Front porch views : pictorial



finch on sock

porch life collage one


squirrel collage

flag and flowers collage

finch by other sock

can and vine

front porch sewing clouds collage

finch on sock collage


super spider web

blue jay on porch by chair collage

angel holds sunflower seeds


squirrel on railing so cute

morning glories


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29 Responses to Front porch views : pictorial

  1. Karen says:

    it is fun watching the birds and the squirrels from the porch isn’t it. Lovely flowers as well

  2. sally says:

    Such great shots! I wish my photo’s would turn out as well. Love your front porch; I think I’ve said that many times. LOL

  3. Carol Cook says:

    Beautiful photos!

    I love your porch.

  4. BillieBee says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Marti says:

    So pretty! Is that a suet bag that the one bird is perched on? I love how the blue jay and squirrel don’t seem to be afraid to come while you are there.

    Is your hyacinth bean vine blooming? Mine is growing but not blooming. So frustrating.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Marti…it’s a niger seed sock. Lowes carries them…you buy the sock filled with seed initially then can refill yourself ( requiring a soup ladle and funnel and some mess :)

      Yes my vine started blooming …a wee one or two at first then it started really going to town / blooms and pods. They seem to like A LOT of water. So if it is not torrentially raining here and keeping it happy I dump a pot of water on it every day ! : )

  6. Dotti says:

    I just love the photos.. I have never seen a quilting gnome, how cute is she!

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Dotti it’s funny….when I got her at Lowe’s about 2 years ago, I never thought of her as specific to quilting…but I couldn’t pass her up! :)

  7. Beth says:

    Happy plants and critters. I like your yellow Thunbergia.

  8. Poppy says:

    Gosh, there’s so much to see from your porch! I’d sit there all day long, especially if you’re serving that lovely lemonade!:))


  9. Nancy Blue Moon says:

    Everything is just so pretty..even your spider webs..they have always fascinated me even though I would rather not see their

  10. Rose says:

    Oh, these are wonderful. I really love them all, but my favorite is the one of the squirrel right above the morning glory. And I love that morning glory, too…a lot.

  11. Joyce says:

    Your squirrel vividly portrays a sense of entitlement! He acts like the “dining porch” is his property and he’ll eat and relax there whenever he darn well pleases!
    Lovely spider webs, and those close up birds – my goodness! Beautiful!

  12. Looks wonderful – love the spiderweb. Amazing.

  13. Grandma Kc says:

    What a wonderful place to visit — just ask the birds and the squirrels — and the gnomes! Great pictures!

  14. Eileen says:

    Lovely views of your front porch! pretty birds and cute squirrel.. The web shot is awesome! Great photos!

    Thank you for sharing your post with Saturday’s Critters. Have a happy weekend!

  15. Gunilla says:

    I love the squirrels and the jays.

  16. Gorgeous photos. I like ’em all. Of course, being a birder at heart, they’re special. But, LOVE the spider web.

    Come on over and link up this post to add to the list, if you’d like!

  17. Janice says:

    What a wonderful series of all sorts of critters and flowers.

  18. You have a lovely home and garden. I adore your cozy and colorful photos and those whimsical squirrels! Have a nice Sunday evening. Mildred

  19. Vee says:

    Lots of wonderful things going on at your place! The cheeky squirrel climbing the stairs and my favorite because of the vivid colors…the blue jay.

  20. Snap says:

    You have great views from your front porch. Love the birds and squirrels. Your Gnome Girl is too cute! Have a great week.

  21. Lavender Cottage says:

    Amazing all that we can see when we just sit still and look around us. There’s obviously critter activity, plants blooming, garden decor and lots more from your vantage point. I like the fairy garden I saw and from comments above the quilting gnome too.
    Thanks for linking to MM.

  22. Beth says:

    The squirrel and little bird are adorable, and the spider web is just incredible. Great photos!

  23. The Morning Glory vine, the Blue Jay with peanuts served, those Squirrels with their silly charm, the enchantment of the visit, just made me smile Shane~

  24. Lorrie says:

    Wonderful views and such great shots! Love that blue jay.

  25. You have a most charming and popular front porch…I especially love the critters who visit!

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