Stalking Birds and Startling the Neighbor

Earlier in the week, the latest snowfall had almost all melted away, and then we got a few more inches overnight. On Tuesday morning, pre-dawn, I heard the small quiet chirp of the cardinal at the feeder. Even though I had some cardinal pictures that I had not posted yet, I got the camera out to try to capture him in the blue light of the early morning snow. No such luck but I did catch a sparrow…purely by accident.

Fresh round of snow and the sparrow collage

Sparrow ready to fly away full wing shot

Meanwhile in the late afternoon that same day, I was out filling the feeders and talked to my neighbor. She told me that early in the morning she’d gotten up and come into her dark kitchen, half awake, and had not yet turned on the lights.  Suddenly bright flashes were coming into her window and at first she thought that something was on fire or that aliens were landing…but here it was me, out on my back porch in my pajamas &  big fat warm fuzzy bathrobe, stalking birds and taking pictures :)  I think that I should wait until the sun comes up from now on.

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Saving Money : They go straight to the fridge…

It’s usually feast or famine around here.  Meaning, I might have the family over for a big dinner once a week or once every two weeks or so, and send some leftovers home with them, but other than that I can eat pretty frugally.

  • Cooking at home is generally more cost-effective than eating out.
  • I can indulge and occasionally cook a steak, but I buy the thin cut and I have several vegetables and a salad so the meat can be used for at least two meals.
  • If I treat myself to a quick fast food meal, it is something like Kentucky Fried Chicken and I do the same thing…eat half the meat, have a big salad and another vegetable or two and I’ll get two meals out of it.
  • How mankind survived before spaghetti was invented I do not know, but I can cook some pasta and sauce and live happily off of that for at least two meals and a lunch.
  • If I buy chicken or turkey or what-have-you, I’ll save the bones or carcass for a soup on another day.
  • I always make sure to have fresh vegetables and fruits here, especially when I have babysitting duties, but the fruit..especially the fruit..depends on what is on sale that week.
  • I could make this list a mile long but I know that most people watch their food budgets and do similar things / this is just a sampling for the sake of the post.
  • I purchase ground beef ( which used to be cheap ) when it is on sale and then I’ll make meatloaf, brown beef for other meals and freeze it, etc.


So when I had Tallica, my son’s fiancee,  and the kids over last week for lasagna, that meat had been purchased on sale, and the spaghetti sauce was a mix of home-canned tomatoes and seasonings and one or two jar sauces that were purchased on sale. I kept just enough for myself to have for lunch the next day and sent the remainder home with her so that my son and her and the kids could have that for their dinner the next day.

A few days later I regretted this. I wished that I had some lasagna in the fridge! I was craving it!  :) Maybe it’s all the cold and snow and wanting something hearty, or maybe it was just because that was the first lasagna of the winter when oven cooked meals are so welcome. Well, I still had some ricotta and mozzarella, and I still had some frozen cooked beef, so I made a small 8 x 8 pan of lasagna *Just For Me*.

I had one serving.  The next day my youngest son showed up. Where did he go first? To the fridge, of course. Well, there went half of that pan. ( Being an intelligent young man, he’d not waste a visit to Mom’s…no, may as well show up around lunch time, right? :)

But not too long after that, my middle son showed up. ( Now, this is the one who had all of the lasagna sent home to his house last Wednesday. ) It was a surprise to see him. He was going to be starting a new job that is close to where I live but not until next week. As it turned out he could start that day and had come to show me the truck that they were giving him to use and coincidentally, it was his break time and he was ravenous. And there went the last of my *Just For Me* lasagna.

There’s no real point to this post…if you have boys or have raised them, you’ll know that it never changes :) Straight to the fridge they go….:) I just always have to have something on hand, whether in the fridge or freezer, and by purchasing ahead on sale I can manage the surprise visits and the occasional ‘feasts’ :)

And if you have nothing there, you’ll be making eggs or something for them because being the cooking mama never changes no matter how old they get or you become :)

And..I’d show you a picture of the lasagna but people keep eating it.

tree ornaments

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