Naan Bread, Cabbage Indian Style, Yard Work, Kids & Reading

I made Naan Bread recently, using the recipe that I found HERE.   ( there is a printout version there as well. )

Note : I did not knead in any garlic, nor did I grill it, but just used my skillet, and I only used 4 cups of flour versus the 4 1/2 ( you can always add more if needed. )  

It was a very easy dough to work with and rather than having to knead for 6 minutes it was more like half of that time. I used bread flour.

This was my first time…a few were too thick, the dogs enjoyed two burnt ones, and the rest were wonderful. I kept a few here and took the remainder down the street where my son said that they were perfect and to make more soon.

I haven’t posted about using Indian spices in cooking since I wrote ages ago about using them in the summer and making Tandoori Chicken.  I’ve used them off and on since then when I roast vegetables in the oven.

Recently I was in the mood for Cabbage & Noodles or Cabbage & Potatoes ( a skillet dinner that I typically just use cabbage, onions and olive oil to prepare ) and I thought why not try that with some Indian spices as well? I used mustard seed, cumin, chili power, tumeric and garam masala in addition to the cabbage, onions and garlic. I added boiled potatoes and a few cut up cherry tomatoes and it was a great success, and nice to have something different. Having used an entire head of cabbage, about 2/3 of this went down to the kids along with the Naan bread.

Half of mine was gone before I remembered to take a quick photo :

For days on end now, the weather has been more like April or May than February. I headed out to the yard. The privet bush got a drastic trimming ( a vine with poisonous berries landed there a year or two ago). I started on the snowball bush as well. ( a wild grapevine landed there ). Thank you, birds, for dropping all of this crap on my bushes! :)

This is all done manually with a hand held trimmer. I stopped when it felt as if my hands were going to cramp up if I did not. What is here in the yard will go into two garbage cans for pickup week after week for several weeks and then I’ll tackle the snowball bush again.

Meanwhile I have started reading this book…amazing! :)  Equally amazing is that I took the photo out on the porch, where I was reading it, during a 66 degree day, in February.

Last but not least, I showed a photo of the girls ( wrestling ) in a prior post.  The family photo of all four of the youngest grands was made available online recently. The photographer does such lovely work!

Today, Friday, is to be our warmest yet….in the 70’s. I can’t recall a February like this! Over the weekend we will have a cooldown and be a bit more ‘normal’ here in southwestern PA.

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12 Responses to Naan Bread, Cabbage Indian Style, Yard Work, Kids & Reading

  1. Karen says:

    a lot of young wrestlers there – cute photo. I have not made that bread might have to give it a try. I have more branches and things to pick up out of the yard too

  2. Sweet Marie says:

    the family photo is wonderful! pictures are so important of the kiddos. :)
    I’ve never heard of this bread, but I love bread. :)
    I raked up ten piles of pine straw yesterday, the pups tried to help me. :)

  3. Joyce says:

    LOVE the picture of the kids! So hard to get one where everybody looks cute – but this person did the job!
    Same crazy weather here. This morning there was thunder and lightning and pouring rain – it’s 60+
    I have probably only tried one Indian dish in my life. Bought the “Gram Marsala” (not cheap!), used 1/4 tsp. and it is still sitting here. The recipe was great, tho!

  4. Melanie says:

    Your naan bread and cabbage dish look so delicious! Now I am craving Indian food! I love naan bread, but have never tried making my own. I do cook Indian food once in awhile. I have a fantastic cookbook – Indian Cooking Unfolded. I got it on at a good price.

    Cute photo of your grandkids!

  5. Val Reynolds says:

    See…those grands are full of gusto! LOVE THEM! OMG..your temps are crazy. well do enjoy. :)

  6. All I can say is that no unwanted guests should arrive at your son’s house because it looks like every member of the household can take care of themselves. Great photo. :-)

  7. su says:

    Cute photo of the grand kids. They are really grown up now. Your naan bread looks like it came from an Indian restaurant!

  8. Debby Ray says:

    I am in the middle (as I post this) of watching my grandson Parker wrestle in the TN State Ind. Tournament…online via live video. It was just like being there! Darling pic of your grands too! And the cabbage dish looks to die for. Our winter is returning for a couple of days…33 degrees tonight! :O

  9. Kaja says:

    Your food looks good! I love Indian flavours and will happily add them into almost anything I am cooking. I don’t think we have much wrestling for kids over here, but your girls look like they are ready for anything.

  10. Kim says:

    That bread looks amazing, Deb. My mouth is watering. Catching up around blogland…hoping you are well!

  11. Deb says:

    The naan bread looks yummy! I might have to try that sometime soon. Thanks for the recipe.

  12. Susan says:

    Your wrestlers are so cute! You always make such interesting foods. I barely cook lately, as I don’t seem to care enough to do all the prep work. I eat healthy foods, I just don’t cook a lot. LOL

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