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Years ago my sister gave a huge king-sized heavy comforter / spread to my son. He and my DIL love it, even in the warmer months because with whole house A/C plus a separate unit for their room, they want to be very cold when they sleep. Well, between their dog Merle and my other sons’ dog Koopa having an overnight and playing there awhile back there was a huge tear in the comforter on one section and then on the side another tear where the piping was.

This spread was due for a dry cleaning and couldn’t go in that condition so I recently spent a morning appliqueing a huge patch over one tear and repairing the other as best I could. I used quilting thread so that it would hold up and I had one of their cats helping me.

Zoe isn’ t really THEIR cat but they are keeping her while a friend goes off with the Navy:  ( not the greatest picture…hastily taken with my old iPhone )

Zoe is QUITE the character. She will actually leap from a kitchen counter or table on to your shoulder to perch there. It really took me by surprise when she first did that to me! :)

After wrestling with that heavy blanket trying to applique and mend, I lost all taste for sewing for a few days!

I pulled out a book that I’d purchased used online a few years back for some light reading. I’ll re-read things off and on and this is a folksy sort of memoir with recipes in it.  It is called “Up a Country Lane” by Evelyn Birkby. It is about farm life in rural Iowa in the 1940’s and 50’s.  If you can find it online or at a library I’d highly recommend it.

I thought to show you the stove that she started out with when she and her husband started farming and the later one that she was using when canning their summer produce :

If you walk down a block onto the main street of our little borough and walk behind the businesses there, you will come to the railroad tracks and that is a nice walk.  My DIL took this picture of her and the grands doing just that the other day. She called it “making memories” as it was on Mother’s Day.   ( It was later on that afternoon that we assisted Javis in regards to the huge sundae that I posted about HERE. )

Sometimes they’ll walk the track all the way down to a local park.

Brent’s district had no school the other day, and after visiting my mom we went to that park but I drove ! :)

We’ve had a lot of rain and I made sure that he only waded in the very shallow end of the creek…on the other side it is very deep at times and especially now.

As to the outdoors if I want to keep up with the thick spring grass and all of the rain that we have been getting I have to mow every three to four days or I’ll not get the mower through it. Aside from that, in the collage below:

  • These invasive buttercups have to be dug up from the front of my house every year so that I can plant seeds, etc.
  • The lilac bush off of the back porch is starting to give off a heady, heavenly scent.
  • A white Spirea bush in the middle of the yard is in bloom…it’s a dual planting there. Spirea for spring and tall grasses for fall. And unfortunately a thorny bush that the birds planted that I have to keep cutting out of there.

As to other sewing other than mending, I’d made a baby quilt top for a friend awhile back. I’d gotten about 2/3 of the way through in regards to tying it, and then put it aside ….I had plenty of time. Well, the baby is due in early July so I have it back out to finish tying the last border and then start on the binding.

Things are drying out a bit….two days with only a light shower so I was able to turn over the dirt and prepare beds for flower seeds and tomatoes etc and get it all planted along with a fresh mowing of grass. I had compost going in the turtle sandbox when the children outgrew that and it was a pleasure to shovel the DIRT THAT I MADE into a big flower pot. I have started a new round of compost with leaves, mulched and fresh grass, a bit of dirt, and now I’ll save food scraps in the kitchen for the next round.

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9 Responses to Mending, Reading, Grands & Outdoors

  1. Karen says:

    until you mentioned it I had totally forgotten that I have not seen buttercups around here – I guess because when we travel we do see buttercups I never gave it a thought that I do not see them on my land and now I’m wondering if I have seen them in Arkansas – surely we have them – I must start to investigate that — as always I am so glad you get to see your grandchildren pretty much whenever you want – I will get to see mine soon – for only one week – but I get to see them :)

  2. Eileen says:

    Hello, cute photos of the grandchildren.The flowers are all beautiful too. I am hoping our rain stops and we see the sun shining this weekend.

  3. Margie Miller says:

    Nice photos!

  4. That book sounds like something I would love!!! I found a used copy on Amazon and it’s on the way to me, can’t wait to spend some time with it on a weekend morning!

  5. Kyle says:

    That is a fantastic photo of the grands. You should get it framed. Mending…uggg. I do it whenever I’m forced too. Mending a large comforter should get you a big gold star or another trip to the ice cream parlor.

  6. Mending is most times more challenging than sewing from scratch. They are lucky to have you as a resource. :-) Beautiful spring blooms. :-)

  7. What a fun post! What is ‘mending?’ LOL I love spirea. When I was a kid, I used to place my thumb and forefinger at the base of a stem and quickly slide them all the way to the tip, stripping all the petals off, pretending the end result was a bridal bouquet. Yeah, my mom wasn’t impressed either. Cute kitty!

  8. Su says:

    Beautiful grands.

  9. Joyce says:

    Just adorable picture of the kiddoes in a group!
    I hate mending, especially on an unwieldy item like a comforter!
    Lots of rain here and temps in the 50s – we’ve really been cheated of a nice spring.

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