Early May : Slice of Life

We’ve had some up and down temperatures in the last week…sweating it out on an 87 degree day at the end of April and putting on sweats and sweaters a few days later.  Saturday morning was so cold that I finally relented and turned on the heat again.

Whatever the weather, my youngest sons’ dog Koopa  ( they have been staying here for awhile ) loves this pillow and has claimed this for his own.

He’s 2 years old and still very much the pup. He’s been learning the hierarchy around here. It’s been a process :)

Another thing that keeps Koopa entertained ( aka going crazy and frothing at the mouth when he looks out the window ) are the visitors…

If it is rainy,  I may sit down with Scrappy Granny for some hand-quilting. I’ve moved on from the last block area to a new one. It seems to be going slowly but I am quilting the sashing and border areas now as well, rather than just the blocks. Big stitch quilting in the colored portions with perle cotton and regular quilting surrounding that.

Over the last few days I’ve also been reading a religious epic from India as well as a library book that has been hard to put down.

In my house there are little vases here and there of lilacs…I so look forward to the blooms each spring and the heady scent. I have a lilac bush planted in the back next to the back porch.

The Spirea and Snowball bushes are in bloom right now as well :

Combined, they are always a lovely bouquet…

lilac and snowball on porch in vases

On Saturday afternoon, the boys had invited friends & family over to pick mementos they would like from their dads’ house.  The entire house is a sort of man-cave….but between gun and motorcycle and mountain bike things, vintage items, cookware, old books, signs, what-have-you, everyone was finding something that they liked.

When we split up, I didn’t take a lot of things…but it was amazing to find what-all he’d kept. For instance he still had our mutual record album collection. Oh there was my lost youth in my hands….my Carole King “Tapestry” album bought with babysitting money. I laid on my grandparents couch and played it over and over and memorized the words to every song.  I think I need to go on to You Tube and find some of those old songs.

He had some flowers that were coming up. Batchelor Buttons and other ‘wildflowers’ from a mix he’d bought a few years back. It was drizzling and chilly but I found some containers and dug a few up to send home with people, and enough to plant in Scott and Tallicas’ front as well as a bit for me.

Happy Spring :)

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21 Responses to Early May : Slice of Life

  1. Karen says:

    it is nice to go through things like that let people have what they want – and such a plus to find the Carol King album – I had that one too – Mike put all the old records onto dvd’s in some way years ago and then transferred them onto ipods then on to the phone! I love her music. I am so envious of the lilacs I love them and they barely grow here to the point it is a waste of time like the rhubarb that I tried for years and finally it all died again – and I know y’all can’t get rhubarb to die in the north, it just keeps coming back whether you want it to or not.
    Love the quilt and glad to see you are working on it.

  2. Judy Miller says:

    i love finding the old photos. Ones of my hubs and I and our young family–when times were good and happiness abounded. How did we ever lose that feeling for each other?

  3. gail says:

    It is cold here today, too. I hope the fruit trees aren’t harmed since so much is in bloom; the frost can’t help. My lilacs are not even in bud yet, they are late bloomers, like me, I suppose. My ex kept all of our records, too, and I am surprised by the emotions I feel when I hear one of those lost-youth old songs on the radio. Life is so fragile and so quick, despite the days that can sometimes drag. It feels like you are finding some balance these days and I am happy if that is so.

  4. I’m in awe of the flowers in your garden!! And these cute old photos as well as your great shot of the squirrels. Enjoy your day. mary in Az

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Thanks Mary! We are under a frost advisary…hope the bushes make it / they are too big to cover with blankets :)

  5. Joyce says:

    Lilacs always remind me of my maternal grandma. She lived in back of us and had several huge bushes. We would make bouquets and take them home to fill our house with that amazing scent!
    LOL on the pet hierarchy! It’s always the cats who come out on top. In our case, the last one, Annie, a feral who lived on her own for several years, marched in and took over everything – her 5 feline and 1 canine siblings. No one dares mess with her! And that’s why all 7 live in peace and harmony here!

  6. Jane says:

    Must have been very bittersweet to see little treasures your husband saved, I’m glad he did for your kids.

    Flowers are blooming galore for you! We’ve just been too cool. It makes me very antsy.

    Love the pics the kids and critters as always, Deb.

  7. rue says:

    The lilacs are so beautiful! I really need some for my garden.

    I hope your life starts getting back to normal. I can’t imagine how tough it’s been for all of you.


  8. Pretty pics! I guess that cat keeps the dog in line.

  9. Kyle says:

    Your photos always tell such wonderful stories. Glad to see you’ve had a little time for stitching.

  10. Dawn says:

    Pretty lilacs, I just planted one in my new garden.
    I hope that hierarchy gets established soon and without injuries!
    Nice you are finding stitching time.

  11. Margie Miller says:

    Your yard is a joy, Deb. I miss all my flowering shrubbery and flowerbeds from the house I sold. I notice it is for sale again now. That teacher was single and had a child. She evidently could not keep up with everything either.

  12. Kaja says:

    Vinyl! That’s a reminder of the way things were. Your quilting is coming along well – I like that you are mixing big stitch and traditional quilting according to what works in each area; that’s a clever approach.

  13. I love your mixed bouquets, Deb, and the scent in the house must be wonderful! No blooms here just yet, but soon. Merle is such a cutie pie, curled up on that pillow!

  14. Lea says:

    Koopa is so adorable! I love all of your photos. Your quilt is beautiful and so is your hand quilting.

  15. Doreen JOHNSON says:

    Spring is looking very pretty in your area. Koopa looks adorable and very calm in these pictures.

  16. Susan Nixon says:

    Flowers – a great remembrance. I remember Tapestry, but for me the song that still plays in my head is my sister’s record of Come on Baby Light My Fire. She put it on one night before going to bed, and forgot to put the bar over, so it replayed and replayed all night long in my dreams. LOL

  17. Kim says:

    We have flowers and mint in our yard that was from my mom’s house…she took it from my grandmother’s home. It makes me smile whenever I see them…

  18. Debra says:

    Yes, a lovely bouquet for sure. I can smell them just looking at your pictures! Enjoy seeing your quilt work.

  19. Love your lilacs and can’t wait for mine to bloom…I love cutting off blooms to bring inside for the smell…I so miss my Snowball that died several years ago…and loved its bloom size. Glad to see you cat letting the dog know who’s in charge…first come rules…

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