Holly Jolly Vintage Christmas: Post 3

When I was young, my mom received a subscription to Ideals magazine in the mail.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I unearthed an Ideals book at her house that was a compilation of Christmas articles from past magazines and I was excited to find a series of illustrations that I had loved as a child.

Here are a few of them:

Ideals in the kitchen weeks before Christmas Ideals hanging the stocking IDEALS the sleighs before the church

Ideals illustrations collage

While some Christmases brought many a toy from Santa to young children, such as these in the photo that appears to be from the 40’s.. ( following photos are from Reminisce: The Christmases We Used to Know )

parents with toys photo

Other Christmases were slim pickings such as this one during the Depression.  Jim Davis explains that his mother was offered a free shack during the winter by the field owner, who wanted to ensure that she stayed on for the next year’s picking season.  “Our berry shack home was basic, constructed of rough boards with a tar paper roof. There was one window, but it didn’t open.”

“Our Christmas tree would need decorations, so I made paper chains using colored scraps from school and flour-and-water paste. I cut ornaments out of old wrapping paper and formed them into interesting shapes. Cut up tin cans made good ornaments too. I strung popcorn with a needle and thread, then dipped the white strings into some of last year’s Easter egg dye to make festive colors.”

Berry Shack Depression Christmas meal

Perusing the Reminice book I saw this. “Kids in the 20’s and 30’s enjoyed Christmas books like these.”   Well I had this book in the 60’s and was told that it had belonged to my Grand-Aunt Ruth. I wish I had it now….

Hans Brinker book

I wonder if any of our grandparents rode in a sleigh like this at some point?

One horse sleigh

Whether they did or not I know that they most likely baked and cooked for the holidays.

cookie baking


And perhaps they shopped in a market such as this:

Family Market

I actually shopped in a market like this. About 3/4 of a mile below us was an old schoolhouse that had been converted into a little store.  But it resembled the schoolhouse more than anything…it was not modern looking inside at all. On summer days my sister & I and the two neighbor girls would go the back way…on a red dog lane to the top of a hill, then down through a big field, to get to the store. We’d purchase an ice cream treat and savor it as we slowly returned home.

Last but not least, if anyone reading this has a son or daughter in the military that won’t be home for Christmas, I know what that is like, as my middle son was in Iraq for the holidays one year. Not only was there constant worry, but just feeling sad that he could not enjoy the holidays with us. I made so many trips to the post office that year it was amazing. I think that every spare cent went to Iraq and I even sent a tree and decorations over that year.

Soldier Home from the War

It’s always good to have them back home :)

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7 Responses to Holly Jolly Vintage Christmas: Post 3

  1. I remember that magazine…it was one you wanted to keep every issue. I looked back through your other posts on memories and I enjoyed them. Tinsel on the tree….looking at the ‘wish book’ and dreaming of presents Santa might bring. It sure is fun to think back. Sweet hugs and Happy holidays!

  2. sue says:

    Those images from the magazine are so interesting.

  3. Your Hans Brinker book looks so familiar..I am wondering if my Mom had one for us like that when we were kids. Being Dutch she shared that story with us when we were young. Thanks for sharing such a great collection of memories.


  4. I love this post! Thanks for sharing. I am really going to have to subscribe to Reminisce. The 20’s-50’s really intrigue me, I suppose because it was a much simpler time. :)

  5. Amy says:

    This was such an enjoyable post! I still have that Hans Brinker book!

  6. Debbie says:

    I have really been enjoying these “vintage posts!’ They are bringing back such great memories and also putting a few things in perspective.

    Thank you for the enjoyment!!

  7. Grandma Kc says:

    What a wonderful series! The pictures from Ideal brought back such memories, too! I used to love that magazine, too. It really is fun to look back.

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