Sewing Pillow Covers and more…

Back in the early spring I purchased a yard or yard and a half of a floral Jacobean style fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. I think that if I had a large home with a separate dining room or a very large living room fabric such as this would be nice for curtains.  I put it away thinking to use it as a table runner or pillow covers or some-such thing in the fall.

I did not need to purchase pillow forms. I have pillows in both beige and a soft green and intended to just start covering those with envelope style closures.  I followed a tutorial here at Monkey Do for the envelope closure.

I pinned the front section to thin Warm and Natural quilt batting and using my Even Feed foot which was still working properly at the time, I quilted the piece by just meandering around the floral motifs. I have just been trying to get the hang of machine quilting and this was effortless as I only had a small piece ( about 19 inches square ) of fabric to manipulate.  ( I had also started to machine quilt a couch sized quilt that thus far I’d been hand-quilting.  This one, HERE .  After 1 or 2 blocks and these two pillows the Even Feed foot started skipping stitches like crazy and would not work correctly anymore. )


Machine quilting meandering around floral motif

After finishing up the quilting, I made the envelope enclosure and inserted my existing pillow into it. Next up, another pillow…this one with contrasting bands on the top and two patterns on the back portion. If you have never made an envelope enclosure pillow cover before, let me assure you that I am not a very good seamstress, so if I can do it, any one can.

Take 2 pieces of fabric that are the same size – each being about 3/4 of the height of the pillow top, and about an inch wider either side. Hem them and then lay them like so against the front portion where you then pin and sew.  ( again,  I went to Monkey Do for my tutorial. ) I made a little collage to show some of my steps and the finished back but I think a site specializing in sewing is better to visit for instruction :)

envelope enclosure back

The first pillow looked very nice on my little club chair that I had purchased years ago at TJ Maxx.

Pillow on club chair

Once I finished the second pillow I saw that I could easily swap them out on the loveseat for the bee pillows ( and put the summery bee pillows away for the winter if I wanted to. )

Pillows on loveseat collage

Next I made a crazy whimsical applique, with no rhyme or reason.  I used a wee bit of the Jacobean floral but after that I purposely chose fabric scraps and buttons and embroidery threads that really did not match it, just for something bright and fun. This was my first attempt at a blanket stitch as well…I can only get better, right ? :)  Three could work on the couch.  ( and three is all that WOULD work on a couch…seeing couch pictures with a bazillion pillows arranged on them looks nice but where do you sit ? : ) FYI : this is a leather couch : purchased as a floor model years ago …saved several hundred dollars that way and having dogs…leather is the way to go in my experience.

3 pillows collage

In progess…while I did these hexies the fast way ( see what I mean over at Windsor & Main ) I still hand-stitched them together and am hand appliqueing them onto another pillow front.

Applique Hexies on pillow front

I am back to hand-quilting on the couch quilt for my son’s house…another children’s hands block that I was working on outside on the front porch a little while ago. My grandchildren’s hands are in one block…now I put his girlfriend’s children’s hands in another.

Couch quilt early sept

( The pencil marks are still in…this is why they are showing up so clearly :)


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