Flooding, Ice, Snow & Quilting

Close to the main intersection of my little borough is a bridge with Chartiers Creek running underneath it. There is a Dollar Store and restaurant there, and behind the Dollar Store is the American Legion. Behind the legion are fields and a few pavillions and a little walkway bridge going over the creek in another area back there.

This is where the Pumpkin Festival is held, and where we and others sometimes walk our dogs to so that we can set them free to chase balls, etc.  We had Koopa and Merle down there running their hearts out a few weeks ago on a mild weather day.

The water was already receding when my son took this picture on Friday morning :

This kind of picture was very common all over our area and Pittsburgh, etc.  ( We are about 20-25 minutes south of Pittsburgh. )

Across the road, if you traveled a few more blocks, made a right turn and went two more blocks in that direction , you’d come to this park / playground area with the creek running behind it. I visit that park often with the children. It is usually a peaceful place.

But that same creek turned into a raging river, covering the ballfields, and farther on up the playground was covered in water as deep as the pavillion shown in the earlier photo.

In the afternoon the temperature began to plummet and we went from 61 degrees down to 32 by 6:00 or so and on Saturday morning I woke to a thick sheet of ice covering our cars coupled with a good 5-6 inches of snow.

Koopa seems to like the snow :)

I finished hand quilting this latest block on the Botanical quilt top.

I have some pieces to cut out and prep for the next Elizabeth’s Pride applique block.

I think that my Rose of Sharon will be the next quilt to go into the hoop but I don’t even know at this point if I need batting or have to piece a back or might need to order backing or what…I guess I should figure that out soon :)

One thing I do NOT have to do is shovel snow. My son did that :)

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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21 Responses to Flooding, Ice, Snow & Quilting

  1. Robin says:

    Boy, you are having the most unusual weather. You must not know whether to put on a parka or a wet suit. I’m glad you’re safe and dry. Your quilt looks marvelous, you must be pleased.

  2. Pat in WNY says:

    Similar weather and flooding here, just a few hours later than you folks. Snow total this morning somewhere around 10 inches, though it’s drifted so some areas are more. Crazy weather for sure.

  3. Deb says:

    Such strange weather all around the globe! Glad you didn’t have to shovel the snow. Enjoy the stitching.

  4. Karen says:

    the weather is just so odd this year – glad you didn’t have flooding at your house – the snow and ice is bad enough. We have a week of cold weather here – I know at this time of year you do not usually have 61 degrees – must have felt good at the time!

  5. Karen Beigh says:

    Wonderful that you hand quilted the botanical quilt. Not enough of that being done anymore.

  6. Debi says:

    We had the same crazy weather that you had… we’re in upstate NY, about an hour south of Montreal. We are not near any of the local flood zones but there is a small, peaceful river near us and but it turned angry and raging with the January thaw. Stay safe and warm!

  7. I’ve never experince flooding. Right now our snow is melting.
    I got a quilt going but I been working on my rugs at this time.
    Coffee is on

  8. Gail says:

    We had lots of snow until this week when it got so warm. The local creek overflowed and now the valley is a big skating rink,! The ground is white again and I had to shovel on Friday afternoon. More snow is expected tomorrow. This is wonderful weather for stitching! Congrats on you botanicals finish…the quilting is glorious!

  9. barb says:

    would love to see the whole botanical quilt – hooray for hand quilting!
    sorry to hear about the flooding!

  10. Eileen says:

    Hello, the flooding looks bad. I hope the waters receded quickly. Your quilt block is lovely. I love the shot of Koopa running in the snow. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  11. Sandra Croley says:

    What a winter it has been so far! All I can think….only two more months and we’ll be looking forward to Spring.

  12. All there is to do is hand stitching and keeping warm!

  13. Joyce says:

    It’s crazy having no idea what to expect weather-wise from one day to the next. I always watch the Pittsburgh area on the news to see what’s headed your way. Often, it’s the same as what we get. Our Thursday thaw turned to ice, not flooding, though, when temps took a drastic plunge overnight. Some snow, just enough to cover the ground, remains. I’m staying in and quilting, too. Just got over a 2 week+ bad cold and now am germaphobic about going out on top of the uninviting bitter cold.
    If that bush wasn’t in the photo, you’d have Koopa hurling thru the clouds the same way Merle did last winter!

  14. Kim says:

    We had the same crazy melt and the same kind of floods. No raging rivers thankfully, just a very, very high tide that rose over the streets. It was a huge mess, but ducks swimming where the cars are supposed to be always makes me laugh.

  15. Ann says:

    Snow and flooding, boo. But. Beautiful Quilting and applique, yay!

  16. Ivani Vieira says:

    Hi Deb, Here where I live is suposed to be Summer but the temperatures are like autumm time.
    You are doing a great hand quilting.
    Have a great week and stay warm.

  17. Ellen says:

    Crazy weather!! I am glad that your son did the shoveling for you. Your quilting is lovely!

  18. Kyle says:

    Sounds like a lovely day for quilting. Glad you didn’t have to use the snowshovel!

  19. Margie Miller says:

    We got our first snow and ice today. I am staying in and at home. It looks treacherous out there.

  20. I just love to see your quilting! That’s a lot of water there.

  21. I walked the beach this morning, and it was around 24 degrees. Window chill was -7 at the same time at home. This has been one wicked winter. Love your blocks.

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