Sunday Special : October 13

Sunday Special : October 13



When I was a child and it was time to read the Sunday paper, I’d sprawl out on the floor and read the comics first. ( Actually as a child and young teen, I didn’t read much more than the comics and Parade magazine, come to think of it : ) For this month’s Sunday Special I thought we’d turn to the comics first as well! :)

The comic relief for this month is this article ” You Can’t Frost A Cake With Mod Podge…And Other Things I’ve Learned From Blogging over at Ms.Toody Goo Shoes. It is NOT one of those typical here-is-what-I’ve-learned-from-blogging posts, I promise you. Because if you thought that it was, you wouldn’t go, would you. Of course not. There are enough of them out there. No…this one is the sort where you laugh out loud just about all the way through. So go…you’ll thank me : )

reading the newspaper source daily financeSOURCE

Frugal Tips & Tricks from Around the Web:

  • I canned some tomatoes, pickles, and made jam this year. If you did a little canning too, or even if you did not, reading a post like this from a person that I can only call a SERIOUS CANNER is amazing. Canning Goals, Revisted” over at Raising Crops and Babies is worth the visit.  The sheer volume is amazing…so much work …check it out / you’ll see.
  • A beautiful post called Filling the Larder” can be found over at Never Enough Time.  Balisha is a gifted writer and poet and this is a walk down memory lane; very eloquent.
  • When I was young I remember trying out all sorts of facial masks and putting mayo in my hair, etc. They are still doing it and since squash is in season in the fall I thought this was a fun post  ( and cost-effective as well ) titled  Autumn Face Mask Recipe over at Home Hearted.  It’s worth the trip JUST to see her little girl’s reaction to Mommy having this slathered all over her face! :)
  • Everyone is most likely familiar with simple cleaning solutions made with vinegar but if you would like a review of home-made cleaners visit Keeping it Cozy “My Favorite Homemade Cleaners”   She’s done such a pretty post about it that it almost makes you want to clean! :)



In October, my little borough has a parade and pumpkin festival ….but Pumpkin Festival 2013 at Ludwigsburg Palace in Germany over at Peonies and Orange Blossoms is the Festival not to be missed. I am including a picture here to show you that it is extraordinary …visit there to see more.

Peonies and Orange Blossoms Blog image of pumpkin festival

Needle and Thread :

This month I fell in love with a little girl’s dress over at Personalized Sketches and Sentiments and that link will take you directly to this adorable little girl in her beautiful dress and many more pictures and details of the dress. Not only can this talented grandmother sew, she is an artist as well. You will enjoy her artistry with fabric as well as her sketches, and of course…there’s a wedding over there too and who can resist that? :)

C flower girl inside


More Needle & Thread :

A blogging friend has opened a new Etsy shop. Sue over at Collectin’ Texas Gal has some lovely items for sale as well as many vintage and retro fabrics…a fun visit! :) 

Absolutely Adorable Animals :

Who wouldn’t want to pet these beauties…see more over at A Rural Journal “our day at the Alpaca farm in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska”     



This looked so real it was scary. Penny’s Vintage Home “How to Make a Halloween Witch”.    Visit there to see more ( IF YOU DARE )



Well what is even scarier than Penny’s witch this month ? Our government. I’ve said enough :)

Photography :

Maboe ( just click on the link ) I see a lot of extraordinary photos but this one just amazed me. Click and you’ll agree : )



Here are some ads / bargains for the month :)

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Another Pillow & My Red Hutch

The other day, in Sewing and Such, I showed some pillows that I had been working on from time to time. I also showed you the state of affairs in regards to the messes that can be laying around here as when I sew, I use the dining room. In that recent post I also showed how the mess ( a big fabric pile ) can land in the living room as well. I did one more pillow after that…it was a commemorative gift for a friend whose young baby had died on October 7th, two years ago.  Because her nickname was ‘little bird’ I appliqued and embroidered around some floral bird fabric, embroidered her initials, and tried to create an effect within the quilting that showed rays coming down from the heavens. I did not get any photos of the pillow once I’d put the back on and stuffed it but I did take a few quick pics with my phone while I was working on it and then one of the top with the borders added on.

Pillow For BGA collage

I think that it was one of the only sewing projects that I’d done without any major mistakes : ) In the end it turned out very sweet and feminine, just as I’d hoped, and she liked it very much.

Then all sewing ‘stuff’ including the fabric pile on the piano got put away, and it was time to move some things around in preparation to dragging out all of the fall ‘stuff ‘.  I’d had hydrangeas drying on the piano and moved them to the hutch in the dining room. What with them, the pussy willows from spring, and some dried roses in a china boat, I created a dead things corner up there : ) While I was at it I decided to drag out the camera and get a few photos.

Here is a view taken from standing on the steps coming down from upstairs :

Dining Room Hutch Side View

A collage showing the dead things corner and more… Everything on this hutch was either from my family (  inherited or gifted )  or from a thrift store purchase.  I noticed that once again the Russian Nesting Dolls are missing. They go by the salt shakers. Children cannot resist them and they go missing and then I will find them under the radiators or in a toy bin or some such place after a recent visit from the little culprits : )

The hutch was my treat to myself years ago using some income tax refund money. There is a local store called Amish Touch that I avoid all year and only go visit at refund time : )

Hutch Collage

The transferware plates were purchased at the thrift store and then a few months later I picked up the little pitcher…though it is not the same pattern or make I thought they’d go together nicely.

Hutch Collage 2

A slightly larger view of the dining room…very bright and sunny afternoon that day so it is a little washed out but I am showing this view so that you can see where the computer is in the corner. A month or so ago one of the sewing sites that I visit had a feature ( or she was featured ) about sewing / craft rooms. So she showed her lovely organized room and then she showed where she usually sewed, which was in the family room. I got a kick out of that because my dining room is used for just about everything, including sewing. ANYWAY, as you can see…being a novice at most sewing projects, sewing here is ideal because I usually need to refer to this or that tutorial on the Net anyway…and can easily just turn the chair around to do so :)

Dining Room Larger View

Meanwhile on the table I was enjoying some fresh zinnias, smokebush cuttings and the hydrangeas. If the weather continues to hold for awhile ( as in no frost ) I’ll continue to enjoy fresh bouquets like this every few days for awhile yet :)

Zinnias and Hydrangea and Smokebush

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