Sewing & Such…early October

Off and on, I have been working on sewing some envelope closure pillow covers for existing pillows here. I had purchased some Jacobean floral fabric and I used that for three pillows. Next I wanted to do a whimsical sort of applique and embroidery with nothing really matching…just bright and fun.

I was working on the final two over the last few days : using  a bird themed fabric and accent fabrics from my stash, and I added a wee bit of embroidery to those.

In progress pillow collage

The basket in the collage above was a find at the thrift store a few months ago.  Only a few dollars and great for storing embroidery or other items inside it.

Vintage Basket

The method for each was to create the front, then pin baste quilt batting to that and machine quilt the front. This was minimal, easy quilting…just meandering around the floral motifs for the most part.  I used Warm and Natural Cotton batting…it is thin enough that I could use a regular machine foot and not require a walking foot ( which acted up the last time I tried it on a couch quilt that is in progress. )

The various pillows work on any piece of furniture…chaise lounge, club chair or couch.  Sometimes they also work on the FLOOR when certain grandchildren or dogs knock them off of the furniture that they are supposed to stay on : )

Pillows Collage

If you have never sewn envelope closure pillow covers before and want to give it a try there is more detail in this post HERE .

As to those pillow-throwing grandchildren I snapped a picture of a “Vignette” that one of them created on the dining room table…I think the warm autumnal hues of the hammer work well with the last of the hydrangeas, don’t you ? :)

Vignette with Hammer Brent Left Out

At least it is an improvement over this :)

Sewing in the Dining Room

Or this :

Fabric for Rug Piled on top of Piano

The fabric piled on the piano is for that woven rug that I started working on. Because of all of the nails on the top and bottom of the loom, I put it away when the grands are going to be in and out alot, which they were this past week.  I’ll have to get it organized and put away this weekend….get some more strips torn ahead of time, etc as I really need to get the fall decor out this week, and some of it goes on the piano.

Does it feel like fall right now ? Not at the time of writing this post, no. We had a warming trend and it was actually hot the last few days and The Humidity Came Back. Yes, 100% Humidity the other day. I do not like humidity at all and do not feel that it is Fair that we should have any in October! :)

However the neighbor’s tree has changed dramatically in the last few days and to me, that is the signal that Fall has truly arrived.

The Neighbors Tree Says Fall Has Arrived

It will be back to the couch quilt now…at the rate I am going I suppose it will be a Christmas gift! :)  Actually, I did finish hand quilting another block and a half over the last week or so and I’ll be doing some Slow Stitching later on today and on Sunday afternoon.

Couch Quilt Progress Oct 5


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Little bird; big song

Outside : Crapapples, dried grasses, flowers that I planted mid-summer that are just starting to bloom and 2 simple little skirts made for our friend’s twin girls, washed and drying on the line: Below this collage is why I took these pictures…I was outside once again trying to stalk a bird because of its song.

Skirts for twins etc collage

I recognize the finches song, the cardinals, blue jays…but I might be out in the back and will hear a very loud song and can’t find the bird. Oh wait, it must be the neighbor’s, it is the other one’s roof, no surely it is coming from that tree. Wherever I stand it sounds as if the bird is very close yet I cannot catch a glimpse of it. If my grandmother were alive and here, she’d know at once, of course :)

The windows were wide open on Sunday afternoon and I heard the bird again. I grabbed the camera and went outside. It sounded as if it was over in the corner of the yard where I had the finished skirts hanging. Whatever it was seemed to be in the snowball bush there. So there I was, walking around and around the bush taking pictures of a bird I could only hear and not see as it flitted from branch to branch. It finally flew over to the crapapple tree just outside the fence and I started snapping away again. Out of all of the pictures I could only get one that I could crop and sharpen enough …I dug out my bird book and still am not sure if it is a wren or a song sparrow of some sort.     It is quite loud, that I know :) From my not too great picture, it looks closer to being a wren.

Any bird experts out there ? This is the best I could do with my fuzzy picture of the faraway bird :)

Little Bird with Big Song