Grandkids and saving money while cookie baking

While I mostly blog about the grands over at Homespun, they’ll pop up here sometimes and here is an intro. If they look happy and well fed I think it is because on the afternoon that I took these pics they’d done nothing but eat since they arrived. We had BLT’s for lunch with pickles and carrots, baked some cookies, and in between I think they had some fruit as well.  They sure do love to eat at Grandma’s house :)


Kate and Brent Collage


Feeding a family today with the ever-rising cost of food is one of the reasons that I thought to start a blog with some emphasis on frugality. It first occurred to me the day that I stood at the grocery store deli counter, amazed at how much the cost of cheese had risen recently.  6.99 per lb.!  Generally I purchase on sale but on this day I needed some, and yet I’d never seen it priced that high before.

I’ll tell you one tip. I mentioned that we baked cookies.  I had a price shock the last time that I purchased chocolate chips for cookie baking. I resolved right then and there that we would all be eating less chips in our cookies. I adhered to the original recipe but halved the amount of chips, and added a handful of oatmeal ( approx. 1/2 cup ) to the recipe. There are still plenty of chips in the cookies, no one noticed the difference, and I get two batches now from one bag. Saving money while cookie baking helps pay for the rising cheese prices! :)

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Gardening : Starting from seeds whenever possible


driveway side of house sunflowers and zinnias


I guess that I have always been a bit frugal about gardening in that I had to dig my own holes, plant my own seeds, mow my own grass, etc :)  Like the majority of us!

Having said that,  in the past two years I  have tried to rely less and less on nursery starts and  started almost all flowers save for a few from seed. This year for the first time I started my tomatoes and vegetables from seed as well.

It requires a bit of a mess on the porches with seed containers everywhere for a few weeks but it saves quite a bit of money in the end. In the photo at the top of the post you can see a tomato plant tucked in with the flowers. There are more tucked in here and there amidst the flowers around the front and sides of the house and then the remainder are growing in the back yard raised beds.

Those tomato plants have grown immensely…far more than most years but so far, no ripe ones…just green. At least the local farms have ripe tomatoes now. I live for the moment.

The latest flowers to come into bloom here are some zinnias on the side of the house and this lovely sunflower in the back.

Orange Sunflower in BackPreview post

Isn’t she a beauty….the bees certainly think so.

How about you ? Do you have any tips or tricks in regards to saving money yet still indulging your love of gardening ?

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