Making a Rag Rug on a Loom

I have thought for quite awhile that Making a Rag Rug on a Loom would be an interesting project to try.

I recently ordered a loom from Dru over at The Country Farm Home to make a rag rug .  I know that some people make their own looms but the advice that I read was to get one from someone that knows what they are doing first, then make your own if you want to later on. Well being a technical idiot I certainly ordered one! :) Within a few days it arrived, nicely packed up in a Fedex tube, with basic instructions and a handwritten note in regards to assembling it. I just needed to put a few screws in and the boards were even labeled A-B-C-D.

I had an old fitted sheet that I cut up and used for the warp. Actually I tore strips and when my grandson and some other little kids were over here I asked if they wanted to help and believe me, tearing strips of fabric to 3 and 4 year olds is a very fun thing to do ! Their little eyes lit up and they had a blast ! :)


The loom is warped


On the day that the thrift / mission store had 50 % off linens and ‘bric-brac’  I went in and got lucky. Someone had donated some lovely sheets and curtains recently.  Here is what I came home with :


Linens from the thrift store for the rag rug


The red blanket with the black stripe is not for the rag rug. It is 100% wool, and knowing the price of wool at the fabric store and that I could use this in crafts if I felted it I could not  pass it up.  I had hoped for a gold fabric for the rug but these yellow sheets are 100% cotton, made in India, and so soft and smooth. The green is a denim-like heavy curtain, the coral is a heavy cotton, and then I picked up a pair of burgandy nursing pants and a red smock. All fabrics are either cotton or polyester.

Hopefully I will  do this correctly and it won’t all fall apart at the first washing : )  Here is a picture that I took when I had been doing the weaving  ( or whatever it is called : ) for awhile. When I did the “warp” I had the loom laying on the dining room table. Here it is on top of the steam radiator and I had been standing to do the weaving at this level.


Starting the Rag Rug on the Loom


The view from the window while standing and working on this is pleasant. While I have much crisper and better pictures on this blog of the goldfinches HERE and HERE, you can get an idea of how nice it might be to work on the weaving and see this from the window as the little bird serenades you with its’  song. To me it sounds as if they are chirping “So Sweet” or “So-Weet”.   This picture is taken from the dining room window when I photographed the loom.


View from the window while working on the rag rug


And along with little kids liking this…someone else does too : )


Kanga and the Rag Rug Project


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She’s just ordinary…like most of us

She’s just one of those ordinary white butterfly / moths ? that are so common.  She is not a monarch or a swallowtail or anything special. How often do butterflies like her flit around our gardens and we pay little attention, only getting photos of the more colorful ones ?   I captured one of her and hoped that it would turn out well because I was thinking that ordinary people flit in and out of the tapestry of our lives as much as common butterflies like her visit our gardens.

I am ordinary. I have no special talent. I had to practice, practice, practice piano as a child, and while I could finally play a little Beethoven for a recital I was not as good as the other girl. I have struggled to learn to sew and yet I’ll never be as good as other people. I was attractive and thin when I was young but I was not gorgeous. I helped at school when my boys were young but I was not the PTA president. I was very very good at my job before they downsized at our office but I was not the CEO or anything. I am a good cook but I am not Julia Child. I like to blog but I’ll never be the Pioneer Woman. I have loved reading all of my life so I am a good Speller but I am horrible at Math.  I am just ordinary….just like her. When I was young this bothered me and now that I am older it does not so much.  When the bees make honey there is only one Queen yet without all of the others where would she be? :)

I am glad that this shot turned out…she’s just ordinary but oh so lovely in her own right :)

She's just most of us


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