Frisky Dogs, Pillow Fights, Yard Work, etc.

Tuesday, late afternoon, was finally rain free and the wind had died down, so I took the opportunity to do a little trimming and leave all of this at the curb for the poor garbage men on Wednesday morning. There were four cans, total.

4 garbage cans 3 are yard trimmings

Some of it is from the pink Rose of Sharon bush in the back and then quite a bit is from my Smokebush. It was growing very lopsided and once I started trimming it, and worked my way in, I realized that a good bit of it was dead or rotting in the middle portion.  This was very late afternoon and no way to get a good picture in the light at that moment..I added a bit of fill light here and what you can see is what is left to deal with later on as all of the cans were full. I think the remaining portion will make it through…I had to hack through most of my Yucca plant last year due to rotting,  and it survived, so hopefully the bush will too.

The Smokebush

Meanwhile the dogs were quite frisky and enjoying the weather and being out in the yard with me. The pictures are blurred because the dogs were blurred! They were tearing around like crazy and having so much fun :)

Running so fast they are a blur collage

Lily in Motion Feeling Frisky

If you are a regular reader, you may recall a post about all of those envelope-enclosure pillows that I had painstakingly worked on awhile ago. ( Here ) This is what happens to them :) My grandson the other day,  with one of his uncles, my youngest son.

Pillow Fight Collage

In quieter moments, quilting another block on the couch quilt for my middle son & family…

Quilting another Block

And practicing what the younger generation calls a ‘selfie’.   I found it really hard to do this with my phone, lol! Technical idiot here! :)  With my iPhone, I had to do this in the opposite way from taking a picture that I am used to, and this is about the only picture that I actually got that didn’t have some part of my head cut off!

practicing a selfie


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Chilly Day / Picked a Big Garden Bouquet

I had my grandson over here this afternoon and today was the chilliest day yet.  After playing for a few hours, time to huddle under a quilt and watch some Mickey’s Club House before we went to pick up his sister after school. I do think that Mickey’s Club House was a Very Good Buy since the child has probably watched it at least 20 times over the last year. We don’t have the TV on, ever, but when relaxation time comes around, if needed, then we pull out Mickey. Brent watches it, enthralled, for about 15 minutes, then starts to build blocks or something while paying minimal attention, but I think that he just likes it because it is so familiar.

Brent Oct 24

Hey, it appears that Jugsy is also enjoying Mickey.

Brent and Jugsy

Meanwhile, in the afternoon we had a brief period of sleet, yet a pumpkin flower bloomed today in the container.

Pumpkin Flower Blooms Oct 24 it is sleeting

The weird white lines are the sleet / snow…

Sleet and Cleome

It’s been a strange fall. The climax of our fall glory here should have been two weeks ago yet half or more of the trees are still green and have not even turned yet.  I have many flowers with buds on them and yet tonight it is supposedly going down to 30 degrees. I went out and picked some of the taller flowers and some marigolds and I imagine that the rest will be gone tomorrow but it’s been quite a long blooming season here this year. I still have all of my annuals in full bloom in the front of the house!

I picked what I thought I could stuff into a Mason Jar…

Last of the flowers before the freeze

And then as pretty as they were, I packed up the bouquet and sent it home with my son when he came to pick up HIS kids, to take them home where he and the love of his life live with HER kids too. I think any young lady having 5 kids around the dinner table on any given night needs some fresh flowers! :)

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