If the Buddha quilted …

I was reading in the Dhammapada the other day  ( very much like Proverbs in the Bible ) and this refrain struck me :

“Those who would irrigate the land

Bring the water wherever they choose.

Arrowsmiths fashion arrows.

Carpenters shape wood.

The virtuous mold themselves. ”

Don’t you think that if the Buddha had quilted that he would have added that quilters add texture or some such thing :)

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18 Responses to If the Buddha quilted …

  1. Karen says:

    it’s look good! I used that oval chain on one of my quilts always like the way it looks

  2. barb says:

    Definitely – quilting brings a quilt to life.
    Your stitching looks excellent

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, I like the proverbs. Your quilt looks beautiful, you do lovely work. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Hello Deb, hope your leg is well on the mend? I am surrounded by Buddhas here in Thailand and I like that I am sure he would have agreed with you about quilters!
    Trying to be Zen Wren x

  5. Juliana says:

    Love your Buddha idea.

  6. Lea says:

    Oooohh! What a gorgeous quilt this is going to be. The fabrics are fabulous and your quilting is beautiful.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Thank you Lea ! :) I am so glad to be progressing on this…towards the end now if I just keep at it

  7. BillieBee says:

    Of course he would….:)

  8. Wow! That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I just love scrap quilts.

  9. Robin says:

    Quilters comfort the eye and the bed.

  10. For a Tuesday, that’s pretty deep Debra. :-) As always, your stitching is beautiful.

  11. Joyce says:

    I have that chain template too and have used it several times.
    Love the quote, too. Quilters add color and comfort – who says “no” to those two things?

  12. Kyle says:


  13. Bernie says:

    Absolutely he would have! That chain is just so pretty. Great hand stitching Deb. :-)

  14. Jayne says:

    SOOO admire your stitching!

  15. Susan Nixon says:

    I do think he would! You’re definitely doing that.

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