Haunted House Story Local to my Area: The Demon of Brownsville Road

I live south of Pittsburgh in Western Pa. and this was a story on a local Pittsburgh news station.

Ex-County Commissioner Authors Book About Dark Forces Haunting His Home


(Photo Credit: KDKA)
Source is in the title above )
When I read this article I followed a few links…one to the book site which led me to a People Magazine article about all of this, and more.
I ended up at another link, viewing this entire video and crying at the end since there are several stories and the last one involved an autistic child and how a grandmother unknowingly opened up a nightmare for the child and her daughter ( it does have a happy ending though! ) This link below involves one of the gentlemen that assisted in the Pittsburgh case.
The reason that I cried at the end of the video ( Link Above ) was because if you’ve read any stories lately about children suffering from mental illness ( CNN has run a few over the last few months…generally because the parents are beseeching for help ) then you’d assume that the little autistic child in the last video was suffering from the same, and I cried because how would we or anyone know the difference.
In the case of the Pittsburgh house haunting I cannot imagine staying there…a family staying there while they endured this / that was my initial reaction.  Yet they must have felt that they were in a war and needed to win it, who knows..
At any rate, this story and following the links and reading more about the various people in the initial story and the video was fascinating and scary and informative on many levels. Since it was a local story I thought to go ahead and do a post about it :)
Though I will say that the paragraph spacing in my draft simply will not show up in the post preview no matter how many times I have tried to save it so I give up and am just posting as is.
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6 Responses to Haunted House Story Local to my Area: The Demon of Brownsville Road

  1. Nancy says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Machine quilting does tend to make a quilt get finished faster…and it is different from hand quilting…which I have done…..I love both for the different feels…

  2. Grandma Kc says:

    It is frightening and I would sure never keep my family somewhere like that!

  3. Poppy says:


    Isn’t it STRANGE that, for some inexplicable reason, your paragraphing was ‘off’ limits for this particular post?! Yikes!

    These kinds of stories always freak me out, ever since I saw ‘The Exorcist’, (more than 30 years ago!), I don’t do well with paranormal presentations! If I feel daring and brave enough, I just might click on your links to ‘investigate’ the scene. Until then, Happy Valentine’s Day, my little journalist pal!:-D


  4. matt says:

    Im buying the book even if I’m a little sceptical of the story and I will tell you why.I have lived in Brentwood my whole life and never heard any stories of this house being haunted.I went to school with the former residents and been in this house never had anything been brought up. Im not going to say its made up maybe its something the family was into.Sometime people are haunted or play with things they dont understand.Sometimes they open doors with out knowing what can come though.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Matt my main thought about the whole thing was how could you keep children in a house with all of that happening…I cannot imagine staying :(

      • matt says:

        I dont know but I know first hand from a family member who messed with “white magic” in the 70’s this stuff is real. Maybe he felt it safer to keep the family together or maybe he had no one to take the kids in or being a public figure he was afraid it would raise questions.Look I’m not a fan of his I didn’t vote for him and while he served on boro council was against me doing something on my house by I dont know him to lie.

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