A nice weekend & then a car crash

If you have followed this blog for awhile, you’ll recall that my youngest son had a hard time since his dad died last April. He’s been in and out of here ( living-wise ) and I had a lot of rearranging to do when he’d moved in as the spare room was my catch-all room, including sewing supplies.

Within the last two months he found an apartment and moved out and was doing well.

In between some of this :

On Christmas Eve, at a local Walmart-oriented shopping mall…an SUV had stopped suddenly ahead of him and his little car plowed in to it and it was totaled. ( SUV? No Damage )

After that he and his friends shopped around and found a great bargain….a 2002 Acura. ANOTHER little car, though.

This baby was loaded with ‘after market’ items….new transmission, engine, re-done interior, some fancy tablet thing that had a screen and controlled the heating …and on and on. We got it for a song.

St. Pat’s weekend….my son came over with Koopa to spend the night. He’d go to a local bar or party or whatever and leave Koopa here with me, and then crash on the couch under a couple of quilts when he came home.

Here’s Koopa taken with my cell phone ( still an iPhone 3 lol :)

And here’s Koopa after some DRUNK DRIVER ( 2x over the limit according to the police report ) plowed in to my son’s car on the highway.

Koopa and my son are ok but this was in the afternoon! When my son went to the local bar last night he was back here by 11:00…he said that people there were so drunk and loud he had to leave because they’d been “day drinking’ for St. Pat’s since the morning !

If this guy was 2x over the limit when he plowed into my son’s car in the afternoon, the next day, it is the same sort of situation.

At this point we don’t know if his insurance has full coverage or what yet ( the State police have all the info ) but my son will most likely never get the full worth of this car.  In the end though, thank God that he and Koopa are ok.

It’s just surreal. A nice family relaxing weekend and then a car crash….one of those “you just never know”situations but I thank God that this was not worse.  Hold your loved ones tightly! And don’t drink and drive!

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  1. Karen says:

    Deb I am so sorry to hear this happen to your son, he has gone through enough this past year without this – I do hope the man’s insurance will cover everything and give him enough money to get another car – so glad also that no one was hurt – I can see the dog in the back of the car – he mus have been upset too

  2. Pat in WNY says:

    What a terrible thing to have happen, and a blessing that neither your son or his dog were injured. Your son should be able to take the driver to court to recoup damages that might not be covered by insurance, though it seems like most states require a fairly high liability coverage.

  3. Robin says:

    I am shakin’ in my boots just reading that both cars were totaled and your son was actually in the car in the picture. I’m not a drinker myself, so it’s hard for me to imagine choosing to make myself impared and the possible cause of someone else’s pain. I sure hope the insurance company comes through and your son can get some peace.

  4. Nancy says:

    I am so glad that your son was not injured. My prayers are with him. Just continue to reassure him and let him talk about it. He will recover much faster if he accepts what happened and moves on. Years ago, I was hit by a stolen car on my driver’s side. The man got out of the car and came over to me. I told him that I could not feel my legs. He got back in his stolen car and took off. Luckily, a neighbor saw the entire accident. The police had to use the jaws of life to get me out through the back windshield. The EMS driver was my guardian angel that day and kept telling me that I would be ok even though I couldn’t feel my legs. (I could only think of my father who had been killed in a trucking accident when I was a child). That EMS stayed with me for hours and later came back to the hospital to check on me. He broke down and told me that his wife had been killed by a drunk driver earlier that year. I listened to him for hours and hardly spoke until he was finished. He told me about his children, his nightmares, his grief and his fears. God put us together for a reason. I consoled this EMS driver and in doing so, I realized that I could have been worse off or dead. I somehow also finally accepted my father’s death that night. That EMS driver changed my life forever. With time and rehab, I recovered. God works in strange ways. Listen to your son with an open heart and get him to talk to you. His grief over his father’s death may still be on his mind. God bless you both. Sorry, that I shared so much but I have two sons also. Your first sentence tore at my heart and reminded me of my own grief.

  5. Oh, Deb, so sorry this happened, and I am so glad that your son is OK. It just isn’t worth it to go to a bar on a drinking day like St Pats, we usually stay home. This year we went to dinner with friends early, and got home before dark. I don’t go out on New Year’s Eve either, for the same reason. I hope your son gets a nice car to replace this one, and that the drunk driver gets some jail time.

  6. Eileen says:

    Hello, I am so glad you son and Koopa were ok, the damaged car looks bad. It is a shame so many people are drinking and driving. I hope the insurance covers your son’s car. I think the bars should arrange designated drivers on these Party occasions like St Patrick’s Day.

  7. Margie Miller says:

    What a tragedy! I hope he gets enough money for another car.

  8. Kyle says:

    I’m so sorry that that happened to your son, but I’m glad he’s okay. It shakes you up when you think about what could have happened. Hope the other driver gets what’s coming to him and the insurance comes through to cover the cost if a new car .

  9. Pat Taylor says:

    In the state where I live, we have a huge problem of drunk driving and so many loopholes in the laws make the incidents even worse. Hopefully where you are, this irresponsible driver will receive his just dues and pay the price. And your own dear son can receive adequate compensation. As parents the last thing we want to see is our children suffer in any way. Sending caring thoughts across the miles for you and your family.

  10. Joyce says:

    Debra, how awful. I join everybody else in being grateful that there were no injuries in this mess. To my way of thinking, you have been a guardian angel to so many in your life, and God sent one on your behalf to protect your own loved ones. Praise Him!
    I cringe when I hear about “green beer” and all the partying in the name of a man who was a legitimate SAINT – someone who lived in God’s graces as an example to the rest of us. Not to be an old sour puss or anything, but that always bugs me! And this is an example of one of the reasons why!
    Please let us know how this turns out – the other driver will go to jail, but I want that car replaced, too!

  11. FlowerLady says:

    Dear Deb ~ So glad you son and Koopa are ok, but sorry about his little car.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  12. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    So glad everyone is OK and that Koopa didn’t get spooked and jump out of the vehicle and run on the highway. We seem to hear of that happening so often these days. I am kind of amazed that the drunk driver even HAS insurance. That, too, happens way too often. Of course they are supposed to have it, but so many people on the roads are uninsured. May the healing begin for all of you.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Chris unfortunately we know nothing about the driver’s insurance. The police took the info and I assumed we’d know about it via my insurance but State Police won’t release a report for two weeks so we are just dealing with Nationwide (Mine ) right now. After the adrenaline wore off son ‘feels like I got hit by a truck ” and is going to doctor….I think his arm / shoulder / neck are messed up from when he reached over to brace and protect Koopa who was in the front seat

  13. So sorry to read this post but so glad they both walked away from it. Drinking and driving is a huge problem and the sad truth is until they hit someone or something they don’t get stopped. Now dealing with the red tape and inconvenience will be a pain too. At our age, we choose not to go out on holidays that include a lot of drinking. I always view it as amateur night because people drink just to drink. Unless we get cars to the point that they don’t start unless you are sober, I really don’t know how we avoid these fools. Again, prayers your son is feeling better and very grateful it ended as well as it did. Best to your family.

  14. barb says:

    thank goodness he’s okay. Do you have Lyft or Uber service in your area? It is the best way for partiers to get around safely :(

  15. I can’t imagine how frightened both your son and poor Koopa must have been, oh Deb, and you as well!!!!

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