle Redente says:

    Those zinnias are making quite a show! Love their colors. The wind has been blowing so hard here today most of the leaves have blown all the way into Kansas!

  12. Soup, fresh bread, and dessert? I’m surprised your other two sons haven’t moved in the neighborhood as well. :-) Beautiful flowers.

  13. BillieBee says:

    Your photos always make me happy! Great shot of the Bumble Bee. Can’t remember the last time I was one. We have those little water bees here that always what to get in my face.

  14. No one does ‘close up bee’ shots like you Deb.

    We are at peak here, so it’s coming your way!

  15. Kate says:

    Beautiful photos! The fall color seems later here too this year. We had record highs yesterday and what My Guy called “wicked winds from the south”.

  16. Debbie says:

    Oh, your marigolds are just gorgeous!! Mine are happy right now in the veggie garden, now that the massive zucchini, yellow squash, and tomato plants have been ripped out. I can’t believe how they survived the 25 degree temps, but they did!!

  17. Grandma Kc says:

    I do love soup and today it is almost soup weather! In fact we are having black bean chicken chili for dinner tonight! It only got to low 70s and it is currently raining! Raining!~!!!!!!

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