Half of my bed is in the garden

This is my bed. Purchased years ago at a furniture store having a 1/2 off + no interest sale. Cheap but serviceable.

Look at the bottom of it. Doesn’t that look like an ideal place for a little boy to sit, put his legs through, and rock / shake / rattle and loosen it ?


Quilt on Bed Pic One


That’s what he did over the years and one day it just fell off. I also believe that one or two screws had been sucked into the vacuum.

I just dragged it into the basement.  I had more room without it anyway. And recently I dragged it back out and here it is in the garden. A perfect resting place for the cucumber vines! :)

cucumber vines


Grandkids and saving money while cookie baking

While I mostly blog about the grands over at Homespun, they’ll pop up here sometimes and here is an intro. If they look happy and well fed I think it is because on the afternoon that I took these pics they’d done nothing but eat since they arrived. We had BLT’s for lunch with pickles and carrots, baked some cookies, and in between I think they had some fruit as well.  They sure do love to eat at Grandma’s house :)


Kate and Brent Collage


Feeding a family today with the ever-rising cost of food is one of the reasons that I thought to start a blog with some emphasis on frugality. It first occurred to me the day that I stood at the grocery store deli counter, amazed at how much the cost of cheese had risen recently.  6.99 per lb.!  Generally I purchase on sale but on this day I needed some, and yet I’d never seen it priced that high before.

I’ll tell you one tip. I mentioned that we baked cookies.  I had a price shock the last time that I purchased chocolate chips for cookie baking. I resolved right then and there that we would all be eating less chips in our cookies. I adhered to the original recipe but halved the amount of chips, and added a handful of oatmeal ( approx. 1/2 cup ) to the recipe. There are still plenty of chips in the cookies, no one noticed the difference, and I get two batches now from one bag. Saving money while cookie baking helps pay for the rising cheese prices! :)

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