Losing my sewing storage area again…

If you are a regular reader, you know that I live in a small two story bungalow, with a tiny galley kitchen, a decent sized dining room, and a long living room with no entrance or foyer.


Most of my machine sewing, applique and quilting is done at the dining room table ( though I often do hand quilting out on the front porch in nice weather. )

Dining Room Hutch Side View

machine photo sewing border

Upstairs are two bedrooms. My sons have moved in and out of the smaller bedroom over the years.

Their dad died in April, and the youngest moved in with me for two months then out to a friends in the country.  He started coming home on weekends after awhile. I’d babysit the dog while he went to a party or concert, etc.

Then he stayed until later and later on Sundays. This latest visit extended to five days and he asked to come back for good ( or for awhile. ) He’s had depression / anxiety issues since his dad died, but when he’s here, while he might miss his dad, he’s got no anxiety for the most part.

When he was here temporarily we crammed twin sized mattresses and some of his stuff in ( more was left at his dad’s ) and I left all of my fabric and sewing things and books in the room, and quilt tops in progress hanging in the closet.

Prior to all of this, for many years it had been a fabric / books / TOY room.

I had purchased a train table when Brent was around 2 yrs. old, with Thomas the Train items, and the children used the table for other activities….at Christmas, we decorated it.

Kate and the Train Table

So this little extra bedroom has seen a lot of action and various uses but now….

I’ve been trying to move all of my quilting stuff and books elsewhere. To give him total space in that room. Out with the twin sized and on to a full sized normal bed, etc.

It’s not been easy.


I have two long narrow closets on each side of my bedroom with severely sloping ceilings  ( there is no attic ) and I am in process of going through what I’ve stored in there over the years and getting rid of much of it to make room for my quilty-things.

As it IS, it was always a ‘working’ bedroom as you can see :)

This is a frustrating process for me :)  For the most part he’s always been somewhere with a roommate. He was only at his dads for a month or so between renting / roommates and the death was unexpected.  I don’t think that he’ll be here forever, but I imagine for 9 months to a year.

WELL, I am rediscovering clothes in my closets and fabrics that I’d forgotten about during all of this reorganizing :)  There is always a positive side : ) 

Outdoors, we’ve had hot dry weather for awhile now. I fill the bird bath twice a day…it’s their only break for drinks and washing.  Cooler weather is on the horizon…

I have picked what is probably the last of the tomatoes, aside from some green ones. Cleome is just coming in to bloom, from seeds planted in early summer, gerbera daisies still delight, and the rose bush has put out blooms off and on all summer long.

The autumn sedum, which starts out blooming a light purplish shade, is continuing on its’ journey to a deeper hue…

And here we have water, A/C if we need it ( we had hot temps recently ) electric, food, and life as usual. All that I’ve had to deal with is moving things around and reorganizing. Puerto Rico thoughts and prayers go out to you…constantly.

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27 Responses to Losing my sewing storage area again…

  1. Robin says:

    I really feel for you. I had to clean out my extra bedroom closet that contained all my tops, extra quilts, boxes of fabric, and quilting frames. My son and his wife moved in in June and will be here till the end of November. I feel so cramped in the rest of my sewing spaces. Like you, I need to put things in perspective and be grateful for clean water and electricity.

  2. It is hard to rearrange an entire room when your total space is small. I hope he is able to get back on his feet soon. Yes, we have to be grateful every day that we are not in the disaster zone.

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, I really like your dining room. The quilt is beautiful. After seeing all the recent disasters, we are blessed with what we all have. You son is blessed with a great mom too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Karen says:

    like you I am in a two bedroom house with not a lot of storage room – we have a workshop with a loft in it and I was just sticking more stuff out there recently and told my hubby that a fall/winter project must be to clean out the workshop – we keep moving more crap out there that we really don’t need to save and it is getting to the point of barely being able to get into the workshop to stuff more stuff in it -why he (we) call it i workshop is beyond me no work gets done in it. If I had to move someone into my house it would be all the sewing stuff back in the living room again and no quilting frame to use. I hope your son feels better soon – I have one daughter that goes through depression and anxiety at times and it is rough –

  5. Kim says:

    Sometimes there’s just no place like home…and being with your mom, no matter how old you are.

  6. Your change sounds like that of several of my friends who’ve had young adult move back home. One friend claims the top of her dryer as her sewing space. I know I am very lucky with my 10 x 10 room.
    Joining you in prayers for Puerto Rico. I was born in Caguas.

  7. Grandma Kc says:

    You are a wonderful mom to go to such effort to give him a place to settle. Anxiety is the worst and I hope it fades fast.

  8. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    We are always moms. Always. And we want our “kids” to know that home is always their safe place. We had 90’s this week & last week, too, but only in the upper 60’s and low 70’s now. Just wonderful, as I love this time of year. Some days are diamonds……

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Chris I love that ” some days are diamonds” statement. YES! :) Going from 90 degrees to a high of 72 is a diamond in my book :)

  9. Joyce says:

    Despite the concessions surrounding her, I see one “person” who is not in the mood to concede her space – ever! Kanga has claimed the center of that bed and she’s going nowhere, ever! :)
    But seriously, your family story is one of unconditional love and support. Even though we’re miles apart, I can sense the warmth that all of you bask in through the words and pictures in these posts. You may live in a “frugal little bungalow” in terms of stretching dollars and cents, but when measured in loving acceptance and family sacrifice, you occupy a splendid palace, shining brightly in a world of selfishness and discord. I think many multi-millionaires would envy you.

  10. audrey says:

    And it’s just what you do, of course.:) Can’t ever get away from being a mom! Hope your bedroom can convert into a cozy little quilting space for you.

  11. Joanna says:

    You’re an amazing mom. It’s pretty unselfish of you to let your adult son share your home. In the overall scheme of things, it will be a short period of time. Good luck!

  12. I love your house! Did you make the quilt on the bed?

  13. Margie Miller says:

    I hope his stay with you is only a short time. I know our grown children occasionally need us for awhile as they get back on their feet. But you are at an age where you need your small home for yourself.

  14. Kyle says:

    Being a mom is a position that never ceases. Doing your rearranging is something you’ve probably always done. I’m sure your son appreciates your kindness. Hopefully, he’ll be back on his feet soon.

  15. Susan says:

    Oh, I empathize with your situation. My son came home for a year to save money for going back to school, and he’s still here because PTSD reared it’s ugly head, including anxiety. He’s on disability now. It’s been almost 3 years, and I believe it’s going to be a lifetime. He lives in the room I thought, when I bought this house, would be my beautiful enormous quilt studio. But what are you going to do? I hope you get your house back eventually. =)

    Your sedum must be a different type than mine because the leaves look different, though the flower heads look the same. Mine blooms in August and is a light to medium pink each year. This year, it was trying to bloom in July, even! I’d love to have some that brilliant color you have. I will have to look at the garden shops next spring.

  16. Bernie says:

    You are a wonderful mom and I suspect that having your ur support as he grieves the loss of his dad will be so helpful. I hope his pain eases soon.
    Beautiful photos Deb.

  17. It is kind of you to make all this effort for your son to feel welcome. I hope he finds his way soon and that you’ll enjoy his company.

  18. Here’s hoping you and your son have a nice year ahead of you. I don’t envy you trying to find room for those things you want to retain. I do have an attic but drive to Goodwill more times than I haul it to the attic. But, that is because I’ve been here and done this before. Good luck sorting. :-) Sedum does put on a show this time of year. Mine is looking good too.

  19. Dawn says:

    Sweet, when a mom can provide a child a soft spot to land a small needed. Fun to discover things in the closet.

  20. To everything there is a season. It is now time for your son to be with his mom, but that won’t last forever.


  21. barb says:

    Adjustments to our living space always takes a bit of time. I hope he’s feeling better soon, sounds like he needs quiet and safety to grieve and recover.
    Beautiful flower garden quilt and kitty!

  22. I LOVE that grandmother’s garden quilt. Just beautiful! And I’ve always wanted to sleep in a bedroom with slanted ceilings. Something so romantic about it. Your son is blessed to have a home to stay in and to recover in, with the love of his mom. Hope he feels better.

  23. The juggling when kids come home – but isn’t it nice that they have a place to come to? Our three moved in and out several times until finally – they all have their own homes. I think the last one was about 15 years ago – or maybe a little longer. It seemed like a long time when it was happening – but now it seems to have melted into the past and I can’t really recall just how long each stay was.

    Your room is beautiful – as is your entire home – and such a nice retreat at this time in your son’s life. He’s lucky to have you for a mom.

  24. Melanie says:

    I feel so bad for your son…of course he’s had depression and anxiety since his dad died. Thank goodness he has a loving mom who is willing to clean out an extra room so that he may have a place to stay until he’s able to go off on his own again. Bless your heart…I know it’s very hard to have an adult child move back home. Love that quilt on your bed.

  25. debbie says:

    Want to add more support and understanding. I also have a young adult son with multiple issues and we lost his dad four years ago.

    And maybe an idea or two here? I love that window in your room. could you flip your bed 180 degrees to leave the area at the window open for your ironing board? I have also been known to put my sewing machine on my ironing board to work and liked it very much that way. Also, can you put your bed up on risers to gain some storage underneath it?

    If you have a car, do you carry much of anything in the trunk? I’ve been known to store a bin or two there as “off-site” storage when needed.

  26. Hugs to your son and all those who love and support him. It’s a tough journey sometimes.

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