Five Recent Visitors at the Feeders + Bald Eagle Bonus

“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”  Benjamin Franklin.

Does this apply to the bird kingdom as well ?  For surely the cardinals go to bed early since they are the first visitors to arrive here.

They are my quiet visitors.

Often in the predawn quiet moments as I am sipping my first cup of coffee and checking the news and weather on the Internet, I hear the quiet cheep cheep of the cardinal pair who have arrived for an early breakfast. They come back throughout the day but they are always the first visitors.

Cardinal on Fence

Female Cardinal Collage

In contrast, I have some noisy visitors.  The little titmice can be quite noisy, but they are so darn cute, and they stay put for awhile and make it easy to get some photos of them.

Titmice collage 4 photos

Speaking of noisy, the most raucous visitor is the Blue Jay but I like to think that along with telling all of his friends “Peanuts are Here” that he is saying “Thank You ” as well, for each time that he swoops in I hear that call :)

Blue Jay with Peanut on Porch Post

Then there are the birds that get lost in the crowd. Brown / grayish non-descript birds…I have so many sparrows that visit here that this guy might have got lost had I not noticed a thrasher on another bloggers post a week or so ago. I am pretty sure that this is a thrasher. He seemed to be a bit bigger than the sparrows and showed up when I had put some cracked corn out. His breast markings are different than the sparrows. I am not certain…one of you bird experts can let me know ? :)

Brown Thrasher Collage

I had splurged on a small bag of cracked corn for a Sunday treat awhile back.  I sprinkled some around and it was enjoyed for about two hours until fresh snowfall had covered it all. It seems to be a favorite of the doves as well as the sparrows.

sparrows and doves collage

Mourning Dove

Then, while the sparrows and doves and others like them do sing, there is the visitor whose song cannot be missed. That is the little wren.

Little Wren at Feeder

If he is not singing outside the dining room window where this feeder is, he can be oftentimes found perched on the front porch railing, serenading the neighborhood.

Little Wren at Feeder Pic 2

Last but not least,  there are the comedians :

This year I was blessed in that a vine growing along my fence, several years old now, was strong enough to support a large feeder that ended up working well for the squirrels. The squirrel tail that you see behind the feeder is a normal tail.   A month or two ago I discovered a bit of tail off of my front porch, when I was taking the garbage can to the curb and went into a panic. Had a local cat or hawk gotten a squirrel? I saw no signs of blood or carnage, just the tail piece. I see that whatever happened, the squirrel survived since I have a short-tailed regular visitor as well :)

Squirrel tails collage

These little guys never cease to amuse me with their antics, funny expressions and just plain cuteness :)

who me says the bad squirrel

squirrel with tail umbrella

Little Squirrel on top of Snow Covered Feeder


Squirrel on Fence


Little Squirrel in Bird Bath Black and White


While this takes me over the #5 limit, I am including this link in case anyone is interested. We have, in the Pittsburgh area, a bald eagle nest and this story and video show the mama warding off a racoon visitor.  ( There is a live-stream video of the nest : )  Click HERE to view.  

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34 Responses to Five Recent Visitors at the Feeders + Bald Eagle Bonus

  1. Balisha says:

    Just read a lovely post on Prince Snow Farm and here is another one. As usual your pictures are exceptional. We watch the eagles at Decorah, Iowa every year. I’ll take a look here next. Balisha

  2. Brenda Kula says:

    I think your little wrens are Bewick wrens. I love titmice. So cute!

  3. Hootin' Anni says:

    Love all this post! Amazing images. Especially the blue jay with the peanut and the squirrel with the tail all bushed out over the top of its head.

  4. Grandma Kc says:

    That video of the eagle is amazing — what a protective Mama she is! LOVE all of your birds and squirrels — you have a good life with all of them to entertain you! They have a good life with you to keep them fed!

  5. Jane says:

    I love your bird and critter pics! I had hubby looking at them over my shoulder! I hope this is a sign spring is on the way!


  6. love to see the titmouse and the wren. :)

  7. Poppy says:


    Your little visitors just love hanging out in your garden; they get fed well and are admired both from near and afar (when it’s too cold to venture outside!). They are all adorable, even the common sparrow, but I am partial to those bright, red male cardinals and of course the blue jays, (Toronto’s baseball team is named after them!). But, I have to say, today, that well coiffed squirrel got my attention; especially the shot with his tail topping his head! TOO cute!


  8. Your yard is very busy! What a pleasure to look out at your feathery crowds.

  9. What amazing photos! I love the birds in my yard – the squirrels and chipmunks I can live without :)

  10. Zenda says:

    Your visitors are so cute and your photography is outstanding! I love taking photos of my visitors, too. but I’m not nearly as good as you. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. You’ve captured some amazing photos Debra! I love birds, but I have to say I’m partial to the cardinals. I know very little about species and who is who or what, maybe that’s why I like the cardinals. They’re so easy to identify! lol

  12. Monica says:

    Wow- it’s amazing to see so much beautiful wildlife so close to you! I’m from the desert and you don’t really want to see any of the critters up close. Thanks for sharing- it was wonderful to look at!

  13. What an enjoyable visit, seeing all the different birds in such detail and watching the squirrels enjoying their treats too. Thank you.

  14. Alice W. says:

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing at my link party!

  15. What great photos!!!! We get all the same birds as you do! Although I’m not sure about the thrasher. I’d probably mistake him for a sparrow, too!

    So glad Mr. Sammy Squirrel Short Tail is alive and well! That must have been quite scary finding the end of his tail!!

    Wow, what a great Eagle cam! Mr. Raccoon needs to head to your yard and fill up on cracked corn and leave those little eggs alone! haha

    Have a great week!


  16. genie says:

    Your little feather friends look very contented eating from your feeders and from the seed on the show. But those squirrels….you gotta love ‘em. They are so cute but can be so naughty. Wonderful captures as always. Do you think this snow is ever going to end???????

  17. Claudia says:

    I love seeing all the birds. I’ve been hearing our Mourning Dove for the last 3 days – so good to hear it again.
    I found a squirrel’s tail once in our yard and I was very concerned, but like yours, there was no other sign of carnage. I hope it was okay!


  18. Yum! We love cabbage too, and well, who doesn’t love pasta? Thanks for posting the recipe. I don’t think we have ever eaten cabbage prepared this way, but I know it will be awesome.
    Have a great week!

  19. Amy says:

    Such great photos! I get the same cast of characters, but I rarely see a female cardinal. Loved this post!

  20. Such sweet little birds with their peanuts!

  21. Lovely shots of the sweet little visitors you have! I get the same ones except for the Titmouse. Squirrels are so fun to watch, I love the photo of him looking right at you!

  22. Eileen says:

    Wonderful series of birds, a nice variety of visitors.. Love the cute squirrel too.

    Thank you for joining in on my Saturday’s Critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  23. Sarah says:

    I love winter birds, one of the bright spots in winter.

  24. TexWisGirl says:

    they’re all adorable monsters. :) i think that is a song sparrow you have there. :)

  25. Fantastic shots ~ love the cardinals ~ beautiful photography ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  26. Your post reminds me I need to fill our feeders! Great shots of your backyard visitors. :)

  27. Margaret says:

    Hi Debra Love all the bird shots of the cardinals, Blue Jay and Titmouse. The video is amazing and I am looking forward to seeing the young Eagles soon.

  28. Adam Jones says:

    Those pesky squirrels!! Lovely birds you have at your feeders though.

  29. Joyce says:

    Beautiful shots and such sweet expressions of gratitude from your little friends. They bring so much joy to those of us who feed them. And to those of us who also have cats, the entertainment continues inside as well since we have a rapt audience to observe too!

  30. Snap says:

    what fun — such an entertaining group of feathered friends. squirrels are pesky, but adorable all at the same time. fun post!

  31. What wonderful photos my friend. Even your squirrel looks cute! I’ll check on that link, too! We love watching the eagle web cams…how amazing they are when they have their babies! Hugs!

  32. Eileen says:

    Wonderful variety of backyard birds. I love the pretty Song Sparrow and the cute Wren.. Beautiful photos. Have a happy Sunday and week ahead!

  33. Lavender Cottage says:

    Fantastic bird and squirrel photos. What a brave raccoon, it appeared to get right in the nest but the commentary says it thinks all the eggs are still there thank heavens.

  34. RoseMary says:

    I just love your pictures.

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