This pickle recipe was a huge success with my family

Back when my cucumber vine starting producing, I looked around for a pickle recipe. I liked this one posted by Diane on  because she gave the measurements for just one pint jar, and you could double that for a quart. To me, this was perfect, since I was not going to have a bushel of cucumbers, just a few coming along every few days.  In addition, everyone who tried the recipe came back with rave reviews.

Her original recipe is for canning pickles, and processing them in a water bath. I did that with a few jars. She also said to let them sit for 4-6 weeks to let them cure. Goodness knows how good those are going to taste because a few days ago I decided to do a quart jar of refrigerator pickles. One of the reviewers had said that she did this and had added black peppercorns and some red onion to hers.

I put this quart jar out on the table when we had a get together here with family and friends and even though there was a huge selection of food …this is all that was left of the pickles.

pickles gone in a day


Clearly a success.  Everyone was raving about the recipe and telling me to make more. Today I am just going to cut up another cucumber and put it into this brine. I think it will probably work without mixing up a new brew. Down the line I will  can a few more jars ( water bath canning ) when I next purchase fresh dill.   And next year I shall plant some dill in my garden along with the cucumbers! :)

Here are the measurements for 1 pint. I doubled these for the quart jar. And remember, this jar only sat in the fridge for two days. I am certain that the taste can only get better if they sit longer! :)

1 teaspoon dill seed
1 garlic clove
1 sprig dill weed, pretty (optional)
4 coriander seeds
1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
1 small bay leaf
1/8 teaspoon hot pepper flakes
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 teaspoons pickling salt

I ADDED : some black peppercorn, and a few slices of red onion to the jar.

I ADDED 2 teaspoons of sugar to the vinegar,water, and pickling salt mix. 

The spices are not cheap. It would make no sense to just do this once or twice in canning season and then not make your own throughout the year. I am glad that this recipe was as good as the lady who posted it said, because I will just use it to make my own pickles throughout the year now.

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End of Summer Garden ( or yard ) Tour

With the abundant rain that we had this summer, my garden ( or yard ) became quite ‘cottage’ style. I’ll take you on a little garden tour if you like.

Starting when you pull in to the one-car gravel parking space, while some of you may have seen the picture on the left of the collage, what’s been going on after I took it is that this tomato plant that I “tucked in” there amongst the flowers started really taking off. Perhaps more than I bargained for :) There are lots of green tomatoes there now.

tomato plant on driveway side

Walking around to the front of the porch, there are some shasta daisies, a bit of lavender, lantana, hibiscus, and another ‘tucked in’ tomato plant. It is bigger now…this picture is a few weeks old. It has myriad tomatoes on it at the moment.

front side of house another area with a tomato tucked in

To the other side of the front steps…I had to transplant a thunbergia vine that I had growing originally in a pot on the porch, and while I had sweet alyssum in two planters, one had to go into the ground since it was growing so profusely. I also have lantana, dahlias, zinnias and finally the sweet pea is blooming here too.

thunbergia side collage thunbergia winding up the front steps

Walking around to the side now, looking up you will see the morning glory vines climbing the front porch.

morning glory up the side porch

Then as we go along, there are cleome, zinnia, sunflowers, and russian sage, next a hydrangea bush, and further on some tall grass plants.

Going around the side collage

Behind the tall grass plants is where I have the garbage cans and you really can’t see that from the street. The back yard is fenced in for the dogs….though I own a strip alongside the fence and behind it.

Here is a view of that strip…generally the spirea there blooms spring and fall / this year it never quit :) In the far back is a Snowball bush which is just lovely in May.

Spirea in the back

Entering the back yard through the fence, you will be dodging the pink rose of sharon bush that doubled in size this year and all of the happy bees buzzing around it. Years ago I had a small bush here, as well as various flowers. Once I planted the tall grass and both it and the bush took off, there was no room for any more flowers but also very little weeding to concern myself with.

Rose of Sharon twice the size this year

The other side of the back porch steps have a Japanese lilac bush ( not in bloom now ) another set of tall grass, and toward the corner there is a grouping of a tomato plant, hollyhocks, and I also have morning glories back here.

morning glories back porch

From the far end of the yard…so you can get an idea of the space, in that dogs and kids still have room to run :

far end of yard

There was a clothesline here when I purchased the house. While there is now a tree through part of it and a bush through another, I still have room to hang blankets, sheets, quilts, etc.

quilts on the line collage

From the middle….along the fence there is a small compost pile behind the smokebush, and cucumbers ( almost done now ) tomatoes, basil, marigolds and sunflowers.

how space is used backyard collage

Along with those sunflowers, cleome is blooming right now, and a few flowers planted later on that I don’t remember …( not in bloom yet; I think they are statice )

Cleome and Sunflower collage

Going up the side now, there is trumpet vine to your right, hollyhocks, a purple rose of sharon , barberry, and russian sage to the left.  Daylilies bloom there in the early summer.

rose of sharon trumpet vine and barberry bush area collage

When I first moved here,  I planted bushes here and there and they were all quite small, so I filled in with some perennials and annuals and I had a lot of weeding to keep up with. Now everything is filled in and aside from keeping up with wild onions in the spring and bindweed in the fall, I have little weeding to do.  I will, however, have much bush trimming  work this fall, as they’ve all grown immensely with the rainy summer that we have had.

Now, we can either go back to the backyard and kick that kids ball around or….some of the tomatoes have ripened and are simmering in a pot on the kitchen stove with garden basil, and local peppers and onions.  Want some pasta for lunch? :)

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