Cut flower bouquets from my garden

My home is small. I cannot rearrange the furniture much ( if at all! :)  and I am not one to change ‘vignettes’ very often, but once this time of year comes around, with so many flowers blooming in my yard, I enjoy cutting flowers for bouquets, either for my home or to send home with a friend or family member that has been visiting.

I change them out frequently as some of the flowers last for awhile, and some for only a few days. So here are a few cut flower bouquets from my garden.

A week or so ago I was looking at photos from last year because it seemed to me that everything was blooming later this summer,  and I wish that I had this variety of peach colored zinnia now…

Flowers in Vase another view

Well I don’t, but last year I did not have the pretty sunflowers so it is fun to compare. One day a week or so ago,   I picked flowers then arranged them into a large glass vase, a canning jar, and a smaller jelly jar. No storms with high wind gusts were predicted for a good  3-4 day stretch so they were safe to enjoy on the front porch.


3 vases on plantstand

Later on, once some had dropped their petals or died off, I rearranged the longer lasting cut flowers into a smaller vase and brought them into the house to view for a few more days.

On another day I picked one of the large sunflowers.

To save the other sunflower blooms that were coming along I could only cut a very short stem for a short vase….so I came up with this. ( They are so stunning outside that I will most likely only do this one time )


Just one Sunflower

( FYI : I have dropped sunflower seeds into the ground many a year with no luck…this year I started this variety in little pots which is why I finally have a crop : )

One more….the smaller yellow sunflowers, a tall grass stalk, and a few smokebush branches in the tall vase ( once it was freed up ) outside.

sunflowers and smokebush outside

Then yesterday, I brought them indoors. I have a thin glass  jar that fits inside this silver pitcher, and I filled the jar with water, put the flowers inside, and then placed the jar inside of the pitcher.

sunflowers and smokebush in house collage

Vases, depression glass and silver pitcher : all purchased at the local thrift store over time.

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Meal Plan : Pork Tenderloin / 3 meals or more

I like and prefer pork tenderloin to other pork roast cuts. It is expensive ( if not on sale ) but if purchased on sale it is cost effective because:

1 ) no fat     2) no bones    3)    it is extremely tender so there are no portions of it that are too tough or chewy for small children ….and everyone thinks that you are a wonderful cook since it ALWAYS turns out so well :)

I purchased a pork tenderloin on sale and cut it up into several pieces, seasoned it with coarse ground black pepper and Emeril’s basic seasoning, and cooked it in the crockpot with some garlic  for several hours until it was fork tender and falling apart.

The grocery store also had a big package of kielbasa on sale for 4.98. ( this was a 2-day special sale that they occasionally run on items )

The initial dinner for family and friends was pork tenderloin, kielbasa ( 1/2 of the  package: I froze the  remainder )  cooked together with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and fresh local green beans. This served 3 adults and 5 children.

Because I also had the cheaper kielbasa served along with the pork tenderloin, there was plenty of tenderloin left over.

Following day leftover dinner or work lunch for 1 adult : tenderloin ( some of it ) cut up and mixed with BBQ Sauce and served with sides.  ( just a leftover meal for me )

One more day and full dinner out of that pork tenderloin : I made a gravy with the juices that I’d saved, and that  pork & gravy was served with fresh mashed potatoes and local fresh corn on the cob, salad and bread. ( 2 adults 2 children )

Pork Roast with Gravy and Mashed Pototoes


The tenderloin was large and cost 11.98. Regularly priced it would have been close to 20.00 or more.  As to the rest of the kielbasa that I froze,  a meal of kielbasa, green and red pepper, onion and sliced potatoes cooked in a skillet plus some fresh local vegatables or a big salad will feed a family of 4+ more on another day.

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