Please pray ( if you are a prayer ) for my family

I refer to my boys’ dad as my ‘ex’ though when we split up years ago the boys were so upset about legal batttles that we just split up, and never divorced legally….

For many years we barely spoke but then with the grandkids…we bacame friends again.

This is a guy who overcame a horrible motorcyle accident, two hip surgeries…was always active; and then a flu came upon him.

Without going into detail here which I cannot bear to, in the end the flu hit him so hard that he succumbed to a heart attack.

We are all in shock / please pray for my boys if you can, and thank you. They were so close to their dad; they loved him so much.

Early April Slice of Life

The neighborhood is coming in to bloom this early April. I was down the road on Friday to greet the kids after school as their parents were visiting someone right after work. I bought a little soft toy for Merle at the Dollar Store ( much appreciated ) and was charmed when one of the twins brought home that cute little leprechaun full of grass that the children had planted earlier in the month.  Later on we were considering the menu from a local Catholic church. I am not sure if it is this way everywhere but in our area, many Catholic churches and also this and that firehall or club have Lenten fish fries on Friday to raise money for their organization.

Ongoing saga here…

“Nice Kitty, Nice Kitty, please stay where you are. I have just come for my peanuts and then I’ll be off”

My DIL’s church ( and one that I took my children to for several years when they were young ) is holding a First Responders’ Appreciation Banquet this Monday for our local community and she had volunteered to help with greeting people as they came in the door.

I picked up Brent and Kate after school since the scheduling was pretty tight …rush in the door, wolf down a bit of food, change school clothes for dressier ones and off to the hotel ballroom. She posted a photo on Facebook of the greeters with their friend in the middle.

While the church has done this for a number of years, due to the tragedy of a local policeman losing his life while responding to a domestic violence call, the awareness and appreciation of these people has increased in our community and their response was wonderful. Over 400 will be served and loved this Monday evening.

That story is HERE.

The speaker at the banquet had spoken at the church on Sunday. A pastor who had held a First Responder service at his own church a few years ago. That afternoon he and his wife of 20-some years took off on their motorcycle for a leisurely ride. They had lunch and talked of their eager anticipation in regards to their first grandson who was due to arrive soon. On the way back they were hit by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly. He had 19 surgeries and lost a leg. This church live streams and I watched him tell his story and I cried the entire way through. Some of the first responders who had been at his church earlier were there to try to help save him later on in the day…

On Monday morning I was sitting down with my Stars and Spools quilt, finishing up the 3rd section of binding. I saw the play of light on the quilting stitches and grabbed the camera…oftentimes the back of the quilt tells a story as much as the front :)

Every little thing and moment is precious, isn’t it.

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