Chilly Day / Picked a Big Garden Bouquet

I had my grandson over here this afternoon and today was the chilliest day yet.  After playing for a few hours, time to huddle under a quilt and watch some Mickey’s Club House before we went to pick up his sister after school. I do think that Mickey’s Club House was a Very Good Buy since the child has probably watched it at least 20 times over the last year. We don’t have the TV on, ever, but when relaxation time comes around, if needed, then we pull out Mickey. Brent watches it, enthralled, for about 15 minutes, then starts to build blocks or something while paying minimal attention, but I think that he just likes it because it is so familiar.

Brent Oct 24

Hey, it appears that Jugsy is also enjoying Mickey.

Brent and Jugsy

Meanwhile, in the afternoon we had a brief period of sleet, yet a pumpkin flower bloomed today in the container.

Pumpkin Flower Blooms Oct 24 it is sleeting

The weird white lines are the sleet / snow…

Sleet and Cleome

It’s been a strange fall. The climax of our fall glory here should have been two weeks ago yet half or more of the trees are still green and have not even turned yet.  I have many flowers with buds on them and yet tonight it is supposedly going down to 30 degrees. I went out and picked some of the taller flowers and some marigolds and I imagine that the rest will be gone tomorrow but it’s been quite a long blooming season here this year. I still have all of my annuals in full bloom in the front of the house!

I picked what I thought I could stuff into a Mason Jar…

Last of the flowers before the freeze

And then as pretty as they were, I packed up the bouquet and sent it home with my son when he came to pick up HIS kids, to take them home where he and the love of his life live with HER kids too. I think any young lady having 5 kids around the dinner table on any given night needs some fresh flowers! :)

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Saving Money : Sewing & Craft Supplies

When I started back in to sewing, there is one thing that I learned from a co-worker ( who has been sewing since she was about 3 or 4 at her mama’s knee ) and that was to always use a coupon at JoAnn Fabrics. ( I do shop online sometimes but since I am more of a sporadic or slow sewer, generally I end up at a brick & mortar store, such as JoAnn’s. )

If they don’t have something that you need on sale, there is always the online coupon, which I’d had no clue about until she clued me in.  So when I wanted the glue pen for an applique project, I went online and printed out my 40% off coupon.  ( You can also do this with your phone and take your phone in with the coupon / I’ve seen ladies do that as well. )

A month or two ago, when they had pillow inserts that were 50% off, I purchased two. I used my current pillows for the envelope closure projects that I had going on,  ( HERE ) but I knew that these pillows were expensive at the regular price and it might come in handy were I to make a gift. I used one already for a gift,  ( HERE ) so it was good that I purchased on sale.

When I started this recent applique project, I had it in mind to embellish here and there with embroidery and buttons. I had plenty of embroidery thread but no buttons. I held off on that until the Moonlight Madness sale there.

Full Moon Early Morning

Armed with store sale flyer coupons + coupons that arrived in the mail, I picked up my thread and buttons at 40 and 50% off. The buttons that I liked, thankfully, were only 2.00 per card but my goodness, have you priced buttons lately ? Some of the really fancy ones were 9.00 for two buttons!

There is a project that I’d like to do down the line and it calls for a chocolate brown fabric for the background of the blocks. Seize the moment…I purchased a yard with another 50% off coupon.

The moon pic 2

A few other notions..another spool of quilting thread and extra needles ( I bend them alot ) to use up the remaining coupons. There was one left. Books are expensive, though worth it. I’d not purchased one for ages…there is so much on the ‘Net now.  But since I could have one at 50% off  I decided to look through them all carefully. I chose one that I thought I could use for many projects over the years. I thought to show you a  picture as these are so cute!

Country Cottage Q book excerpt collage

The reason that I thought this book would be worth the money over time is that while I am never going to make the purse project, I could use the design or elements of it for something else. The entire book is like that. So I splurged, but at half-price it was a good deal :)

Incidentally, the JoAnn Fabrics by the office is huge…more like a Michael’s Craft store + JoAnn Fabrics combined.  The local one is still a big store, but since there are less skus, it is easier to go in there and just purchase what you need. Having said that, I was amazed to find, that even with their Moonlight Madness Sale going on ( starting on Sunday when I went there ) that only two people were on staff. So there were about 5 of us at the fabric counter, 2 or 3 waiting at the register, and those 2 ladies had to handle that all day, from 12-6 o’clock. Now that is what I call madness!

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