Early August Blooms & the Beasts on my Street

Beauty & the Beasts :)   The Beauty is in the garden ; the Beasts are on the street. We received a Resident Notice that Asphalt Resurfacing Operations would be occurring on my street as well as on a few others.

When you drive through a construction zone, generally you sit and wait prior to being able to drive through it and you can’t really pay much attention to what they are doing, so I thought to take a few photos and show you the beasts that showed up this week!

Here is an example of an early morning parade ( prior to 7 a.m. ) and this wasn’t even all of them…there were dump trucks behind this line.

On the first day, they cut off about two feet of my neighbors driveway and removed a long pipe that  channels rainwater.

They also did this, which I assume is what is called the ‘milling’ :

While they tore up one intersection on the first day, on the second day they focused on another then moved farther up the hill to another intersection while this dust & dirt beast came along. I took this photo when it was parked in front of my house for awhile. Once it started up it was time to shut all the windows. 

We are to the point where you don’t want to run your car over this :

Or this :

And there are many more like that. ( They did put cones around all of these prior to leaving for the evening )

This work is to take one working week, weather permitting. I see rain in the forecast for tomorrow so this may go on a bit longer. I am parked on a lower street and grocery shopped for as much as I could think of that I’d need, prior to this starting, aside from having to do a few small runs for fruit or milk or something.

Now for a little beauty…some early August blooms while I was out there with the camera :

What’s funny is that two years or so ago, down at the main intersection a water line broke and there was some flooding. The water company totally tore up that intersection and fixed it and it was fine but now it is being resurfaced.  A few months ago the gas company replaced a line down from another intersection….for my neighbor and I.  That entailed many noisy vehicles outside the house. Then they broke a water line. More noisy vehicles from the water company to repair that. Later on they both came back to resurface their respective areas….more noise and vehicles.

Here we go again.

‘ Never a dull moment.’ :)  ‘Silence is golden’ :)

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18 Responses to Early August Blooms & the Beasts on my Street

  1. Karen says:

    your flowers are gorgeous! I feel for you about street work being done – it must stink something awful – the last couple days the highway we live on is being redone but out here in the country it is done differently – it is called a “chip surface” basically all the holes are filled in first, then one lane at a time (2 lane country highway) they first lay the tar down then they have a big truck drive down it that is filled with chip gravel which is spread in a fine layer, then the roller truck comes and drives over the whole thing packing it down – then they do the other side of the stretch of road they do – then it all moves about a 1/4 mile down the road and they start all over again. They did in front of my house this morning and of course for two days or so now dust will be flying until it all gets packed in good and then sometime in a couple days or next week they will repaint the stripes down the center and the shoulder the white stripe – it has been along time since they did it – needed to be done for sure.

  2. Pat in WNY says:

    Same thing happened on our road as with Karen, though she had a much more genteel term for it, I just call it tarred and feathered! We still don’t have the striping done, but they were doing that on the road in front of our country church about 15 miles away the other day, so I suppose they’ll get here eventually. At least you have the beautiful blooms to look at.

  3. Eileen says:

    Hello, I love all the pretty flowers. My neighborhood has wells so there are no pipes under the street. They do come along and repave it sometimes and that can be a pain. You do have a lot of big equipment there, I hope they finish quickly. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Judy Miller says:

    My Goodness! That is an awful lot of noise so close to your home!!
    You have gorgeous flowers. My Zinnias are coming on strong too.

  5. wow-everything is so close to your home! Those flowers really make up for the rest going on.

  6. Kim says:

    Yeah…been there and it is not funny. Noisy, stinky and loud. I hope it’s over quickly…

  7. Joyce says:

    When my twin grandsons were two and three they would pull little chairs up to the window and sit for hours watching a bobcat landscape a neighbor’s yard. They would have gone nuts over this at that age – and I’m sure Javis and Brent would have, too! But trucks became replaced by Star Wars and then Minecraft now at age nearly-nine. Kind of sad. I loved seeing them move things around on the floor with the appropriate “vroom! vroom!” noises!

  8. Grandma Kc says:

    I sure don’t envy you all that noise and inconvenience but hopefully it will all be worthwhile and something else won’t break and they won’t have to dig it up one more time! Thanks for the flowers!

  9. Joanna says:

    Deb, I love your flowers, they make me happy. You seem to have lots of annuals, do you sow them from seed or buy plants every year. I suppose road construction is a necessary evil, but I hate it.

  10. Flowers are beautiful and silent. Those machines not so much. :-) We have some construction going on not far from us which results in this vibration you can feel in the house when they are using certain equipment. It’s like torture. It’s wonderful after 4 and on the weekends when they aren’t working. Here’s to them completing their work in record time. :-)

  11. Nana Diana says:

    Well at least the flowers and gardens are gorgeous. I hate all that construction–even when you know it is necessary it is a pain. However, after it is done it is all worth it….kind of like any household project. xo Diana

  12. Kyle says:

    Your garden is definitely the “Beauty”. Sorry you have to endure the “Beasts”.

  13. Robin says:

    Boy, you’ve got quite a lot going on in your neighborhood. I’m sure the noise is hard to ignore. It will be nice when it’s all over. The flowers are so lovely. This is a wonderful time of year for flowers. They seem to soak up the hot hot sun (but you have to keep their feet wet). I neglected to comment on your last post but I loved your design wall.

  14. Jane says:

    I can imagine the noise, Deb. I think I might not complain as our roads and streets get so damaged with potholes in the winter and it takes forever to get on the fix-it list.

    Your flowers are gorgeous! What’s the name of that very first orange one? Love it!

    Jane x

  15. Here when they actually fix any roads it takes them forever and the traffic is hideous! OK is not very good about fixing roads. Hope you fare better.

  16. Margie Miller says:

    Your flowers are really lovely!

  17. I remember they did this to our house when I’d just moved in and we had to park and walk in with the shopping under one arm, small babies under another! Well at least you have had the pleasure to take time out to smell the roses, or perhaps I meant cornflowers?!
    Hope you are driving up your new drive my now :)
    Wren x

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