Here comes the sun, little darling…

In the darkest days of winter, I always feel as if my day hasn’t really started until it is light out.  I might have been up for hours but not until daybreak did the day really start for me.

Well there is more light lately…more in the morning and more in the afternoon, but that is still not the same as sunlight, which we often lack in the winter.  This is not always a curse…the house certainly does seem to be cleaner on a cloudy day! It’s when the sun shines brightly that the dust bunnies come out, for surely they were not there prior and only came out to welcome the sun? :)

Here it comes in through the curtains, calling to the dust bunnies in the living room…

Sunlight Coming thru the curtains by piano

And in the kitchen it plays shadow games …

sunlight in kitchen 2

Sunlight in Kitchen

Indoors and outdoors  it brings out sparkles and it dances off of surfaces, and creates intriguing shadows…

Sunlit Collage

It turns the winter doldrums to sunny smiles…

doldrums to sunny

It might have snowed ( as it always does lately ) early morning and then the sun comes out and appears on the landing going upstairs…and all of a sudden it hits you, and you run for the camera because there is a meme called “Sunlit Sunday that occurs only in the winter, and it trains you to look for and appreciate the sunlight in ways that you might not have noticed before..

Sunlight on Landing

Normally you just notice the effect that it has outdoors on the snow…

shadows on snow collage

Or that it is so very bright out one day that photos of the blue jay seem almost unreal…

Bluejay so bright

Or when editing pictures from that same day you notice how a bird’s wing is illuminated by the sun’s brightness against the snow…

bird wing illuminated

But now when it comes in to land and dance and play in the house, you notice it a bit more ( and I am sure there are some dust bunnies in those corners :) With two dogs and a cat what are the odds…

sun and shadows in the dining room

The Beatles : “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,
And I say it’s all right

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it’s all right ”

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A Finished Quilt Top

I have several sewing projects….but for the past week I stuck with my decision to just keep working on the Snowball quilt top. I finished whatever applique ( stems etc. ) that needed to be done and then went in and started to put the buds and little circles into all four corners. When I took these initial pictures on Friday morning,  some of the buds were just glue basted into place and I was about half way through some simple embroidery on the leaves.

There is ice on top of our snow here now, so I just laid the quilt top out on the snow on the side of the house, then went up to the porch to take a picture. This made sense since at the time, there was no wind. I wanted to get a quick picture before my little grandson came over for the afternoon.

Snowball collage 4 pics See the imprint of my foot ? It barely goes down into the many, many inches of snow below the ice covering…it is on the bottom there, in the middle of the quilt top.

At any rate, at this point I still had 3 more buds to applique on the base of the large flowers as well as needing to finish up the embroidery.

Of course no sooner had I snapped this than a stray wind gust came along and I went chasing the top as it blew into my neighbor’s driveway :)

The original pattern had a border of more snowballs, but I had some pale pink fabric to use up. I did not even have matching threads for most of this when I started. I cannot believe what thread costs nowadays. I have slowly been running into JoAnn Fabrics with this or that coupon getting a bit of thread here and there…and then of course as I build that up I see many applique experts saying that they use silk thread…well, I will just have to make do a bit in regards to thread  :)

On Saturday morning, I finished up what little remained of the applique and embroidery and then worked on adding the pink border. In the afternoon I took it out to the line ( crunch, crunch, crunch through the ice-snow ) for a few pictures. snowball on line prior to basting The pink border is actually a lighter pink than the photos show…they show a purple sheen to my eye but the pink is a true pale pink.

Later in the afternoon I cut out the backing and batting. The backing is the light purple material that I used in the first Benjamin Biggs block. I bought that material on sale about 2 years ago thinking to make aprons or a dress for Kate or something or other that I obviously never did, so now it is getting put to use :) I’ve had the batting for several months now…Warm and Natural when JoAnn’s had it on a 50% off sale.

Backing and Batting

Oh excuse me, Kanga…I was not really planning on your help with the pin basting!

Kanga Pin Basting

Now that this top is finished and ready…I’ll be able to start the hand quilting! :)

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