Work in Progress : Simple Nine Patch Couch Quilt

This is a very simple couch quilt that I had started awhile ago for my son’s home…he would not appreciate a fancy pattern and the work entailed in it,  and I was just using up some existing scrap fabric. I HAVE seen him appreciate  ” all those stitches! ”  in previous hand-quilted projects so I thought that whatever I did for him should have some hand-quilting in it.


blue and white scrap quilt on line


Simple nine patch with lots of white space for “all those stitches” …I am probably a little over half way through now.


quilt on line mostly wanted the white space


The white background fabric that I purchased has a zig zag design in it which I used for the hand-quilted blocks. I just followed the pattern in the fabric in several of them…in another I did a circle with the zig zag stitched inside.  I traced the grand children’s hands in one block. ( Pencil marks still showing : )


quilting the childrens hands


I would say that a good third or more of this is hand quilted but given that I am inexperienced with machine quilting I began to give that a try the other day. I just did some straight lines around a few of the nine patches and outlined white blocks that I had not hand quilted yet.

His living room is kind of dark…it has that ‘man-cave’ sort of look to it so I wanted to brighten it up with a couch quilt that had a lot of white.  I hope to finish this up soon as there are so many other things that I want to work on : )  This will be thrown on the floor, used as a tent, and who knows what other destruction will be heaped on to it by the grand kids :)

I’ll be working on another slow-stitching hand-quilting white block this afternoon…:)  The batting is Warm & Natural cotton batting. JoAnn Fabrics had a sale on battings several months ago and since they are not cheap I bought a Queen size, intending to use it up on several smaller projects. I really like needling through this batting…I doubt that I will ever use a poly blend again.

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Simple Meals Using Fresh Ingredients

Recipes that require many ingredients are often delicious but can also be quite expensive to prepare.

Simple meals using fresh ingredients are more cost effective, especially  in the summer time when fresh produce is plentiful.

The other day I needed a quick meal. I had some zucchini and peppers and tomatoes on hand.  I cut these up, drizzled them with olive oil, and chopped a bit of garlic to go with the mix.  Twenty minutes in the oven while the pasta was cooking….


resulted in a quick, economical and delicious meal.


I added some garlic toast as a side, and there was enough pasta left over  ( after my family visited for dinner ) to use for my lunch  leftovers  the next day.



We had a cool spell recently…were it hot and humid I’d have prepared this in the skillet, versus turning the oven on.  It would work either way : )

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