Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is Pink

The RSC ( Rainbow Scrap Challenge ) color for October is pink. I didn’t even get around to prepping applique for some pink baskets until mid-month.

I did want to show you some pink flowers, first….I am in Southwestern Pa. In the old days, before Climate Change, the height of fall beauty and foliage here was typically the second week of October.

Little foliage change here as of mid-October and I was still harvesting tomatoes the other day, with many flowers in bloom including these pink ones :

I had purchased a mixed seed variety so I am not sure what the flower ( above ) is. I do know that the bee below is visiting a Cleome..

Cosmos in the afternoon light:

We went down to 33 degrees on Monday night, but everything survived, even the low-growing flowers such as Sweet William and Nasturtium… now it is going to warm up a bit again! :)

Here are my hand appliqued  Little Baskets for the month :

A hero , a  Green Beret named Army Sgt. La David Johnson killed in Niger, was returned yesterday to American soil.

This is the consequence of the war machine.  There’s always money for war and weapons, isn’t there.

Myesha Johnson as her husband is returned from Niger :

There is a nice story about him that I read on Thursday morning ” The American Greatness of Sgt. La David Johnson ” 

You might also enjoy : God Bless our Veterans  

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13 Responses to Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is Pink

  1. Judy Miller says:

    That 1st photo of the bright pink flower is gorgeous. I wonder what it is?
    This weather has been extraordinary. I love having the windows and door open, with sun streaming in–in mid-October no less.

  2. Karen says:

    love your flowers and still getting tomatoes up there is good! those little baskets are so pretty too – I’m appliqueing my border on my 2nd side now and will be glad to get this one finished and in the too be quilted basket too – I have too many to finish up and too many to be quilted!!
    you know I feel as you do on politics right now – :(

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, pretty pink blooms. I love the cute little baskets. We are still are seeing some blooms here, the weather has been great. My prayers go out to the Johnson family and all families of our deceased soldiers. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. Margie Miller says:

    I saw our president said to her “He knew what he signed up for didn’t he? How insensitive!

  5. Joyce says:

    The photo of Mrs Johnson is heartbreaking. I think it will become part of history, the way so many others have – always reminding of the horror of war, but never able to end it. I am so incensed at how the draft dodger-in-chief treats servicemen so flippantly. John McCain, in particular.
    Pink seems an odd choice for October’s color! Maybe it’s because I’m still plugging away at my pink roses with no end in sight!
    That first picture, Debra, OMG – it is breathtaking! Your skills behind the lens are amazing!

  6. That pink flower is exquisite! I saw Mrs. Johnson and the casket on TV and it broke my heart. Her pain is palpable.

  7. Karen Beigh says:

    Your flowers are beautiful.

  8. Sweet little PINK baskets for the RSC!!

  9. Lovely flowers! You are so right about our sham of a president, and the previous commenter was correct that the heartbreaking photo of Mrs. Johnson will go down in history. Our weather in the Salt Lake Valley has changed over the last couple decades, too. I am still picking roses and hydrangeas. We still have spinach (spinach!) and carrots in our garden. October is warm and colorful with rarely any snow until November. April used to come in brown and go out green; now March does that. People comment, but don’t connect the dots.
    And btw, your basket blocks are adorable!

  10. Beautiful flowers. There are no flowers here. :-) Lovely article about a hero who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his nation and all of us who live here. I have no words that would help his grieving family, but I do send my prayers.

  11. Your little pink baskets are adorable… this will be an amazing quilt!

  12. Robin says:

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the bereft wife of the fallen soldier. It makes it more real than to just hear that someone has given their life in a foreign land. I am so grateful for men & women who are willing to serve. I have a son in the army and while he’s safe in Kentucky right now, he’s spent time overseas on numerous deployments. I wish I could make the hurting stop.

  13. Grandma Kc says:

    Your little baskets are cute but I rally love all your pretty flowers.

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