Another Pillow & My Red Hutch

The other day, in Sewing and Such, I showed some pillows that I had been working on from time to time. I also showed you the state of affairs in regards to the messes that can be laying around here as when I sew, I use the dining room. In that recent post I also showed how the mess ( a big fabric pile ) can land in the living room as well. I did one more pillow after that…it was a commemorative gift for a friend whose young baby had died on October 7th, two years ago.  Because her nickname was ‘little bird’ I appliqued and embroidered around some floral bird fabric, embroidered her initials, and tried to create an effect within the quilting that showed rays coming down from the heavens. I did not get any photos of the pillow once I’d put the back on and stuffed it but I did take a few quick pics with my phone while I was working on it and then one of the top with the borders added on.

Pillow For BGA collage

I think that it was one of the only sewing projects that I’d done without any major mistakes : ) In the end it turned out very sweet and feminine, just as I’d hoped, and she liked it very much.

Then all sewing ‘stuff’ including the fabric pile on the piano got put away, and it was time to move some things around in preparation to dragging out all of the fall ‘stuff ‘.  I’d had hydrangeas drying on the piano and moved them to the hutch in the dining room. What with them, the pussy willows from spring, and some dried roses in a china boat, I created a dead things corner up there : ) While I was at it I decided to drag out the camera and get a few photos.

Here is a view taken from standing on the steps coming down from upstairs :

Dining Room Hutch Side View

A collage showing the dead things corner and more… Everything on this hutch was either from my family (  inherited or gifted )  or from a thrift store purchase.  I noticed that once again the Russian Nesting Dolls are missing. They go by the salt shakers. Children cannot resist them and they go missing and then I will find them under the radiators or in a toy bin or some such place after a recent visit from the little culprits : )

The hutch was my treat to myself years ago using some income tax refund money. There is a local store called Amish Touch that I avoid all year and only go visit at refund time : )

Hutch Collage

The transferware plates were purchased at the thrift store and then a few months later I picked up the little pitcher…though it is not the same pattern or make I thought they’d go together nicely.

Hutch Collage 2

A slightly larger view of the dining room…very bright and sunny afternoon that day so it is a little washed out but I am showing this view so that you can see where the computer is in the corner. A month or so ago one of the sewing sites that I visit had a feature ( or she was featured ) about sewing / craft rooms. So she showed her lovely organized room and then she showed where she usually sewed, which was in the family room. I got a kick out of that because my dining room is used for just about everything, including sewing. ANYWAY, as you can see…being a novice at most sewing projects, sewing here is ideal because I usually need to refer to this or that tutorial on the Net anyway…and can easily just turn the chair around to do so :)

Dining Room Larger View

Meanwhile on the table I was enjoying some fresh zinnias, smokebush cuttings and the hydrangeas. If the weather continues to hold for awhile ( as in no frost ) I’ll continue to enjoy fresh bouquets like this every few days for awhile yet :)

Zinnias and Hydrangea and Smokebush

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Entertainment for Peanuts

I think the most frugal thing that I have going on here is Entertainment for Peanuts.

  • I don’t pay for cable TV.
  • I usually borrow books from the library unless I am purchasing a used book online.
  • If I am going to purchase any DVD movies, it is usually the BBC / Masterpiece Theatre sort, because they are so well made that I can watch them several times and get my money’s worth.

While I am not sure where the phrase “entertainment for peanuts” originally came from, the above points are certainly not that. Nope, mine is literal :) I spend about 3.50 a month at the grocery store on plain unsalted roasted peanuts. Usually I feed a few each morning to the squirrels. A week or two ago, my grandson threw some cracked corn out into the front yard. I purchased a bag of this out at the farm market in the early summer, and generally just drag it out once a week or so when he is here as he likes to reach into the bag and scatter the corn. A few handfuls and we are done.  Then we wait to see the birds show up.

On this particular occasion,  a blue jay came by,  and knowing how much they like peanuts I decided to “Share” the squirrel’s peanuts.   As soon as I threw a few peanuts out that blue jay called to his mate or friend and there were two of them swooping in and out. They are so fast…I’ll bet that I snapped about 25 or more pictures just to get a few decent ones. This was fun for my grandson as usually just a few sparrows come around and he gets bored quickly. Not so this time….the peanuts kept the blue jays coming to the front yard for a good 15 minutes and we had “entertainment for peanuts” :)

Blue Jay on Roof


Blue Jay Lands for the Peanut


Blue Jay picks up the peanut


Blue Jay with Peanut

My grandmother didn’t like blue jays…she got angry when they came around and chased the smaller birds away from the feeders in the winter.  Oh, she didn’t stop them or anything but I remember her getting frustrated about it. As to me, I enjoy their antics when they are grabbing their peanuts and flying off with them as fast as they can. They ‘stash’ them somewhere and come back for more , just like the squirrels….who may eat one on my porch but run off to save the next one or two for winter or a rainy day.

Whenever I do a post about birds, I miss my grandmother :)   They lived next to us when I was growing up and my grandfather had added on to the house …a long room in the back that was almost all windows on the back side, facing the back yard.  Not too far from there they had many bird feeders, houses, martin houses, etc. and they’d enjoy the birds all winter from their comfy chairs placed by the windows.

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