Five Random Favorite Things

Here are some favorite things of mine :)   This is a picture of my grandmother when she was young and newly married to my grandfather.


When I was a young married, she gave this to me because I’d always admired it. It is a Royal Wettina vase from Austria and it is my understanding that it had belonged to her mother.


Of all of the photos that I have taken over the years, this is a favorite. It was taken two or three summers ago after a rainstorm when I had the grand-kids here.  We must always go walking or running through the puddles afterwards…without fail :)


I have a tiny galley kitchen, and when I say tiny, I mean it. It’s about 8 x 12.  When I first moved to this little bungalow one of the first things that I purchased in the way of home decor was this set of vintage red canisters at a local antique mall. They are so cheery and bright and they draw the eye right away to the top of the fridge versus the floor and whatever the dogs just tracked in from the back porch : ) My initial purchase back then was a set of four. I found a similar one at the thrift store a year or two ago. Though not an exact match, it was close enough to come home with me and join the others.


Since we’re in the kitchen, a favorite recipe is this zucchini casserole.


You can use sweet or hot sausage , depending on your taste, and can cook it ahead or within the casserole.

Other than that it is just zucchini, potatoes, yellow and green peppers, garlic, coarse black pepper, and canned tomatoes. I am lucky enough to have some canned tomatoes from my garden last summer but any will work.  It is absolutely delicious. My Italian mother-in-law is the source of this recipe…she called it a tiella.

I know that many people are longing for a break from this rather trying winter. In looking through old photos I found a favorite collage that I’d made about two years ago…and it’s not winter : )  Summer is not my favorite season. I cannot abide the humidity and temps over 75 or so, but oh do I love when the peaches are in season.



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Tuesday Treasures : Silly little Santa squirrel

The other day I saw one of the squirrels sitting on top of a front porch chair as he usually does. He waits for me to notice him through the living room window, and throw some peanuts out. But this time he had a huge white beard or something…and he kept working it around in his mouth with his paws and when I threw the peanuts out he was still working with this….what was it? Was it stuck ? What was he doing ?

OH my…it was fluff from a worn out chair cushion that had a slight tear ! I went for the camera…this was too comical.

When I came back, he ran over to the other chair ( where he’d stolen my fluff! ) and so this shot is not as good as it would be had he stayed put! Because from a frontal view, he looked like Santa Squirrel!

Squirrel Stealing fluff


Squirrel Fluff Cropped

After that he ran off, with the fluff, to warm up his cold little nest, I suppose.

I covered the hole in the cushion…he can’t think that this is where to come for material, but what a laugh he gave me.   ( We’ve had several winters that have had abnormally warm temps on occasion which is why I started to leave the chair cushions out there. I would say that this winter is back to normal! :)

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