Completed Sewing Projects / Quilts Through 2014


When I was considering doing a post about projects completed in 2013, I decided to include all quilts from the far past + 2013 completed projects and create a page for easy reference. I am adding 2014 projects as they are completed.

In my late twenties / early thirties I wanted to learn to sew. I didn’t  know how to create a seam…a complete novice, I ended up trying my hand at quilting, and here are some pieces from that time. Three are hand-quilted and two are tied. There were smaller projects here and there but I do not have them, nor pictures of them now. The large star quilt is a phone picture that I took of an old picture in a photo album. It was made for my oldest when he went to college. He still has it…it has not fallen apart yet :)






At some point I started a Dresden Plate quilt with reproduction fabrics from the 30’s, because I had a beautiful old Dresden that my grandmother had given to me.  I wanted to create one of my own.  The Dresdens were machine pieced and hand appliqued onto blocks and then put into a large floor frame. I quilted that for awhile and at that time my husband and I split up and it was packed away.

Late November, 2012,  ( about 14 years later ) I decided to get back to sewing and pulled out the Dresden, along with some sampler quilt blocks that I had started.



I hung the sampler blocks in my room above my bed for a week or so …


I took them down once I’d made two more rows of blocks, and right around Christmas-time 2012 I had everything put together and was tying the quilt.

2013 Finished Projects

It was finished early January 2013.


Next after much thought and inner debate, I cut up the Dresden. I made one hand quilted pillow, one hand-quilted table runner, and one puffy and comfortable tied quilt from it.



dresden pillow

Other completed projects  ( learning as I go ) for 2013 were as follows :

My first envelope enclosure pillow:


A little quilted runner:


A few skirts for my grand daughter and then these little outfits for twin girls….


Two *Bee* pillows that accompany a favorite *Bee * book of my grandson’s… this was probably the first embroidery that I’d done in over twenty years.


A runner for the sideboard in the dining room:


A pillow with embroidery and quilting for a close friend:


Pillows for the living room ( quilting, applique, etc )


A simple nine-patch quilt for one of my sons with much hand quilting:

Finished quilt for Scott


I have enjoyed getting back to sewing this past year, and learning new skills ( in other words making new mistakes :)

I will add to this page as I complete more projects in 2014.


February 8 2014; finished up this Snowball quilt top, based on a Kim Diehl design and began the process of basting it for hand quilting, which was started on Sunday February 9.

snowball on line prior to basting

February 25 : completed a rag rug started in the Fall.

Rag Rug Finished

Mid March:

Pieced and Quilted Pillow Cover ( envelope enclosure )


End March :

Sewing Machine Cover re-purposed from thrift store tablecloth. Added applique.

sewing machine cover


Hand Pieced / quilted pillow top: envelope enclosure back: ( middle pillow )

Basket Pillow

April 14: Finished the last binding stitches on the Snowball quilt which includes machine piecing, hand-applique & embroidery, hand-quilting inside each snowball, and hand-tying on the borders.

Finished Snowball Quilt

May 4: Finished this patchwork quilt top, approx 75 x 95 for a little girls bed. It is pin basted thus far, and ready for tying and binding.

Quilt basted on line

June 6: Finished with tying / binding

It can either be a full spread for a twin, full comforter for a full size…here it is on my bed prior to taking it to my son’s house: My bed is queen sized.

Finished purple and green pieced and tied quilt

June 21:

Basket Top ready to start hand quilting :

basket q on line

July 31st : Finished hand-sewing the binding onto this table runner. The three blocks are from the Benjamin Biggs Quilt Project. Hand Applique and Hand Quilted, with some embroidery as well.

runner collage includes finish on line

September 24, 2014

Crosses & Losses Blocks in Amish Colors Quilt Top Finished

Crosses and Losses Top Finished Sept 25

October 31st : Finished hand-quilting the basket quilt. November 11: Finished hand-sewing the binding on.

Couch or Lap-Quilt Size.  Top row : Hand pieced and appliqued. Middle and bottom: machine pieced. Binding : hand. Quilting: hand.

finished basket quilt on line nov 11

basket quilting collage

November 12th : Completed tying the Eagle sampler. It requires binding which I must complete prior to Christmas as it will be a gift.

after tying collage for eagle blog


Lap Quilt / Comforter Christmas Gift for my mom:

A large panel, with a border, hand-tied with yarn, and my grandson’s handprint quilted in to a corner. Binding machine-stitched to the front, hand-stitched to the back.

lap quilt finished

A little snack mat for the kids and Santa. Inspired by Better Homes & Gardens Make it Yourself issue featuring some of Amy’s projects from Nana Company. I added bells and yarn to hang it somewhere prior to Santa’s arrival.

snack mat for santa collage

Learning about some of the sewing machine’s decorative stitching, a little candle mat was made for my DIL

mug mat with kanga

Pillowcases for the 5 grandchildren:

Boys finished pillowcases

girls pillowcases finished up

Eagle Sampler Quilt : finished hand-sewing the binding on December 16th:

finshed eagle quilt

December 29: A quilted table runner for my mom ( her birthday is only a few days after Christmas : ) The hot chocolate pieced and quilted top reverses to blue toile.

Hot chocolate table runner collage

December 30th:

Envelope enclosure pillow cover, lightly quilted on the front. Floral front, toile back.

16 inch pillow envelope enclosure back

December 30th :

Finished up a second table runner…also reverses:

2nd reversable table runner

I will start a new page for 2015 sewing projects :)




19 Responses to Completed Sewing Projects / Quilts Through 2014

  1. Your quilting is just great. I love everything you’ve shown here. I just learned to quilt this fall, and am having so much fun. I enjoy every minute. I plan to do a lot more in 2014. You were very brave to cut up the Dresden quilt, and correct in doing so. The results are wonderful. The pillow for your friend is just beautiful. What a blessing it must have been to receive it. I’m so impressed with your work. Thanks for sharing; you’ve inspired me. :) — Nancy

  2. Dee says:

    just beautiful! thank you for sharing.
    Happy New Year to you!
    Pink Hugs,

  3. Your quilts are lovely and what a great idea to group them in a post! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  4. Marilyn says:

    Love all your quilt work, nice post. I also quilt, and I am always looking for extra time to quit. Sewing is good for the sole. Also notice on a post you have a kitty helper, they love quilts and being in the way when quilting, mine even tries to play with my sewing machine needle in action.

  5. You’ve been sew productive. That settles it. I AM getting my machine out today. First order of business is to finish up a dress I started last summer.

  6. Dotti says:

    The house does look like a craftsman hous of the northeast.

    PA. Is great where is east or west. Grew up in the Lebanon Valley, then Lancaster County, finally CT.

    Aren’t grandchildren the best, well actually after the kids because without them, no grandchildren.

    I have found Bonnie Hunter and am now getting organized. Using up the scraps, because I do not want to die with the most fabric.

    My niece is now quilting and I love sharing patterns and just the closeness of having her love what I love.

    Was a joy to find your blog on this snowy morning before I need to shovel out.


    • debralynnpugh says:

      Thanks, Dotti…our snow for today has not arrived yet so I am going to do my grocery run…just need a few things but they say maybe ice tomorrow so I think I’ll get it out of the way.

  7. Cynthia says:

    I don’t even know what to say, everything is so beautiful and all made by hand. I keep going back to the one dated in May for the girl’s bed. It’s one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen

  8. RoseMary says:

    Could you tell me where you got the bee pattern that is on the hexie pillow. I just love that one.

  9. AGuebara says:

    Love your hand stitching. I am trying to add decorative touches to a quilt I am sewing now.

  10. Susan says:

    What fun to look through your projects! Your son must have taken excellent care of that quilt for it still to look so good!

  11. Marie-AZ says:

    STUNNING quilts! I am so impressed! I am such a slow hand-quilter, I would never be able to make so many! Yours are so beautiful!

  12. Preeti says:

    You are so versatile!!! Pillowcases, quilts, runners, embroidery, and dresses too. I am impressed and humbled. Thank you for sharing your work. The tree in full bloom makes me yearn for spring…

  13. Beth says:

    That is a very nice wrap up for 2014, Deb. But which table runner did you enter in the QBF….and more importantly – how did you/it do in the final tally?

    I read through everything but didn’t see a mention, and I have to confess, I didn’t partake in the QBF at all this last time.

    Like all quilters I have too many quilts ‘in the fire’, with little to no priority, but I am still working at the quilting portion of my first applique’. Also, still piecing a rather large postage stamp quilt (busily cutting out one inch pieces to broaden the palette), and began a crazy quilt project I have a hard time putting down at the moment.

    I’ll be back to visit, so keep updating your 2015 log!

    (from True North Quilter)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Beth I entered the purple and white applique one if memory serves me correctly. I didn’t expect votes or anything…too many great quilts there !

      But in the end I won the sewing machine ! :) Blew me away ….won the random drawing :)

  14. Deb (if I may call you that), you are so very gifted! I am not a quilter, but I do know how to sew, and I certainly know quality crafting when I see it. This kind of handwork is such a lost art, and I am happy to see it is NOT lost on you and your hands. Just beautiful!

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