Slice of Cooking Life Early July

A little slice of life around here…

Because I live alone now, oftentimes if I cook something in a big amount, I’ll share with the middle son’s family. Or, a whole watermelon might be on sale at the store and I’ll purchase one and cut off about 1/3 or more for myself, and take the rest down the street to them.  I love corn on the cob in the summer but since I am no longer cooking a dozen ears for a family with three growing boys, sometimes I’ll boil the corn and cut it OFF of the cob, into a bowl, and then I have fresh corn to last as a side for a few days. When I do that, I leave some corn on for the birds. They really enjoy that and the next morning, the little squirrel dragged one up onto the porch for his breakfast. This is the little squirrel that is taking peanuts from my hand now.

birds squirrel corn and daylily collage

As to cooking and sharing, I took a bowlful of Chicken Curry down to my son’s family one day. I’d wanted to explore some Indian recipes, and when I looked around on the Internet I realized that I’d have to get a few things! While I have a blender I did not have a food processor. If the recipes simply required chopping some vegetables, well that is what I usually do. But many a recipe needs a paste to form. So in addition to checking the local grocery store for spices and ordering some online, I purchased a mini food processor and a mortor and pestle.

Ninja and Mortor Pestle

The chicken curry turned out very well, though I did not take photos of it. My next experiment was Tandori Chicken and we loved it ! I prepared it at my house and took it down to my son’s so that he could grill it. It was too hot to deal with the oven here. The recipe wants the chicken to be a bit charred, so the grill made sense to me.

tandori chicken

This recipe can be a stand alone or used as a base for Indian Butter Chicken. Since that has a tomato based gravy / sauce, and since I’d just made the curry, I thought to try it another time.

The recipes are too long and involved in regards to ingredients, etc. to list here, but the Chicken Curry Recipe ( and a nice story ) can be found HERE.   Tandori Chicken and Butter Chicken can be found HERE. She also had a recipe for smashed / fried potatoes, requiring new potatoes in their skins. I adapted it to just boiled sliced regular potatoes; it’s the spice combo that was different and fun for me to try. I took a phone pic but it was too grainy…

At any rate, when I take food down to the tribe, you never know what the reaction is going to be.

Tallica parade pic

( SERIOUSLY, my son took this of the gang at the 4th of July parade :)

For summer cooking, there’s always the standbys…fried zucchini is a favorite of mine :


Another standby is a creamy cucumber salad, with or without tomatoes:

But it’s always nice to try new things. I have made Italian, Polish, Thai, Chinese and Mexican recipes and it was time to foray into the Indian world a bit. Have you been cooking up anything new lately? Here, it is time to explore anything new that does not require turning the oven on during the hot summer days :)

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18 Responses to Slice of Cooking Life Early July

  1. Kyle Redente says:

    Not much experimentation lately. In the summer I try and cook as little as possible.

  2. Margie says:

    We are having the rest of the hamburger pie from Monday tomorrow….with salad. I love one dish meals.

  3. Bernie says:

    Great summer recipes Deb. This weekend my husband cooked so that was a treat. He grilled baby back ribs and they were outstanding. He uses low, indirect heat on the grill and cooks them for hours. We just finished up the leftovers.

    My experimenting has been centered around finding non-dairy ways to make things. My husband has always been sort of sensitive to dairy but lately it is much more so. Tonight I made a great salad dressing with tofu, lemon juice, vinegar, almond milk and spices. It tastes very close to ranch dressing. He was pretty happy with it. I love cooking!

    Love your pictures… I always love them.

  4. Deb says:

    Trying to use up and clear out the next few days…. but watched an interesting bread show – cooking with air on Netflix last night. Might have to try making sourdough bread without yeast when I get home.

  5. Kim says:

    I cook less in the summer than I do in the winter, the hubby takes over. He loves his barbecue!

  6. Joyce says:

    What a cute bunch of crazy-happy kids and their adorable mommy!
    I love to try exotic recipes once in awhile, but sometimes they require an expensive spice that might not be used again. This was my experience with a great Indian recipe. I’d love to re-make it, but within the pages of my 250 cookbooks, I cannot re-find it!
    Always love your squirrel stories! I was out of peanuts yesterday and 3 of them were giving me the evil eye right at the glass door! I tossed out the juiciest and biggest of my strawberries as a peace offering, but they all sniffed at them and glared at me in horror! Guess where I’m gong today? Yep. The peanut store!

  7. Debbie says:

    I can’t believe you’ve got a squirrel eating out of your hand now, Deb!! How cute! I miss feeding my critters. You know who would be so excited if I was throwing out corncobs….Mr. Bear. He’s back. Love the photo of your son’s family – what fun!!

  8. Barb says:

    I’m so bad about experimenting with cooking. I tend to make the basics again and again. Your Indian recipes sound delish. The Grands are so cute!

  9. Colleen says:

    I do zucchini in the microwave with garlic and parmigiana cheese

    No air conditioning here so only stove top dishes

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Colleen I just have a few window A/C units and if the one in the dining room is running if I turn on the microwave at the same time all the fuses blow! :) So I have a SUMMER SIGN on the microwave saying STOP!! TURN OFF A/C ! :) Meanwhile the galley kitchen is hotter than hell in the summer, just like the bathroom is super cold in the winter :) Steam heat here…

  10. Debbie H says:

    I wish I had someone to share my dishes with. Alas the kids and families are to far away. When I had the family at home I always experimented with different cuisines. I would go all out with setting the table and even bought fortune cookies to go with the Chinese. What fun that was. Now I keep it pretty simple.

  11. If we were neighbors, it would be a good thing. I could do some of your yard work. I love to mow by hand. And, you could share some of your cooking. :-) In the summer we grill more often, and even with two of us we end up eating something for at least two nights. Any more than that, and I freeze it. :-)

  12. Pat says:

    Your recipes sound delicious, Deb .I like to cook, and eat, so I always seem to make too much, so it is a good thing my husband and I like leftovers. I also often try to have my daughter and son in law stay for dinner when they pick up my granddaughter, and my sin always takes home a tray of food when he and his family eat over. WE had a 3rd of July barbeque and they all took home food ;)

  13. Eileen says:

    Hello Deb! your food looks delicious. I like the zucchini. The tribe photo is cute! I never thought about the leftover corn cob for the squirrels and birds.
    Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  14. Melanie says:

    Your Indian cooking dinners sound delicious! We love Indian food. The three dishes you named are some of our faves. In fact, I recently ordered (from and Indian cookbook called “Indian Cooking Unfolded – A Master Class in Indian Cooking With 100 Easy Recipes Using 10 Ingredients or Less” by Raghavan Iyer. I first saw this cookbook in a little bookshop and the owner came over to talk to me about it. She showed me through the book how easy the recipes were and how it gave clear instructions and lots of photos. She said the book was one of her faves. I wasn’t willing to spend the original price ($20), so that’s why I got it on

    Anyway, with it being summer (hot) and my hubby working a lot of evenings, I haven’t been doing too much cooking – though tonight I tried a new vegetarian recipe. It was for crustless zucchini pie – pretty good!

    Love the funny pic of your grandkids!

  15. Grandma Kc says:

    I love curry! All kinds of curry — if you have a recipe for panang I highly recommend it! Also try tiki masala! Yum! I am going to try your idea of feeding part of my ear of corn to the birds. Bet they would really enjoy it. Love the picture of the kids – a crazy face picture is always required. You are such a good Oma to share so much with all of them.

  16. Carol Cook says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes with SYC.

  17. Debra, I love experimenting in the kitchen, too. If we were neighbors, we could share our experiments! But lately I’ve been making big batches of stuff not to share but to freeze for future meals on those days when it’s too hot to cook.

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