When Other Presidents Visited the UK and the Queen Over the Years

First of all I have to say that I am an avid fan of the series “The Crown” and have watched it at least two times now.

I know that every little thing is not historically correct but it does give one a feel for the monarchy and their rules and what they go through to be the monarchy and retain their lifestyle….

And aside from that and the fascination and love that most of us had back in the day for Princess Diana, and recently watching the wedding of Prince Harry to  Meghan Markle I don’t pay too much attention to the royals.

But with Trump’s visit to the UK and the immense displeasure of their people for having him there and the protests I researched a bit.

That was President Jimmy Carter visiting Newcastle with a crowd of 20,000 cheering him on.

“When JFK came in 1961, half a million people lined the route between London airport and the west end to catch a glimpse of him and his wife Jackie Kennedy.”

“US presidents also enjoyed a warm relationship with the Royal Family. Eisenhower was a particular favourite of the Queen, who invited him to stay at Balmoral – the only president to do so.”

“Ronald Reagan also got on well with the Queen, who in 1982 personally invited him to stay at Windsor Castle and go for a ride in the Great Park.

And they rode horses together:

In 1994, Bill and Hillary Clinton were honored with a sleepover on board the royal yacht Britannia in Portsmouth.”

George Bush spent the night at Buckingham Palace.

President Barack Obama and the Queen:

All of these presidents were welcomed fairly warmly, had State Dinners, etc.

What a contrast this week has been. And it is worth noting.  MASSIVE protests across the UK and Scotland. They don’t approve of this president Trump and what he stands for and says and does.

But I wanted to find some photos of when she was younger…

Politics, Personalities, USA, pic: 17th October 1957, President Dwight D, Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower, centre, with HM,Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip before a state dinner in the White House, Washington D,C, Dwight D,Eisenhower (1890-1969) became the 34th President of the United States 1953-1961 (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images)

That same beautiful welcoming smile was extended to President Trump and Melania today at age 92 : )

credits: BBC News, Seniorark.com, USA Today, People

Baby & Blooms

Before I get to the blooms and the baby, when my family was in Myrtle Beach they went to a place called Medieval Times. I had never heard of it but I put the link in there if you wanted to visit the website, where there is a short video of what the show is like. I was simply blown away.  It’s a dinner theater with knights on horses, jousting, and more.

Their area was rooting for the green knight.

My DIL told me that the food was served as if it was back then as well….huge chunks of meat, corn, etc. and no utensils to eat them with, served by ‘wenches’ :)

I finished a baby quilt awhile ago for friends. While I tied it, I did quilt the big brother and sister’s hands in to it.   They were thrilled to see their hands and it made the quilt special for them as well as for the baby.

Well he arrived a few weeks ago and is just as cute as his siblings. His mama sent this to me on Facebook though I hope to see him in person soon.

I have morning glory and hyacinth bean vine climbing, tomatoes growing nicely and here are a few of the perennials in bloom right now…

The trumpet vine is just loaded with blooms this year. I filled an entire garbage can with some of it….on my neighbor’s side of the fence, but I am letting it go on my side.

That’s my son’s dog Merle who I kept here while they were on vacation.

A few steps back…..

That purple rose of sharon loves to grow. No matter how much I trim, it seems to double in size the following year.  It’s all that I can see from my dining room windows.

The same for the pink on in the back….my view from the back porch :

The bees just love these bushes!

We finally got a break from the prolonged heat wave. It still went to 89 degrees the last two days but the nights cooled off a bit which was a relief :)

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