ICE & a little applique…

Ice can be exquisite if you don’t have to drive in it. I walked on it ( quite carefully ) to get a few photos.


After the bitter cold temperatures that we’d been having I looked forward to the Saturday forecast of 51 degrees and rain.They neglected to mention that the rain was coming in a different form, and that the 51 degrees was not going to happen until evening! I imagine that they didn’t know that until the last minute, which is usual with weather predictions here.


The freezing rain was still gently falling as I walked about…



I am not sure that as humans, that we were really meant to be driving around in cars in an ice storm. I think that we were meant to be home when it happened, when it seems magical…


But truthfully, knowing that it was going to warm up within 8 hours and all melt away, helped it to seem magical.  Ice storms can be deadly and wreak much havoc upon nature as well as man.

I remember one when the kids were little that pretty much paralyzed our area for days on end. It came after heavy snows and it was around the Christmas holidays …I think that they were out of school for what seemed like ages at the time : )


As to sewing around here…

I went shopping online prior to Christmas looking for sales. I was not looking for fabric to fall in love with…I needed wide backing, some white fabric, some greens for applique, sewing machine needles; that sort of thing.

I looked on Craftsy and a few other places but Hancocks of Paducah had some amazing sales.  There were year end sales on designer fabrics for 2.99 and 3.99 per yard. * Some restrictions more, no less, than one yard. 

I placed an order and then 4 or 5 days later inquired if it had shipped yet? They said that they were sorry but the sales response was so strong that they were running behind and would ship on such and such a day ( about a week later than the day that I placed the order ) . In the end, they lagged behind THAT ship date but let me know that they were sorry and were shipping for free.  I mention this because I wasn’t in a hurry for anything and at those prices I could understand the delay if they had such a response.

Here are some greens that I purchased :


A photo on Saturday afternoon of progress on the Flower Basket Medallion border…not a lot this week but here a little, there a little. The day was so dreary…indoors it was not feasible to get any decent lighting…


At that point I was in the middle of appliqueing a leaf, had two more to do, and then I need to prep some more.  For Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts I’ll be prepping first :)

Here’s wishing all of us, including our feathered friends, a safe and wonderful holiday week.

Wren at Suet 2

Baking Cookies

And remember, in the end? Christmas for us women always ENDS UP HERE! :)  Photo from a few Christmases ago to remind me of the Magic Versus Reality of Christmas! The magic was when you were a kid. As an adult, now you create the magic for the kids and then do the dishes :)

one more round of dishes

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26 Responses to ICE & a little applique…

  1. Karen Beigh says:

    The picture with the ice on the red berries is really pretty.

  2. Karen says:

    I like the sales that Hancock’s of Paducah has but I have never been satisfied with their shipping – always wait is seems sometimes 2 or 3 later you finally get it! But what I get I am almost always pleased with. We might get a dusting of snow tonight, started the day at 62 and now it is 38 and will drop to about 19 tonight – start the day in long sleeve t-shirt running around to the fitness center and store and now in wool socks and sweater! your ice photos are beautiful – be careful on it

  3. Bev says:

    Ice, not my favorite but your pictures are great! We are starting to get piles of snow, here in western Michigan. Merry Christmas!

  4. Amie says:

    Making cookies on the table and what you said about making Christmas magical for the younguns so we can go do dishes made me laugh out loud LOL!! We could be sisters! :0D

  5. Lovely photos! I have an NC source for wide backings that has great prices, high quality fabrics and regular sales, try Back Side Fabrics. No affiliation, just a very satisfied customer.

  6. Deb Aylward says:

    Makes me want a magic wand from Harry Potter to handle all the clean up! Beautiful pictures of the ice – so lovely to look at. You have made great progress on your border. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  7. Gail says:

    We had some freezing rain here yesterday too. It looks so pretty but is very dangerous on the roads and sidewalks. Stay safe and have fun stitching today.

  8. Robin says:

    Your border basket is looking great. The group of greens you bought are going to make some great leaves. I’ve never been in an ice storm but your pictures are beautiful. Ice storms sound so dangerous. I think of the people out on the roads everytime I am sitting in my warm little house watching the big snowflakes float down and say a little prayer for their safety. Just one more week till Christmas. . .

  9. Sandra says:

    We had agreed to babysit grandchildren on Saturday night…about 30 minutes away. I really should have backed out when hearing the weather report. We drove home with the freezing rain in the middle of the night and it was not fun. I agree with you, it’s nicer to be home taking photos of it, rather than drive in it!

  10. Deborah says:

    Your ice photos are just stunning, I love bare branches encapsulated in ice great to view hard on the branches. The applique piece is so pretty. Have a safe holiday week.

  11. Your ice photos are beautiful! I’m happy to look at them, but not experience it. We’re in the deep freeze here in Colorado, but should start warming up today. Happy stitching today!

  12. We moved a half a foot of snow yesterday. Today, we have fog, rain, and nasty melting. I went out and tried to shovel the snow and ice on the ground and got quite a bit except for one spot that I’ll have to go after later. I came in soaked to the bone so I’m not anxious to get back out there. So, I’ll sew a fabric box I need for a present this week and then go back out.

  13. Oh those photos make me feel cold. HofP always have some great sales.

  14. Pam Marbourg says:

    I love your wren photo. I captured a wren in a photo but it was not nearly as great as yours. All your icy photos are awesome. And I love Flower Basket Medallion border applique. All in all-am excellent post-have a cookie for me and very happy christmas to you and your family.

  15. FlowerLady says:

    Your photos are wonderful!!

    Have a lovely Christmas week and day ~ FlowerLady

  16. Joyce says:

    I’m just glad you were safe inside (well, except for your own photo adventure!) during the worst of the ice. Beautiful pictures! Especially the second one.
    You got a great deal on those lovely fabrics – it’s so rare that a company offers to make things right without being asked!
    It’s time for Christmas cookie baking over here again. You’ll be having one of your own parties with the grandkids, too, right?

  17. Stephie says:

    Your photo of the wren is absolutely stunning Deb, just look at all the detail, and his tiny little foot.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw an icicle, but I have an inkling it was probably on the window pane of a boat I lived on a lifetime ago! I don’t even know what an ice storm is? We get plenty of freezing hail though. Your pictures make me think of the Snow Queen or Narnia – definitely magical. It must be bitterly cold for you though.

    Your stitching is coming on well, despite the dull light and congratulations on the fabric. Good find! Have a good week Deb and remind the kids that it’s their turn to wash up this year! x

  18. CathieJ says:

    The icy pictures are so pretty, but that belies the danger. I am blessed with a husband who always cleans up everything after a holiday. I rarely have to get my hands wet after cooking. I love those fabrics and your stitching.

  19. Dawn says:

    Your photography is beautiful!
    Enjoy those fabric purchases, looks inspiring.
    I had to laugh at the dishes, I was thinking along those lines recently…

  20. Judyk says:

    I showed your cookie picture and then your sink picture to my husband. He said that looks just like your sink when you cook. Fortunately for me, he has been helping with the cleanup since I have had so many irons in the fire.

  21. Val Reynolds says:

    Winter sure has swept in hasn’t it. Luckily our roads have been cleared so getting around is safe. Your photos are beautiful and your stitching is too!

  22. Kyle Redente says:

    Your photos are always fabulous and capture the sights around you so beautifully. Ice storms definitely means staying home and staying safe. Glad you were able to be home and do some baking instead.

  23. Oh I wish I could send you some of the warmth, it is going to be a toasty 35 degrees for us at Christmas! It is however much more like Christmas where you are with your fabulous icy photos. Washing up is something we all have in common, whatever the temperature! I will think of you Debra as we do ours!
    Happy Christmas
    Wren x

  24. Beautiful photos, love the Carolina Wren at your feeder.

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