QUILTS: Binding One, Tying One, and Barb’s Fan Stencil Arrived for the Third one :)

Around the middle of January I decided to make a baby quilt for a young couple who are best friends with my youngest son.  The baby boy is due in July. I didn’t do much else but work on it since then and I am to the point where the top is done, the quilt sandwich is done, and in the end I decided to tie it.  I did request that they trace the older sister and brother hand prints for me to hand quilt in to border sections.

I decided to tie it because I want them to use it. If I hand quilted, it would go on to a shelf as a priceless heirloom and they’d never touch it. I’ve learned this over time when I gift quilts.  I made this quilt to be bright and happy so that the baby could enjoy it, not have it on display and never used.

I have tied quilts with yarn and crochet cotton. This time I am using perle cotton after doing some research online that it would work as well. You can barely see it and that’s what I want.  Oftentimes when I show a tied quilt I have some questions. I use a curved needle. I bought a set of four of them in JoAnn Fabrics….not in the quilting section but the basic sewing section. They work great.   I use a long section of thread and pull it through, leaving enough thread to tie a knot 4 times, and then trim.  There are a few tied quilts from when my boys were little still in use, washed over and over and treated roughly, and now the grands are using them. Tied quilts hold up very well.

Once that was done, I could get back to the Botanical quilt, which is also to be gifted…in this case to a bride and groom. I trimmed the batting and backing and folded it up for another day, and then decided to take a photo of the hand quilting from the back.

This is how nice and ‘crinkly’ it looks even prior to washing it :) This is why I love hand quilting :)

Finally while I’ve not kept track of when it was started, the Rose of Sharon top was finished December 4: 2016 and I am finally getting around to quilting it :)

It measures 55 x 55

Because the last hand quilting project ( Botanical ) had me slowly and meticulously echo quilting applique flowers and then cross hatch quilting, I wanted to do something different for the Rose of Sharon quilt.

I ordered the large fan stencil from Barb at Fun with Barb and I can see why she wanted to design and produce one like this! :)

So one to bind, one to tie, and one to hand quilt !

Quick update : If you’ve read previous posts I had to get a new computer, hate having Windows 10 versus Windows 7 and was upset about losing Picasa. Thanks to Eileen at Viewing Nature with Eileen, I was able to find a site to download it. I was so happy to have it back since I am familiar with it, and I can use it within my computer versus having to go online which is the case with PicMonkey and many others.

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22 Responses to QUILTS: Binding One, Tying One, and Barb’s Fan Stencil Arrived for the Third one :)

  1. Karen Beigh says:

    I ordered one of the fan stencils a couple days ago. I have done Baptist Fan quilting many times but not used this type stencil for marking. Will make it easier.

  2. Karen says:

    I have a Baptist Fan stencil and never use it, I would find it hard to quilt over applique some have 2 or 3 layers of fabric. Good luck! I’d go around myself. Thanks for showing how you tie a quilt I have never made one like that. I’m sure they will love the quilt and use it!

  3. Cathy says:

    I have Barbs fan stencil. I love the quilt under the stencil. It looks beautiful. Hugs

  4. FlowerLady says:

    I would love to watch you work. I am always impressed and just love your hand quilting.

    Happy stitching ~ FlowerLady

  5. I bet all your family and friends hope that you gift them with one of your beautiful creations. I LOVE PicMonkey, but then they got rid of the free service and want $8 a month to use it. :-(

  6. Robin says:

    You are such a generous women. But, then that’s one of the traits of a good quilter. Enjoy the fan quilting.

  7. Joyce says:

    Great progress! I love buying quilt stencils and have a small library of them. The fastest way to mark a quilt in progress is to rub cheesecloth filled with cornstarch over the openings.

  8. Kyle says:

    I’m glad things are looking up with all of your computer stuff. That can be so frustration. With your three projects you’re set for anything. I also have Barb’s stencil and love it. Have fun!

  9. Ann says:

    It’s been years since I tied a quilt and I think it was acrylic yarn. I have been using fan quilting recently but I’m trying it by machine without marking. Getting better.

  10. Kim says:

    Until I started following you, I never knew how many different types of quilts and quilting techniques there were!

  11. barb says:

    I’m glad my stencil arrived so fast. I love the applique quilt underneath!
    love the crinkly back view of your gorgeous quilting.
    computer woes are the worst! I had trouble yesterday.

  12. Dawn says:

    Adorable baby quilt – I am sure it will be well loved.
    The back of your botanical quilt has such wonderful texture.
    Enjoy the fans!
    Variety is the spice of life! Good to have things in the queue.

  13. Kate says:

    The baby quilt turned out so cute. I’ve had to remind my family when I gift a quilt, they are supposed to use it not store it in the closet!

  14. su says:

    Wow! It looks amazing even though that is the back! xoxo Su

  15. Jayne says:

    I must order that fan stencil! I have looked in stores for this with no luck! The internet comes through again! I am also intrigued by your mention of Picasa as an alternative to PicMonkey. I currently use PicMonkey, and I do occasionally have issues with it. Perhaps I need to check into Picasa. Thank you!

  16. Your fan stencil looks very useful and your hand quilting is just beautiful!

  17. Linda says:

    I am wondering if the stitch you used for tying your baby quilt is called Hidden Tie or International stitch? Coincidentally I saw something similar today on Cathy’s blog Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting. Nit seen this fore today!

  18. When you hand quilt, do you use a hoop or do you use a large frame? I used neither one and felt like I was the only one who didn’t!

  19. Dewena says:

    I know a handcrafted baby quilt will be so appreciated. I thought of you 3 days ago when I found a pretty handmade baby quilt at Goodwill, immediately put it in my basket and was thrilled when I got home to see what great condition it is in. It’s white with little red gingham squares in a stacked pattern. I will try to get a picture of it soon for my blog and see if you know what the pattern is. It’s a very simple one but charming in it’s red and white simplicity.

  20. Susan says:

    That’s quite a stencil! I like being able to use something like that, and it’s versatile because you can mark just every other line, if you want to. You’ve already put it to great use!

  21. I am so intrigued by that fan stencil… Your baby gift will surely be the best gift ever!!
    Wren x

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