Simple Meals Using Fresh Ingredients

Recipes that require many ingredients are often delicious but can also be quite expensive to prepare.

Simple meals using fresh ingredients are more cost effective, especially  in the summer time when fresh produce is plentiful.

The other day I needed a quick meal. I had some zucchini and peppers and tomatoes on hand.  I cut these up, drizzled them with olive oil, and chopped a bit of garlic to go with the mix.  Twenty minutes in the oven while the pasta was cooking….


resulted in a quick, economical and delicious meal.


I added some garlic toast as a side, and there was enough pasta left over  ( after my family visited for dinner ) to use for my lunch  leftovers  the next day.



We had a cool spell recently…were it hot and humid I’d have prepared this in the skillet, versus turning the oven on.  It would work either way : )

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Half of my bed is in the garden

This is my bed. Purchased years ago at a furniture store having a 1/2 off + no interest sale. Cheap but serviceable.

Look at the bottom of it. Doesn’t that look like an ideal place for a little boy to sit, put his legs through, and rock / shake / rattle and loosen it ?


Quilt on Bed Pic One


That’s what he did over the years and one day it just fell off. I also believe that one or two screws had been sucked into the vacuum.

I just dragged it into the basement.  I had more room without it anyway. And recently I dragged it back out and here it is in the garden. A perfect resting place for the cucumber vines! :)

cucumber vines