Gardening & Back to Quilting

I took a break from quilting for a week or two and devoured a few fiction books instead.

So many stitches ; maybe I needed that break :)

I have returned to Scrappy Granny ; this is the last block area.

While it is certainly hot enough this week for ice cream bars, I am enjoying Pennsylvania peaches.

Last week was steamy and muggy and we had storms and downpours every day.  The weather changed on the day of Superman’s Wedding ( previous post ).

Now it is the opposite ; quite hot, in the 90’s. and dry. I mowed one day, started the weeding process the next day, and there are quite a lot of weeds. Why do they flourish more from the rain than the flowers? Not fair! :)

I planted just about everything this year from seeds rather than purchasing annual plants already started from a nursery. Those look to be coming in to bloom soon. Right now I have a nice amount of perennials in bloom.

Grapes are coming along,  a tall lily ( half-fallen over from downpours ) and the rose of sharon bushes :

After the first round of roses were done, new growth came and another round is in bloom. I dug up roadside phlox a few years ago and that has started blooming now. The orange coneflowers are flourishing.

I was knee deep in phlox by the roadside, early morning, picking them for my son’s wedding a few years ago.  I was drenched with the early morning dew when I was done, but I also had a bucket with one plant for my garden to remember it all by. For some reason, it blooms about a month later here than in the wild.

While I had to dead-head quite a few, many daisies are still in bloom. The Russian Sage is spilling over the sidewalk.

The bees love it.

Meanwhile, in exploring Blogland here and there, I have seen one or two bloggers question why less comments / visitors / posts / is everyone going to Instagram / or what-have-you.

Curious, I went to my stats.  I recently did a post on a family wedding. In a 3 day period, I saw

  • 176 Sunday
  • 393 Monday
  • 172 Tuesday ( as of Tuesday, around 6;30 when I checked )

I am bloggging less than I used to but I’ve not gone the Instagram route yet. I generally try to comment but sometimes I just fly through and do not. I used to join a lot of link-up parties and don’t bother much with that anymore.  I suppose that after a few years many of us change our blogging /reading habits…have you?

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19 Responses to Gardening & Back to Quilting

  1. Kyle says:

    Love your bee closeup and the color of your wild phlox is wondeful. I hope many of us continue to blog. It nice to read the whole story.

  2. Eileen says:

    Hello, I love your pretty flowers. Such a nice variety. I know the bees are happy that is important. Your quilt looks pretty. I will always blog, I like reading a post and seeing the photos on my computer’s widescreen. Wishing you a happy day!

  3. gail says:

    My blogging habits have changed a lot over the years. I mostly blog to make a small record of my life that my kids will be able to view, I hope, if they ever want to. I used to read a lot more, respond a lot more, enter contests a lot more — now both my energy level and, it seems, my available time have shrunken. But I enjoy my little visits to you and others I’ve discovered along the way :)

  4. Val Reynolds says:

    The weeds are always a source of attention aren’t they. I’ve been busy in the garden too…getting a side of the yard covered with river rock today and that should help with this weedy area. Blogging…I too don’t always comment and have joined less linky parties lately. I enjoy my little virtual quilting guild of followers and like you just sometimes enjoy reading and passing by without comment. Blogging is my only virtual life and I really like it that way. :) But I too have noticed the whole blog world has slowed down. (PS Can you believe you are at the end of your quilt….how wonderful!)

  5. Joyce says:

    I love the “home-iness” of your blog – a cozy place to slow down and enjoy quilting and gardening and cooking and grandkids. I am getting tired of reading and commenting on anything but my very favorites. I prefer blogs to Insty though. That venue is not as interactive or personal. Link parties are just a place to post and run. I do very few now, limited to ones hosted by bloggers I’ve come to know and like.

  6. Margie Miller says:

    I do my blog and facebook..facebook is mostly to stay in touch with the comings and goings of my family. I don’t care to spend anymore time online then I presently do.

  7. Karen says:

    Love all your flowers and the quilt. I went to instagram but must admit I barely use it. I am one that blogging comes really easy – I don’t consider it work and I read a lot of blogs where the person indicates it takes hours and hours to make a blog post – maybe too much effort is taken on some and then they tire of of and go to instagram where they post one photo and once sentence. My stats have been pretty good and I notice some days are busier than others for readers and comments

  8. FlowerLady says:

    With all of that stitching you do, I wonder you don’t dream about it too. Lovely hand stitching on your quilts.

    You have some very pretty blooms happening in your gardens. Love that bee photo.

    Weeds and grass definitely seem to grow faster than the flowers when it rains. Speaking of rain, it looks like I’m about to get some.

    Stats for viewers are more on some days. Weekends are always quiet.

    I’m not on instagram, twitter or FB. A blogger since 2008. :-) Times have changed. People have changed. Blogging seems more personal to me.

    Keep enjoying your summer ~ FlowerLady

  9. BillieBee says:

    Gorgeous photos and your stitching is so small and even.

  10. CathieJ says:

    I haven’t moved to Instagram. I prefer to blog. I read and comment when I can, but sometimes that is just not possible. Sometimes, like now, I just spend some time catching up with some of my favorite blogs. I’m glad you are back to quilting. I love your flower pictures, but I really don’t like Rose of Sharon because it is so invasive. My neighbor has it and we are constantly pulling seedlings from our lawn.

  11. Robin says:

    Your flowers are lovely, I especially like that lily in one of the first pictures. I probably blog less and comment more now than I used to. I try to not be in a hurry when I sit down to the computer so it can be a conversation not just a peek and run.

  12. Melanie says:

    Your quilting always amazes me…

    The phlox and Russian Sage in my backyard are blooming like crazy right now, too. In fact, hubby is going to dig up some of the phlox in the butterfly garden because it’s spread so much, it has overtaken the butterfly bush.

    I’m on Instagram – and I admit, I love it – but I still love blogs, too.

  13. Kim says:

    Blogging? I go back and forth depending on my mood…I dropped out of most links up for a long time, now I am joining in some again. My love affair with Instagram is over, I think the pictures all look the same and I enjoy reading and seeing more than one photo at a time, so I read blogs. Also…orange coneflowers?? Why did I not know about these? I want some! ;)

  14. barb says:

    MMMmm I wish I could taste those peaches!
    Lovely stitching and what beautiful blooms your garden has –

  15. You’re keeping busy, in spite of the warmth and humidity. Me, not so much, using it as an excuse to be lazy for a bit. But I’ve been reading a lot, I love summer reading.

  16. Lorrie says:

    Reading in summer seems like such a great way to spend time. Stitching, too, but at a leisurely pace. I much prefer blogging to IG, although I did just join over there. There’s little substance.

  17. Oh my goodness, that quilting is amazing! Wow! And the peaches look amazing. Peaches are usually brought in here from Michigan. So are blueberries. I need to pay attention so I know when they’re at the local farmer’s market.

    I do love blogging and i used to join linky parties, but it all changed after I had my hip revision (old failed hip prosthesis of 2013 taken out and a new and better one installed) and it became just impossible to sit for the amount of time it takes to blog and visit and comment and join the parties. I’ve lost some followers, but at that time I had to switch to Instagram because I could do that even lying down – and I’ve continued to do it because sitting is still the worst, even after a year. SO, I blog just on Wednesday Hodgepodge and maybe once more during the week. Substance isn’t the same, but I’ve had so much grief with this hip for 5 years that I can’t afford to spend too much time sitting and then suffer for it later. So it’s mostly IG for me. :-) – Judy

  18. Quilting is beautiful, and those peaches look delicious. We didn’t have a crop anywhere in the state last year but have hopes for them this year. I enjoy blogging because it seems more real and I enjoy the exchange of ideas and info. I must admit I don’t check stats, but I do notice if a blogging friend isn’t around.

  19. I love the second quilt, but the cats are cute in the first one.

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