Beauties from the Local Quilt Show

I attended the Martha Washington Quilters Guild Quilt show on Saturday. There were so many beautiful quilts. Even if a person does not quilt themself, I think that most people like quilts, so I hope that this will be of interest. Or if you are like me, and you can only manage to sew simple quilts thus far, some of these will be a source of inspiration for the future.

The Martha Washington Quilter’s Guild ( of Washington, Pa. ) was established in 1980. Their show is only held every two years. I have been looking forward to it for ages. When you think that some of the quilts that were on display there took three years or more to make, you can understand why they only put on the show as a biennial event.

The show was held in the Church of the Covenant, in Washington, Pa. This is a very large and stately Presbyterian Church.

” The heritage of The Church of the Covenant had its beginnings in Washington, Pennsylvania when the First Presbyterian Church of Washington (established in 1793) outgrew its facilities in 1860 ”   ( taken from their website…more history is there if you are interested )   or at Wikepedia, the source of the photo below.


After viewing the show, I went up into the darkened sanctuary and took a few photos, hoping that they would turn out, as the stained glass windows are so lovely and the architecture of the church is very interesting.

Church of the Covenant Sanctuary

When I walked in to the show, which cost 5.00, there was also the opportunity to win a guild quilt. How lovely…of course I paid the 3.00 for the raffle. Here it is: Titled ” Gift Wrap”: Machine Pieced, Hand Appliqued, and Custom Machine Quilted.

raffle quilt

Here is a collage of some long views of the show. The quilt on the bottom right is comprised of  six inch blocks, a mixture of perfect piecing and applique, hand quilted, and over three years in the making.

Quilt show larger views collage

The first quilts in the display were two hand quilted ones…a Wholecloth from a printed kit by Yvonne Brenner and a Signature quilt by Betty Hrutkay.

Whole Cloth and Signature Quilt

Here is another quilt by Betty Hrutkay : Hand applique and Hand Quilted:

Flower Basket Hand Applique and Quilting

Another example of hand quilting:

Pastel Traveling Quilt Info Tag

Unless you have your eyes right up to the quilt you cannot see the applique stitches on this.

10 years in the making

10 years in the making applique and hand quilting

Another hand quilting example from Betty Hrutkay called “Olivia’s Keepsake’ and this sampler of pieced and appliqued blocks called “Millenium” by Linda Petre was also hand quilted.

Millenium plus another hand quilt collage

Falling Leaves:

Falling Leaves Hand quilted

I wanted to focus on a few quilts that I knew to be hand-quilted ( above ) for Kathys Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday.

For the remainder of the post, I’ll show photos of more quilts. I did not take photos of all of them, and some did not turn out so well, but I think the following should be alright. I thought you’d enjoy the title of this one :

Quilt from Hell Tag

Quilt from Hell

Pic 1

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

collage 6

There were many more quilts in this show…I  stopped taking pictures at around the 3rd row, as they were smaller…table runners and banners and such, and I just needed to put the camera down. :)  Many of the ladies had several entries. You could see that perhaps they hand quilted one or two themselves, and sent out a few more to a long arm quilter. The scope of work and accomplishment and sheer talent was amazing and an inspiration.

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Thoughts on Decorations & Holidays

Fall, in regards to foliage, came late to us this year. There are still some brilliant spots of color on a few trees but we are in the end stage.

Amazingly, though we have had several heavy frosts, a patch of white alyssum is still blooming out in front of my house. It is such a hardy little sweetheart of a flower.

Soon the November brown and gray color scheme will take over the outdoors.

That is why I am glad that my fall decorations are the traditional kind…lots of color. I’d be very tired of them if I brought them out early, but I do not. I don’t bring them out until mid-October or the third week of October and right after Thanksgiving they are gone. Here is a sampling:

Amber Glass Candlesticks

Decor Collage T Giving setting

Until that time  I am still holding on to summer and the flowers growing in the garden.  These traditional colors and decorations only work for me when fall really hits here. One or two things acquired per year,  over the years since I have moved to this little house… I have not purchased anything specifically for fall decor for awhile now.

autumn colors in the house

These bright traditional decorations indoors hold me until it is time to get ready for Christmas but one month is enough for them.

I don’t know how it is for you but I find myself in the same cycle each year. In spring and summer I have very little going on inside the home in the way of decorations…all of my energies are focused on the outside and once the flowers start to bloom, those are my decor…bringing some in to arrange in a vase here and there. My front porch is where I spend alot of time unless it is too hot. I have no desire to ‘fool around’ with the indoors very much. I put some things out and they pretty much stay the same for the entire summer.  Come fall, suddenly the indoors look very plain and I want color! Out come the crimsons and oranges and golds. After a month it is time to bring out Christmas. Out come the reds and greens and more gold and all is cheery and Christmas-y.  A few days after Christmas I cannot wait to put it all away. I have been closed in and cluttered for far too long and I want something plain…cleared of clutter, spare and bare.

This place is small…it may be different in a bigger house. Yet when my boys were growing up we lived in a big old house and it was the same cycle for me in regards to decorations. What were at first welcome for a month, and then another month, felt like so much mess and clutter come the New Year when I was ready to get ‘back to normal’.

As to Christmas, it doesn’t help that the stores start to decorate for Christmas right after Halloween now, and that Thanksgiving is practically a lost holiday. It saddens me because it takes away from Christmas…making the season so long lasting that it loses its luster and special feeling, and it desecrates Thanksgiving by turning it into a shopping day rather than a family count-your-blessings day.

( OR if you happen to be the cook…also count-the-potatoes-that-you-are-peeling day.  The general rule is one per person for mashed potatoes.  I have found that you better add an extra potato or two for each man at the table! :)