Home Tour over at The Joyful Cottage

Last week I was featured in Nancy’s “Living Large in Small Spaces” series over at The Joyful Cottage. 

Now that she’s on to another lovely home, I wanted  to have the tour on record here, before I forget to do so :)

Rather than re-shoot pictures of my house I have chosen a variety of existing ones. The place is too small to move furniture around, so nothing much changes here aside from changing out curtains or pillow covers or decorations. So you might see a few seasons in this post. :)


My neighborhood in Southwestern Pa. is comprised of many similar homes built in the early 1900’s. Many of them were kit homes, as I imagine that mine was.   According to real estate records, my home was originally built in 1917. A few blocks down from here, there is what is known to be a Sears Kit Home. I do not believe my home to be a Sears home though it is very close to one of their models.

When I moved here there was no landscaping whatsoever. Each year I added more and more as time and money permitted.


My bungalow is a small one :  1110 square feet.  ( First floor 648 / second floor 462 =1100 net living area )   The unfinished basement is 648 square feet. It is quite sufficient for me, and has often been full over the years with family picnics, dinners, holiday celebrations and grandchildren over for the day or evening.

The hardest thing for me to get used to was the galley kitchen.

It measures about 8 x 12.

Chippy Shelf over Microwave

Basic prep and cooking can be accomplished in the small kitchen area. For anything more extensive such as rolling out dough or other activities, the dining room table is used.  There is a small cupboard off to the right when you head down to the basement, and items such as the blender, crockpot, and cleaning tools are stored there. There’s more storage space in the basement, of course, and then for every day things such as cereal, pasta, canned goods, garbage bags, etc. a tall cabinet in the dining room is used. I bought a very cheap one in the beginning and replaced it with this one later on.

short view into kitchen

Pussy Willow

The dining room is the heart of this home.


Food prep, paperwork, crafting, sewing, eating…everything is done in the dining room. In the above photo you can see a dry sink over to the right. Various baskets are stacked there holding sewing supplies.

A view of the other side :

Dining Room Hutch Side View

The house has a boiler and steam heat radiators. No whole house air. So while a serious home decor enthusiast might shudder at the paddle fans in each room and prefer a ‘chandy’ or something else, these fans are a lifesaver in the hot summer when the window air conditioners are straining to cool the house. Because the upstairs does not have an attic, the rooms up there are stifling on hot summer days.

Looking in to the living room from the dining room:

long view into the living room

The living room is long and narrow and hard to photograph. It’s divided into two sections…what you see above is one area with a piano off to the right and a seating area to the left. There is no foyer; you enter directly into the living room.

autumn colors in the house

its over there that etc

in the door

Upstairs is a very small bathroom, a small bedroom that is used as a toy room, with some books and fabrics stored there as well, and my bedroom. Two long narrow closets with deeply sloped ceilings run the length of that bedroom.


There are two porches. One is in the back, accessed from the kitchen, and it’s used for a bit of storage, depending on the season. Underneath that porch is a little door, and the lawnmower and rakes and shovels etc. are stored there.

The front porch is another room in three seasons of the year. Unless it’s unbearably hot, in the spring, summer and fall, I’ll just pass right through the living room and take a book or a quilting project out to the front porch.


The grandchildren drag their blocks and toy cars and dolls out here in the warm months…they don’t want to be inside either.


I will usually plant some vines in early summer such as morning glory or thunbergia or hyacinth bean vine and by late summer and into fall the porch has a nice enclosed feel to it.  And the squirrels are frequent visitors as well.


The back porch :

morning glory growing up the hollyhock before taking all down

Some views of the back and sides of the house later in the summer last year.

side of house with calendula

backyard collage early July

It might be small but every inch of space is utilized here :)


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38 Responses to Home Tour over at The Joyful Cottage

  1. Grandma Kc says:

    You really do have a beautiful home and I don’t know how you keep everything so neat and clean with all those grandchildren, children and animals! But you do have a very good life! So glad she featured you.

  2. Karen says:

    it might be small but it is your home right! I have the ceiling fans in almost every room as well and I love them – I do have central air but from May to October I generally have the fans going constantly.

  3. Jemma says:

    Could your home be anymore lovely, welcoming, beautiful or perfect! Absolutely not-I love it. I love that it welcomes your friends and is the heart of your family and your grandchildren. You have a lovely life and it shows in your decorating and even the happy squirrel!
    Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  4. Margie Miller says:

    Really lovely little house!

  5. christa says:

    Hi Deb, Your home is very sweet and welcoming. I can feel the warmth and love in the way you decorated your house. And your garden is very pretty and inviting. You have created a great home for your family and friends to visit. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home. Christa

  6. Sweet Marie says:

    I love it! You have it decorated so pretty and just seems so cozy and welcoming. :) love the pic with the squirrel. :)

  7. Maggie says:

    Visiting from Mosaic Monday today, your home is lovely & I enjoyed the tour.

  8. Sara D.B. says:

    Thank you for the lovely tour! Your home is indeed very beautiful and welcoming. It makes even a virtual visitor feel happy and comfortable.

  9. Dewena says:

    Deb, I was thinking about you yesterday, your tour at Joyful Cottage sticking in my mind. And of the posts on this blog showing your yard and home. You mentioned at the beginning here that there was almost no landscaping but as time and money permitted you added to it.

    But Deb, what you didn’t say is so obvious and that’s all the labor you’ve put into it, the hard work to make it into what it is now. Not just the garden but inside your home too. And all that on top of the fabric projects you actually finish! And time spent enjoying and teaching grandchildren.

    Not to mention blogging!

    It is a treat to see in one post all these pictures of your lovely, warm, creative home at one glance.

    I hope your week ahead will be a productive and blessed one.


    • debralynnpugh says:

      Dewena thank you ! LOL you just brought back memories of all of the digging in the hard clay soil here years ago :)

  10. Cathy Keller says:

    Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home. It was a delight!!

  11. Carla says:

    I think you make great use of your space and it looks so comfy and cozy. I have heard that money put into landscaping is money well spent and your yard is just gorgeous!

  12. Hi Debra, your lovely home is similar to the old times here in the West. I live in a 1920 Craftsman cottage and mine has similar features. I just love that style, and absolutely agree that you have to use every inch well. My upstairs is my studio and similarly sloped, I love it. My main floor footprint is similar too although a previous owner enlarged the kitchen and refinished the basement to rather larger proportions (one bathroom, three bedrooms and a family room). Your home is warm and inviting and I love your garden space too. :D

  13. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for initing us into your home, Debra. It’s just lovely! And I love that your dining room is the center of your home with all the sun shining in – your sun porch looks wonderful too!

  14. Julierose says:

    You have a beautiful home and gardens. Very functional but homey looking, too. We are in a big house and are trying to live “smaller” in it. I think that soon we will have to find ourselves a smaller place. I haven’t seen any homes like yours in our area –only building here is McMansions–or
    condos! I love the cottage style a lot….hugs, Julierose

  15. Rajesh says:

    Great shots of the bungalow. Interiors are beautiful

  16. Nita says:

    Thanks for the tour! I, too, live in a very small space…750 sq ft in total with my husband , dog & 2 cats. We small space people are very creative when it comes to storage solutions, eh?

  17. bj says:

    What a sweet, charming and delightful house. You have really done a wonderful job on the house AND the yard. Everything is homey and welcoming..

  18. Your sweet home inspires me to keep working with mine.

    My little cottage is 675 sq. ft. My dear husband and I moved into this place in 1973, we made some small changes through the years, built a workshop and two other outbuildings with permits. I also have a little 6’x8′ shed that houses my washing machine, and other items.

    My husband left this planet 29 months ago and I’ve made a couple of small changes with stuff, and have unfinished projects that we were working on that I’m thinking about how to finish. I miss him, but I feel his love all around me here in our little compound.

    Thank you for sharing your delightful home. I enjoyed glimpses inside and out.


  19. Judith @ Lavender Cottage says:

    Deb, your home might be small but it’s cozy looking and decorated very nicely. I’m envious of the porch on the front and was impressed with the use of raised beds along the fence which I think are for veggies?
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  20. I like your house too. It’s really lovely.

  21. Stacey says:

    Your cottage is just perfect!

  22. Nancy says:

    I just love your home, it has such character. So inviting and cozy. Reminds me of my grandparents house in Bessemer Alabama when they were alive.

  23. You’ve worked so hard to make it beautiful! It’s comfy but also very neat and clean. My favorite part…the pretty front porch in the summertime. I would want to spend all of my time out there. Sweet hugs, Diane

  24. I saw your feature and it was nice to see your great home!

  25. Deb I am glad you reposted here…it was fun to tour your beautiful cottage…and 2 porches is certainly a wonderful bonus….really so cozy and lovely inside and out.

  26. su says:

    I love those craftsman style columns in the living area and the porches. It’s a lovely home.

  27. Jane says:

    I absolutely love your home, Deb, every time I see a pic. The kitchen is so bright and fun (it reminds me of Brenda’s at Cozy Little House). Every room is warm and inviting…I know why your grown kids probably think of it as “home”. And don’t get me started on how stinking cute it is on the outside. You’ve done a fantastic job with gardening and keeping everything spruced up. Be proud and enjoy! :)

    Jane x

  28. Sylvia D. says:

    Deb, I enjoyed the tour of your home. It is lovely. Keeping the dining room table clear can be a challenge which I experience. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  29. How lovely everything looks, very inviting. I enjoyed the tour very much~

  30. Christine says:

    Hi Deb, I did hake the tour last week, what a cozy home you have. I loved the tour!!!! And hank you for leaving me some comment luv on my Mothers Day Patio!!!! Happy Mothers Day to you! Christine from Little Brags

  31. Joyce says:

    Your little bungalow is as cute as a button! So well loved and cared for! I never get tired of seeing it in seasonal decor. With all the pictures you have shared, I feel as if I could walk right in and know exactly where to find everything! Love it!

  32. Eileen says:

    Hello Deb, I enjoyed the tour of your lovely home..Each room is pretty and welcoming..We have the ceiling fans in the kitchen and bedrooms. And I love the porches and pretty landscape. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  33. Lara B. says:

    Deb, your wonderful home charms the visitor at every turn. I loved every room and admire your decorating sense. It isn’t easy to create a small home that still feels open and peaceful. Your dining room is the best!

  34. KayC. says:

    Your home is so inviting. Thank you for sharing your home and garden, both are beautiful.

  35. rue says:

    Oh wow, Deb…. your home and garden is absolutely charming! I love all the character, especially the built in hutch in your dining room and they way you’ve decorated it. Your comment about fans and shandys cracked me up! It’s so true ;)

    I’m just catching up with you…


  36. Your home is absolutely charming, Deb! I adore a cozy bungalow like yours – and those porches and gardens – beautiful!!

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