Flower Basket Medallion First Border & What are the ODDS?? Gas & Water

First my gas & water story :)    This week the gas company was replacing lines on our road and my connection as well as my neighbors, since these were from 1917. They were here on our street for 3 days. ( Phone pic through the window )



I had to be home on Friday, since they’d shut off the gas and then needed to come in to check all of the appliances once the gas was turned back on.

My poor yard…not the best time of year for this sort of thing; it’s not as if I could spread some grass seed out there. They also dug up my big Yucca, and it sat out for half a day before they replanted it. I hope it survived the shock.

After that, they filled in a big hole ( big enough for 4 guys to stand in up to their shoulders. )

Shortly after that, I heard some strange noises from the basement…a sort of gurgling sound in my pipes!  I went out to tell them about it…and there was water pouring out of the hole that they’d just filled in. They had already called the water company. THEY left and within an hour all of the construction equipment outside was from the water company now.


( The minute that I saw that water leak though, I filled the bathtub for flushing the toilet, and filled pitchers and pots and pans and the sink with water. )    Well, they fixed it all and were done around 4:00.  I ran some errands, cooked dinner, etc.

Later on, I went up to change into pajamas and I drained the tub.  Within 5 minutes after that...What are the ODDS?  I heard a loud BOOM! At first I thought it was in the basement but nope…that water line had exploded outside and there was no water service to the house. Pouring down the street and rapidly turning to ice in the 20 degree weather.

No water to the house… I called them as well as our borough street department since this would all freeze and they’d probably need to come out with salt. The borough  manager was here within the hour….and he explained that the water company would have to come with lights and whatever was needed to fix this overnight due to the ice problem. He had also called them. They were slow to arrive.

They turned off the water and left but at some point returned and fixed the line. Whew.

Meanwhile in my last post I’d shown that I had finished the center of the Flower Basket Medallion. It’s a Kim McLean pattern but I wanted to do something different for the rest of it. I ran through a few options ( a hexie border, a border of pieced triangles, etc. ) but in the end I decided on an applique border.

Here’s the center :


Here is me roughly sketching something out on freezer paper for the side borders ( never done this sort of thing before ) 


Wish me luck :)

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22 Responses to Flower Basket Medallion First Border & What are the ODDS?? Gas & Water

  1. Karen says:

    oh what a mess you had!! I had it when the water goes out – sometimes you know in advance and other times a complete surprise. I hope it was all fixed in the end so it wouldn’t happen again. I love your flower basket

  2. Robin says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this mess. When you said there was a leak in the basemen, all I could think of was FLOOD. I’m glad I was wrong. The plans for your border look perfect.

  3. Debi says:

    Oh my! I hope that everything was properly fixed and you got your water back post haste! There are many things I can live without, water isn’t one of them!

  4. Karen Beigh says:

    Your drawing is quite good for not having done it before. And I think the design will look good with the basket center.

  5. Gretchen says:

    So glad you didn’t have flooding in the basement, what a mess that would have been.

    I like the drawing for the borders of your quilt. Way to make it your own project.

  6. Oh, what a mess! I hope you are back to normal now.

  7. Oh Shoot! What a disaster on a Friday! Hope all is repaired quickly!
    Love the new top and the design for the borders. Really must work on my own appliqué skills.

  8. Melanie says:

    I can’t believe what you went through with the gas and water – stuff like that would freak me out. Very unnerving, to say the least! Hope all is well now. Love your flower basket medallion – what a beautiful pattern! Just saw your previous post, too…too funny with your son conked out on your couch…”doing laundry”. Pits have the most sweet faces, don’t they?

  9. Nanette says:

    That Black must have been close by. What a mess for you. Glad the responded.

    You will have a nice quilt when you finish. Like the medallion and you gave good start on the border

  10. Nanette says:

    Well what can I say. ” Black Cat”.

  11. BillieBee says:

    Your medallion is stunning. What an adventure with the gas and water, but maybe not one of your choosing….smile.

  12. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Oh good Lord, what an awful thing to happen. We too are having work done on the gas lines in our neighborhood, and have seen the guys deep in the dug out holes. they haven’t gotten to our house yet, but a water line was broken by one of the houses. It looks like such a mess this time of the year, as you know, with mud and holes everywhere. I dread when our yard will be on their list. Happy your disaster is over with…(for good I hope)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Bonnie I provided those guys with hot chocolate on the last morning (it was so cold! ) but lol they still broke the water line ha ha! :) I hope when yours arrive that it all goes smoothly.

  13. Jane says:

    The medallion is so pretty, Deb…I can’t wait to see the quilt.

    Sounds like you had to bear the brunt of that gas/water adventure. I do applaud those workers who come out in the middle of the night. Hope everything stays calm for awhile in your neck of the woods.


  14. Joyce says:

    This would be bad enough in warm weather – what a pain to have endure it all in the bitter cold. I’m just glad it’s all been restored!
    I so love the overflowing basket. Its got applique, piecing, and an opportunity for you to experiment on a border that will be truly striking!

  15. At least they got it fixed (fingers crossed) and you’re all set for the season. Lovely basket.

  16. Deb Aylward says:

    Oh no! That is quite a week you had! I hope all is fixed and the water and gas are both running correctly for you – not a good time of year for either to be disconnected. Love your border design. Enjoy the stitching and stay warm.

  17. Nana Diana says:

    What a mess–especially this time of year when you are trying to get so many things done anyway. Glad it is all fixed though (hopefully for good!).

    That basket design is beautiful, Deb. I will be anxious to see it all finished. I just can’t believe how much you accomplish with your quilting. You are amazing, woman!!!! xo Diana

  18. I’ll wish you good luck, but I know you can do it and it will be gorgeous. :-) Gas and water don’t really mix so I’m glad to hear although it was a scary story that it had a happy ending. Single digit temperature here today so that water sure would have turned to ice. :-)

  19. Kyle Redente says:

    Sounds like everything is back to “normal” after all the utility guys being in your front yard. Good thing you were home. The center of your medallion is fantastic and your sketch for the border looks like a good compliment. Keep going.

  20. Bernie says:

    Oh my gosh, Deb- what a crazy couple of days you had. I hope everything is back in working order (and stays that way)
    I think that floral appliqué piece may be my favorite of year it’s so far. I just love it and I really look forward to see your progress on it. So pretty!

  21. Stephie says:

    I absolutely love catching up with you Deb, you’re always full of such cheer, so I was pretty aghast to see all of this! What a pain in the butt. Honestly, utility companies are no different here, the left hand never seems to know what the right hand’s doing. The only good that I can see is that it happened when it did, and not over the Christmas period when you have your family with you – if that counts as good!!! I hope your yucca survived? And your quilt’s going to look great with the borders, love your drawing!

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