Early June Slice of Life

This is my dog Lily, who I inherited years ago when a neighbor family had to move.


She has lots and lots of hair :)

Lily and jugs older photo from april

She rebels against getting it brushed or cut and ran into the bushes to hide until I could coax her out with treats.  After a good half hour of brushing her and cutting out mats, etc. half of the back yard was covered with white fur.

An hour later it was all gone, gathered by the birds to replenish their nests! :)

Speaking of birds, I have a back porch and next to it are a Rose of Sharon and tall grasses. I was weeding back there the other day….some NEW vine-weed had turned up and was winding itself around the grass planting. Once I got a lot of it out, wearing gloves and hoping that it wasn’t poisonous, I discovered this tiny nest with little eggs the size of my fingernails….a sparrow’s nest.

I was surprised at how neat it was since a sparrow family always builds under an awning on the side and it usually quite comical and messy :)

Like this one with a baby peeking out a few years ago….

baby sparrow peek a boo

But they are sweet to watch once they are learning to fly, though Mama is still feeding them:

mama feeding baby

I’ve had more vines and weeds to deal with than the aforementioned one and plenty of grass cutting as we have had continual precipitation. Lots of planted seeds are coming up and the little tomato plants were to the point where I had to stake and tie them the other day.

A few perennials are in bloom…

Here is one that was here when I moved here…a sort of Queen Anne’s Lace ground cover that I have to be careful with ( pulling up MOST lest it take over yet letting a few go to flower )

In this collage you can see how a few are allowed to pop up amongst the spirea bush in the front. The spirea in the back is blooming as well as a few other flowers here and there.

My smaller Day Lily on the side is in bloom though the tall ones in the front are just getting ready. I have no clue what the pretty purple flowers on the bottom right of the collage are. Usually the birds or the Universe bring me weeds…this was a pleasant surprise :)

While the end of May had extremely hot weather and felt like mid-July, we have cooled down and I am enjoying my early June Slice of Life the last few days where the temperatures are just hitting the mid-70’s, as they SHOULD be doing in what is still technically spring!

My DIL’s birthday was on the weekend and while I didn’t get any pictures her aunt and I worked on a dinner together…and yay, there are leftovers :)  Chicken and Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes, Brownies and Birthday Cake. Leftovers are always a wonderful thing :)

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25 Responses to Early June Slice of Life

  1. val says:

    I love bird watching too….and it’s nice to meet Lily

  2. Debby Ray says:

    Hi Deb! Thank your visiting…I think it’s been a while for both of us! What better way to add comfort an warmth to a birdie’s nest than by adding some silky dog hair….oh and what a sweet nest with those beautiful eggs. Your yard is so pretty with everything blooming so nicely. Enjoy your week!

  3. audrey says:

    Your pictures are always so lovely! You always capture such feeling.:) And I so agree–leftovers are almost always a wonderful thing around here too! I’ve started leaving notes in the fridge so my family won’t forget to leave me some!

  4. Love those pictures of your sweet Lily, and the birds too. Such pretty flowers, spring had come!

  5. barb says:

    what beautiful blooms and birds.
    That next photo is a winner and just beautiful!

  6. Margie Miller says:

    What a pretty yard you have! I miss mine that I had when I had my own home. It’s a struggle to have flowers here. The land used to be a gravel parking lot before they built these four plexes so any digging down further then three inches and you run into gravel.

  7. Joyce says:

    I’m always amazed at how much floral and fauna your small yard yields. You nurture everything that crosses your path (people included!) and it all just wants to stay and thrive right there with you!

  8. Lily looks like such a dear pup – with lots of lovely white fur…we have 2 shelties and know what clouds of fur look like! The birds do like to line their nests with it, don’t they. The sparrow eggs are exquisite with their coloring…such perfect Spring photos. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Joanne says:

    Looks like your pretty purple is a tradescantia. All of your yard looks great

  10. Melanie says:

    Lily is a beautiful dog! It’s amazing how much fur that comes out when brushing…it’s the same way with my cats. I have to brush them outside since there is so much fur. Like you, I leave the tufts of fur floating around outside so that the birds can use it for building their nests. Speaking of which, I love your bird photos. There’s a bit of Queen Anne’s Lace in a certain area in my yard, too and so far, it’s been contained. Don’t know how (since it usually spreads), but I’m not complaining! ;-)

  11. Bernie says:

    Such sweet birds – love the picture of the eggs and the mama feeding her baby.

  12. Sandra Healy says:

    You have some lovely photos in this post. The bird’s nest pictures are so sweet. Our garden is full of little baby birds too at this time and I love watching them.

  13. Eileen says:

    Hello, we used to put out our dog’s hair for the birds too. It is good nesting material. Love the birds and flowers. Happy Birthday to your DIL! The leftover do sounds yummy! Have a happy day!

  14. I love leftovers, and yours sound delicious. We have had two really cold days. I can’t believe I’ve got long pants and fleece jacket on in the house. :-)

  15. Lily is gorgeous! How is it I’ve never seen her?

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Doreen these pics of Lily are from older blog posts :) She’s been on here off & on over the years :) Since two of my sons got pups in the last two years ( Merle and Koopa ) I guess that I’ve just focused on the young ones :)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Doreen I have had her in older posts but I think that I have just focused on my kids’ younger dogs over the last few years ( Koopa and Merle :)

  16. Jane says:

    I just love your Lily. I grew up with a collie so I love the long, pretty coat, but it is tough to keep managed.

    Gardens are ablaze, sadly with as many weeds as flowers. My lady friend/landscaper said we’d have our work cut out for us this summer due to the heavy spring rains. She’s right. You aren’t alone!


  17. Kim says:

    I love watching nature in the spring. And yes, leftovers are wonderful!!

  18. Kyle says:

    Baby birds are such a delight in the spring.

  19. I love the nest with the pretty blue eggs. Always nice to stop by and catch up on all your news.

  20. I can see that dog hair would be very popular for lining the nest, like a VIP nest upgrade! What beautiful colours those eggs are.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Wren x

  21. Pam says:

    Your bird photos are wonderful as is your sweet quilting. I too was broken hearted over Anthony’s suicide.

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