Palm Sunday Weekend Quilting Projects and Slice of Life

My youngest was finally feeling a bit better after last weekend’s wreck  so on Saturday morning we picked up the rental and that evening he dropped Koopa off here for some Oma-time while he went out. He stayed over, which was nice.

Koopa is a blue nose pitbull.  While the fur on his body is wiry and normal feeling, his face, chin and ears are like velvet and when he stays over and sleeps with me, sometimes he’ll stretch out right next to me and put his head on my pillow and it is very easy to fall asleep just stroking those soft ears of his :)

An early morning shot of the sun and shadows playing off of Rose of Sharon in the quilting hoop:

During the week, I finished up another EPP Starflower in neutral shades ( It is the one below the black and gray starflower. )

I connected it to the others and then over the weekend I added on the purple and gold one that I’d worked on awhile ago.

On Sunday afternoon I visited with the grands, their cousins, my DIL and her twin for awhile. Here is a shot that my DIL’s twin posted on Facebook of her daughter and Scott and Tallica’s very big cat :)

If you are on Facebook, you’ll be familiar with the FB memories showing up. Just the other day this one had shown up. I’d gone down to the house a few years ago for something or other ( getting the kids off of the bus or letting their dog out or whatever ) and found Key in the sink. Cracked me up :)

Image may contain: indoor

We had 6-7 inches of snow a few days ago. Temperatures have generally been in the low 20’s in the morning and going up to 40 degrees in the afternoon. Most of the snow has melted in the sunshine but there are many spots left…such as this, where my iris shoots were confused.  ” I thought that spring was here? ”  Uh…no, not yet :)

One more thing…if you have Netflix, have you watched “Anne with an E” yet ?  I thought to check it out last week, wondering if the grand girls would like it. It is an adaption of Anne of Green Gables. I loved it! If you like anything old-fashioned, you will too :)  I highly recommend it.

I probably won’t post again until after Easter…wishing you all a blessed Easter weekend :)

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17 Responses to Palm Sunday Weekend Quilting Projects and Slice of Life

  1. Karen says:

    have a good Easter Deb, love the cat photos – cats are something else aren’t they, we used to have cats years ago and one Xmas morning after presents were unwrapped and the house was settling down we realized the cat was missing started to pick up the wrapping paper and the boxes and clean up the living room and there she was sleeping under the tree nestled among the unwrapped presents – looked so cute and peaceful

  2. Eileen says:

    Hello , Koopa is so cute. That is a huge cat. Cute photos. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. barb says:

    what cute pet photos – your quilting looks lovely!

  4. Kyle says:

    Quilting does look so pretty when the sunlight creates shadows. Hopefully, spring is just around the corner. Have a lovely holiday.

  5. Joyce says:

    I started paying attention to the seasonal play of light after you first mentioned it here a few years back. Fascinating to observe the approach of spring in late morning and early evening via the rising and setting sun reflected on furniture and walls.
    Koopa – awww! I can just feel those velvety ears and love his entitlement to half your pillow!

  6. val says:

    Hey…I’ve been watching Anne with an E as I sew and and quilt and it’s the perfect comfort watch as I busily sew. Anne’s spirit makes me smile!! Thanks for the recommendation. Have a good week. :)

  7. Judy Miller says:

    I loved the Anne of Green Gables series years ago. I do not have Netflix, so I am not familiar with this one. BTW–I’d love for that little girl in the last photo to come and visit me. Isn’t she lovely?

  8. Dawn says:

    Enjoyed catching up with you. So sorry to read of your son’s accident. I read Nancys inspiring words with a lump in my throat.
    Congratulations on your SVBAQ finish.
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  9. Happy Easter to you and yours. Hope you have a blessed and holy weekend that includes some chocolate as well. :-)

  10. Pat Taylor says:

    Oh the gentle art of handquilting – there is something so special about it and how it connects the quilter with her work.

  11. Christa says:

    I would love to learn how to quilt. It seems so peaceful. That cat is really big! Happy Easter Deb.

  12. Ann says:

    Enjoy Easter with your family. The Rose of Sharon is coming along beautifully.

  13. Susan says:

    That’s a nice mix of progress, family ad weather! Ugh, I hope that’s your last snow! Have a wonderful Easter.

  14. Glenda says:

    Morning Deb and Happy Easter to you All. That is one beautiful dog and one very spoilt one LOL Just letting you know she is letting you share her bed and pillow LOL It must be hard giving her back. That is the most beautiful photo of the young lass picking up the eggs. A classic for generations to see on your wall. That cat is HUGE LOL Hugs from Down Under

  15. Kim says:

    That is one big cat!!

  16. I hope Koopa and the gigantic cat are fast friends.

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