Quilting : 1857 Album & Shenandoah Botanical

I pieced a backing for my 1857 Album quilt top this week as well as sewing several pieces of batting together. Then I created the quilt sandwich using basting pins.

This top is comprised of some of the 1857 blocks; not all. It’s a nice long couch quilt size.    It’s going to go down to my middle son’s house and get lots of use in their living room.

I began tying it with crochet cotton.

My supervisor, Kanga,  was nearby, as usual.

I had at least 1/4 of it done, freeing up basting pins, because I also wanted to get back to some hand quilting, since Scrappy Granny has been out of the hoop for awhile now.

I had purchased the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album quilt pattern from the Virginia Quilt Museum, and participated in a sew-a-long for awhile.  Dawn and Doreen host this and there are many ladies who continue on creating all of the blocks, and some others are just beginning. If you are unfamiliar with this, you can visit the blog HERE.

As for me, I appliqued 6 blocks to result in a nice couch sized top. Here it is from February 2016. If you ever wonder if time flies, just dig out a quilt project that you are finally going to quilt and finish! :)

Pin basting started….

I recently posted about the resurfacing on my street, and all of the noise and vehicles.  They tore it up first, and by Tuesday they were creating the new surface.

It is all done now and peace and quiet has returned :)

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22 Responses to Quilting : 1857 Album & Shenandoah Botanical

  1. Such a long time since I visited you Deb not sure how that happened. first I just fell in love with your cat that is one stunning photo her eyes had me at first glance she must be the purrfect companion. Like you I’m working on WIP’s. Love how you display your art out side its like reading a magazine. One question you pinned then you were knotting, do you just knot the whole quilt or hand quilt it as well ? Cheers Glenda

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Glenda I just tie / know the entire quilt :) I did a snowball quilt a few years back, though, where the center was all hand quilted but I tied the border to give it more color and appeal. That one I did with a colored yarn.

  2. Karen says:

    glad your street is back to normal – yes I use my quilts to measure time also – sometimes I look back six months to see what I was doing and I’m amazed at the progress or new quilts being made. I have never tied a quilt and wonder how do the knots stay tied – can you take a close up – or have someone take a close up of the steps you take in the process – I bet more than I wonder

  3. Judy Miller says:

    Thank goodness for peace and quiet and pieces in a quilt.

  4. Eileen says:

    Hello, your quilt is beautiful, love it. Kanga is adorable. Sweet kitty photo. The new blacktop is nice, glad it is done. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  5. Deb says:

    Yea for roadwork being done. Fun to see your 1857 quilt coming out for a finish. I have 9 border blocks to make then I can sew mine together. My car line project for a week or two I think.

  6. Joyce says:

    Kanga is so beautiful! I’m glad she is my Charlie’s long distance girlfriend! :)
    When you said your quilt was a “long” couch one, I immediately pictured all 5 of those cute kids lined up under it, watching Saturday morning cartoons! Warmth and happiness!
    Glad the racket in front of your house is done with!

  7. Wow! That quilt is just gorgeous! Great job! Your cat is pretty too.

  8. Me again. I think you should print and frame that photo of Kanga.

  9. Wow Deb! That pic of Kenga is wonderful! Such fabulous detail.

    (And the quilt is lovely).

  10. Joanna says:

    Your quilts are amazing and they make me want to be a quilter.

  11. The larger quilt is beautiful, but the smaller one captured my gardener’s heart. :-)

  12. Arti Mader says:

    What a beautiful kitty! I love how cats keep us company while we are uilting! You quilts are lovely!

  13. audrey says:

    Both quilts are lovely! You are so generous with your quilts! I love giving mine away but am a little chintzy with the ones that have applique.:) Harder to give them away for some reason!

  14. Nana Diana says:

    Okay- first off- that is one of the best cat pictures I have EVER seen. Magazine worthy. What a beautiful kitty.
    I love your quilts. The recipients are just blessed to get them. I know how much work they are and hope the people that get them really appreciate all the love and energy you put into each one. xo Diana

  15. Boy, you sure are one heck of a quilter and your workmanship is beautiful. That is the best cat photo I’ve ever seen too…you should frame it!

  16. barb says:

    beautiful photo of your pretty cat.
    Your botanical quilts are so pretty!

  17. Karen Beigh says:

    I should sew together the blocks I have made from the 1857 album and call it done. I don’t think I have enough made to do it though.

  18. Kim says:

    Your quilts are always fun to look at, Deb and your kitty is very, very pretty!

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