Five Random Frugal Things

  • Last week among the specials in the grocery store flyer were : Roast Beef at the Deli for 8.99 per lb.  Can you believe that? And it was advertised as a sale!

Meanwhile in the meat department, English cut shoulder roasts were on sale for 2.88 . I got this little roast for 5.85, and put it into the crockpot with vegetables layered on top and bottom, added my seasonings plus a can of Golden Mushroom Soup + 1/2 can of water, and there were several meals from that..and some to freeze.  If you have a large family to feed, the same scenario applies…just more roast and veggies.  There is so much good gravy from this that leftovers can be frozen and used for pot pies.

English Roast Collage

  • Tin foil has become quite expensive. I have learned to purchase the heavier foil since unless it’s been used to cover lasagna or something very messy, it can simply be rinsed and re-used, at least one more time.
  • I treat plastic storage bags the same way. If they were just holding lettuce or carrots or biscuits or anything that is basically clean and not very messy, they can be rinsed, turned inside out to dry and used again.
  • Here is one that I’ve been doing since raising my boys when they were young. Keep some graham crackers on hand, if you bake alot and use icing fairly often. Why? Leftover icing sandwiched between graham crackers, stored in a plastic container until they soften up a bit…results in a cookie far better than an Oreo sandwich cookie! :)  The same applies for Nilla wafers + leftover icing or anything similar to these examples, that you can use.  Buy them when they are on sale and store them away for the leftover icing day.
  • Then there is that old saying about the best things in life being free…for instance :


Jugsy Stretching


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35 Responses to Five Random Frugal Things

  1. Wow Debra! Aren’t you the little tipster today?! I really need to follow some of your advice. I love all these ideas…the foil, the bags, etc. Not only will it save us money, but reduce our landfills. Sometimes I look at what we throw away on a daily basis and can’t help but cringe when I think about where it all ends up. There’s only so much space on this earth!

  2. Kitty says:

    The pot roast looks delicious and it’s such a good value. It’s nice to know that there are others out there that clean plastic bags and foil!

  3. Your dog is adorable.
    I usually get aluminum foil at the dollar store, but I don’t use much.
    I’ve long used homemade icing on graham crackers, but I’ve never let them soften up. I may try that sometime.

    Thanks for dropping by Harvest Lane Cottage and “talking back”!

    God bless,

  4. Balisha says:

    That brings back a memory from my childhood…graham crackers with icing. We had those often and I didn’t even know they were a $ saving thing….so delicious.
    I use the crock pot often. Meat is priced so high now days…except pork. We can often find buys on pork. Joe buys whole loins etc. and cuts our meat himself. So easy to do. He does the same with cuts of beef. I’m not much of a meat eater, but I’m married to a former butcher…..need I say more?

  5. Sammy says:

    Yes, I can believe it. This economy is SCARY. I used to go to the store to by what I want to fix for dinner, but now I have to buy what is on sale.

    Your roast looks wonderful.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Sammy it was…it was falling apart at the end. Nothing like a slow cooker to help a mediocre cook out ( I can dry out meat pretty well on my own :)

  6. Good tips. I want to make a pot pie…that sounds so good right now. Sweet hugs!

  7. Regena Fickes says:

    I reuse my plastic & veg and bread bags as well. I have learned that when baking bread or buying several loaves on sale that you can triple bag these with reused bags and freeze it. Tastes like fresh, no nasty change to the texture nor does it have that
    freezer burn smell.
    I also keep the plastic woven bags from oranges and other citrus. They make wonderful “scrubbies” for pots and pans.
    Thanks for the tips.

  8. Graham crackers and icing – brings back great memories, and your pot roast looks absolutely delicious.

  9. Joyce says:

    Your dinner looked great until I saw Jugsy! Aww! Just want to lean over and kiss that wet little nose!
    Great tips! I’ve been re-using plastic freezer bags too, if they’ve only contained cookies or something like that. And even parchment paper if there’s no “slime” on it and only cookies were baked!

  10. Grandma Kc says:

    Left over icing? Obviously you’ve never baked with Amara! I just love that picture of Jugsy — so happy!

  11. sue says:

    I love the aluminum foil tip!

  12. cathy says:

    I love your post I have been rinsing out bags and making my own bread crumbs with the left over ends or some rolls that just will not last. I keep it in a large plastic bag in the freezer and I can just take out what I want when I want. some times I toast them with a bit of garlic salt yummy.

  13. Barb says:

    Good tip about frosting and graham crackers – my Grands thank you! I also reuse plastic, esp if it was storing something dry, like bread. Yummy looking pot roast!

  14. Mary Feguson says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. Living alone I try to fix meals that I can eat for a few days and they I freeze it in one or two bags and then have it another time.
    I also use my crock pot a lot. That pot roast sure looks good. I bought some deli roast beef at Wal-mart and it was 6.99 a pound and I wasn’t that impressed with it.
    I guess we have to eat more vegetables that we grow.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Jane says:

    I love all of your tips…I am going to try the Nilla Wafers and icing. I have tried rinsing the plastic bags but somehow they always seem a little greasy and not too clean. I stocked up on the plastic containers with lids in various sizes and use them over and over for leftovers. If something is really greasy it can go through the dishwasher.

    The price of deli meat is terrible here, too. Thankfully we don’t do many sandwiches anymore. Blocks of cheese for grating and snacking kill me. We have to ration it!


  16. With meat costs going through the roof, this is a great tip. We use every last bite in my home also. Thanks for sharing your frugal tips at TTF!

  17. Great tips. I have cut back my use of plastic bags considerably. Also, have you tried roasting your own beef and cutting it for sandwiches. I have toyed with the idea of getting a slicer. It certainly wouldn’t take very long for the investments to pay off.

    • debralynnpugh says:

      That reminds me of what my grandparents used to do. They’d chop / grind their own ham and then make ham salad ! :)

  18. Nana Diana says:

    That sounds so good! You are a good shopper! Love the picture of your dog- Looks like you asked him to pose and he did! xo Diana

  19. Buttons says:

    Love your frugal tips and yes everything seems to be expensive these days. Oh your free pic is adorable. B

  20. I do the same with foil and storage plastic bags.

    Your pot roast looks mouth watering, and it’s only 7:07AM here..

  21. Love the tip about the graham crackers! :)

  22. Mascha says:

    This looks delicious and I’m doing it that way and freeze a lot.
    And of course, always rinse plastic bag and use it again. Even doses of salads from the supermarket are useful doses several times.
    The dog is so cute!

  23. Beth says:

    my Grandma Mary (Dad’s mom) & Grandma Ruby (Mom’s mom) both would re-use tin foil over & over … i don’t think they ever threw it away. wash & re-use. no kidding. depression kids my mom would always say. you live & learn. so i am thinking i might have to carry it on… i agree they are not cheap. have a lovely day!! stay warm. ( :

  24. Vic303 says:

    I’m dropping by on R5F. I often reuse sandwich bags, provided DH remembers to bring them home from his lunch. I also love potroast, and make it much like yours, except we use a packet of French Onion Soup mix instead of cream of anything soup.


  25. Snap says:

    Great tips. I recycle my sandwich bags, too — until the zip doesn’t zip anymore! Pot roast sounds so good. Thanks for the cookie *recipe* — wonderful and tasty idea. It’s time for a good stretch!

  26. Love your tips, and I see that you also use the ‘cook once eat twice’ method of cooking – such a saver! I also cook that way, for instance loading up my oven with as many meatloaves as it will hold, enjoying a meatloaf supper that night & using all those small bags you mentioned to section out the rest in serving sizes, slip them into a large freezer bag, label & freeze. I hate plastic wrappings with a passion and since you just can’t get away from them with almost anything you buy, I really try to put them to several uses before they’re thrown away or recycled. Thanks for sharing this post. (visiting from Thrifty Things Friday hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  27. Karen says:

    Oh that roast looks yummy. Your dog is a sweetie!

  28. Rose says:

    I enjoyed your hints…and I have been thinking on putting a roast in the crockpot…yours looks simply delicious.

  29. Nice! I love to use meat leftovers for broths and soups. Also love the stretch photo. You’re quite right there. :)

  30. Podso says:

    Good tips, thanks. I didn’t know that about storing icing!

  31. Hootin' Anni says:

    I haven’t heard of anyone else doing the same thing… mom, long ago, bless her heart, used to make us graham cracker cookies the way you do for your family. And yes, I agree they ARE finer than any oreo cookie around.

    With just two of us at home, I cook a lot in the crock pot for the frugality of it all…AND there is an ulterior motive, leftovers and no cooking the next couple of days. ;-)

  32. Sarah says:

    The crock pot roast looks so yummy!

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