EPP Starflower Project : Change of Direction

When I first made EPP ( English Paper Piecing) Starflowers I had appliqued them in my Stars and Spools Quilt :

There is something about EPP that once you have done it, you want to do it again :)

So this year I thought to make the Starflowers with connectors but I had no clue what I was doing and found no tutorials online….most of what was online was people showing progress making some of these for a pillow, table runner, etc.

I got this far…

With a few more yet to attach….

Yet I was not enjoying the look of it nor the process of sewing them together with the connectors. And because I hand quilt, I was thinking that this would not be very enjoyable to quilt in the end, either.

So I changed direction. I decided that I’d still enjoy the EPP process of making the Starflowers but I’d applique them onto squares. Nine inch squares seems to work and I started on the first one today.

There are so many tiny little whip stitches in what I’d sewn together thus far that I will probably cut my losses and not attempt to undo them ; at least not now :)

We had snow showers all day yesterday and today was still chilly but a warm up is in the forecast for later on this week!

I hope and imagine that I am not the ONLY person that has abandoned or changed direction in a project ? Have any of you done the same ?

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14 Responses to EPP Starflower Project : Change of Direction

  1. Karen says:

    I’m guilty of abandoning a project or two or three! I still have some applique blocks and some pieced blocks sitting in a box wondering if I will ever get back to them and most likely not – I started the Milleflori (sp?) EPP that has been seen around for several years now – mine is now a small wall hanging I gave up
    Sorry you still have snow.
    You might like the Brimfield Awakening EPP that I am doing as that is a wreath appliqued to a backing and is moving quite smoothly

  2. barb says:

    fun EPP projects!

  3. Margie Miller says:

    Very pretty!

  4. Joyce says:

    So, are you saying you are abandoning the appliqued stars? Or just the first method? The first one seems awfully confusing to me – like fitting a jigsaw puzzle with every 4th piece missing! I’d go crazy, too!
    The second method could actually become nice sized potholders. You’d work on the (portable) tedious applique while you were waiting for something, and then gift them all along with one of your fabulous home made casseroles, baked bread, or desserts. Wish I lived next door to you, I’d snatch one while you weren’t looking! :)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Joyce I am just going to applique the starflowers onto background squares versus that first method where I was connecting them with the diamond shaped pieces

  5. Barb says:

    Abandoning a project – NEVER… :). Of course I’d never attempt those tiny stitches. Still snowing at your house? You’ll soon have spring flowers, I guess.

  6. I’ve been changing direction for a while now. :-) I took a large quilt to the longarm expert, and she advised I had to make some adjustments unless I wanted to pay three times as much for her to do it versus the computer. I’ve been adjusting all week. :-)

  7. Kyle says:

    Sometimes you just have to redirect.

  8. Deb says:

    Well, sometimes the quilt or project has some strong opinions and we must go with them. Happens to me too. Those will make a nice looking quilt.

  9. Pat Taylor says:

    Know what you mean – EPP projects are like potato chips – you just can’t stop! Your tiny stitches will be a reward as it really makes your stars look neat and tidy. Have not abandoned a project recently but did “cut my losses” when a final border would not cooperate. The quilt turned into a smaller comfort quilt instead of a queen size. And that’s ok…

  10. Val says:

    My EPP projects seem to be eternal….right now I miss having an applique project at hand…and hope to get a few things done so I can start one for the summer months. :)

  11. A huge round of applause from my end for all your creations. I do not see this as abandoned but enhancements and adding your own individuality to your quilting design. Each one is a true masterpiece Deb made with love, creative flair and effort!
    Wren x

  12. Susan says:

    Oh, yes. I have a long list of abandoned things. I feel like I’ve either a) learned what I needed to learn and I’m finished, or b) disliked what it was. I think that’s perfectly alright. If someone else comes along and wants to finish it, that’s fine. I actually have finished quite a few of other people’s projects for donation quilts. Why don’t I finish my own? LOL I do like the appliqued look.

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