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I don’t do ‘vignettes’. I just put stuff places. For instance I have one of my little trees on a radiator in front of the window with one or two other things sitting next to it; certainly not a ‘vignette’. I think that the cat thinks that I am lazy about such things so she went ahead and joined in…perhaps with her addition I actually have a vignette now  :)

Kanga by tree

She also had input as to my cleaning schedule. For instance after putting some laundry away upstairs and then depositing some fresh clean kitchen cloths and a table runner on the dining room table, I was told in no uncertain terms that they were not for MY use that morning.

Kanga on dishcloths 2

While these lovely Jingle Bells hang from each room divider, they are used for more than decor around here. Who could resist giving them to little kids to play with for awhile…my grandson’s been ringing these bells for years now :)

Jingle Bells on Room Dividers


brent and bells

And now one of my son’s fiancee’s little girls is enjoying them too.

Jingle Bells

Kate has long straight hair. The kind of hair that people with thick wavy hair wish that they had. Of course she wishes that her hair was wavy or curly.

My son’s fiancee did something to her hair overnight that they call putting it up in donuts. Then Kate put a bunch of gook on her hair in the morning and combed it out.  I was able to witness the result and photograph her, since there was a school delay due to the cold and she ended up here for awhile that morning.

She’s so pleased with her little curls and gook…I should get her a set of pink sponge rollers for Christmas! :)

Kate collage its about the hair

Looking through old pictures I see that I had her posing in front of a tree in 2009. My niece had put a french braid all around the back and then left it like this in the end…

Kate and Hair Xmas 2009


My sister got this for the kids last year. It would be great if it just had the keyboard sounds. However it also has a portion where someone with a bad voice is singing dumb songs, many of them about cats ( it is a cat shaped keyboard ) and of course that is the part that the kids like the most.  Ugh.

Cat Keyboard

At least they both weren’t making noise at the same time that day…

Kate and the Train Table

While my son was on the 4-12 shift, I had Tallica his fiancee, and her children over for dinner, prior to them going off to Wednesday night church services. We had a big pan of lasagna, fresh Italian bread, and some gingerbread cookies that my grandson and I had baked. When I opened the tin of cookies, one of the children looked at the cookies in horror, exclaiming “They are brown and burnt!”   (  Since they’d all been over to decorate sugar cookies not too long ago, I guess that they assumed this was a batch of ruined cookies. ) Little kids never cease to crack me up.

A few pics before they trooped off to church…

Twins in Club Chair


tallica and kids 2

There is snow on the ground here and it is quite cold. It is hard to believe that it is not officially winter yet, as winter has been here for awhile now. Brrr…

Snow Couple

Stay warm ! :)

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Merry Christmas Cookies Day

The family came over on Saturday for lunch and to decorate Christmas cookies.

Knowing that Saturday was going to be busy, I prepared a strata the night before. I have not made one in ages. They are very simple. I cooked some breakfast sausage, and drained it. In a medium sized glass baking pan, ( 9x 5 ) I placed four slices of Italian bread, and layered the sausage and shredded cheddar cheese over that. Depending on the size of the eggs on hand…anywhere from 7-9 might be needed. I used nine and whisked them together with one cup of milk. I poured this on top and stored it in the fridge until morning, when I baked it. This is a nice versatile recipe because you could use ham and peppers, or Italian sausage versus sweet breakfast sausage, and mozzarella versus cheddar.  At 350 degrees, this takes about 45 minutes to bake.

While that was baking, I prepared a double-recipe of sugar cookie dough and put it into the fridge to chill, and then cut up some lemons for fresh lemonade. When I take the time to do this, it is always a big hit.

strata lemonade start cookie dough collage

The basic recipe is 1/2 cup sugar to 5 lemons. The bag that I purchased had 8, so I sliced up all eight, removing the seeds as I went along, and then put them and 3/4 cup sugar into a bowl.  I stirred this up and then let it sit for awhile, and about a half an hour later, I mashed them up a bit to get more of the juice out. At this point I usually find the seeds that I missed and remove them as well. I split this up between two pitchers and added water and in about an hour or so there was delicious lemonade. What is so nice about this is, when that is gone, I just take the lemons from the one pitcher and add it to the other, add water again, and let that sit overnight and I have more lemonade the next day.

I had made the home made turkey broth the evening before so on Saturday, I just had to add 1 can of cream of chicken soup to that to thicken it, and cook the egg noodles. The menu would be homemade turkey noodle soup, fresh lemonade, and apples…each child had to have some fresh apples to go along with the soup ( chalkful of carrots and celery etc, ) to ensure that they had lots of healthy food in their tummies before we moved on to the cookies that they were going to decorate later.

Baking Cookies

And it worked…they were more interested in decorating their already baked cookies than eating them. When they saw all of  the bowls of colored icing being brought out out my grandson said “Oh boy! We are going to PAINT them!!” :)  I used the same simple confectioner sugar icing that I always do and my son pointed out that this his his favorite all time icing. ( well, he only eats it once a year on Christmas cookies so no wonder : )

At some point my grandson spilled some sprinkles…

Brent and Sprinkles

With several adults to help the 5 children, it worked out well. A bit of a mess, but lots of fun. In the end the children took two plastic bins home of Christmas cookies and were quite pleased with the results of their work.

Cookie Collage

I kept about 10 here for me. And ate them all by the next day. And that is why I sent all of the rest out of this house! :)

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