Eagle Sampler Quilt almost done

We had a hard frost this morning and then it went up to 70 degrees later in the day…lots of sunshine and a strong breeze. Well the cat had been snoozing on some of these blocks when they were laid out on my bed prior to me getting them sewn together so hopefully the breeze blew away any stray hairs :)

sampler in sunlight and breeze

In the end I decided to use this eagle sampler quilt as a commemorative one…a gift for my son and DIL.

The patriotism part is for my son, a vet, and Remember the Fallen and the three names below it are for three of his friends that did not return home. There were many more, but these are the three that he was closest to, and he has commemorative tattoos for them as well. My grandson is named after one of them.

The sunflowers / sun symbol are for my DIL’s baby, who went to Be With the Light at four months of age several years ago. Her name is embroidered at the top.

I managed to make a complicated star or two quite nicely and yet lost some points on the delectable mountains blocks at the top,  but if you don’t tell my son and DIL they’ll never notice. Overall I am doing better but am far from ‘there’ yet :)  The delectable mountains blocks arranged this way remind me of sunshine and the light and that is why the baby’s name is embroidered between them.

I am going to stop here…put a thin cream border around it, sandwich and tie it ( if I hand-quilt it, I’ll never get it done by Christmas ) and bind it with a red binding. But I am taking a break from it at this point for a good week or two.

When I’m done all of the gorgeous autumn sun and shadows on my outdoor design wall will be gone and it will be dark by 5 o’clock.  Now THERE’s a depressing thought for you! :)

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20 Responses to Eagle Sampler Quilt almost done

  1. Denise :) says:

    This is a beautiful, sentimental quilt. What a lovely tribute! :)

  2. Carla says:

    Oh so much meaning and love sewn into this! Perfect for you son and dil! I love receiving gifts like this, so much thought put into them. I agree the days are really getting shorter and I for one will miss those blocks blowing in the breeze, but spring will come again.

  3. audrey says:

    You are on a roll with this quilt top! Love all the special details. It will be a wonderful tribute when you’re finished up.:)

  4. Karen says:

    it’s beautiful and what a memory

  5. sally says:

    I love it; you’ve put so much thought and amazing work in this project. I know they will be touched in a mighty way.


  6. Nana Diana says:

    What a wonderful gift and a fine tribute to three of his friends that did not come home. I am sure you are working love and maybe a tear or two into each stitched section. Blessings- That is a beautiful quilt. xo Diana

  7. Joyce says:

    Beautiful job on the sampler – and a touching tribute to the ones you honored in memory. Scott and Tallica will treasure this gift!

  8. What a wonderful gift for them – and a lovely memorial to his fallen friends. This is beautiful.

  9. Chris k in Wisconsin says:

    It is beautiful! I am sure there will be tears when they open this amazing gift you have made just for them.
    Yes, it is depressing how early it gets dark now. On Saturday night this weekend remember that we “fall back”. We get that hour back that we lost last spring, but I really don’t like the darkness so early. I look forward to Dec. 21, the shortest daylight of the year, and then, as of Dec. 22 the days begin to lengthen again. yay!

  10. BillieBee says:

    What a wonderful memory quilt and it’s just stunning.

  11. This will be a Christmas present that will be treasured for years to come. :-)

  12. Laura says:

    What a wonderful commemorative quilt for your son and DIL. Something to treasure forever. xo Laura

  13. Amy says:

    So beautiful, and a “gift” in the truest sense of the word. I’m sure they will treasure it. Wow, dark at 5? We’re not quite there yet…but we will be when we change the clocks next week.

  14. Lorrie says:

    This will be such a wonderful gift for your son and DIL – so full of meaning and love. Great job.

  15. Margaret says:

    It’s beautiful and will be treasured forever.

  16. What a lovely quilt. I’m sure that your son and DIL will cherish it.

  17. Cheri says:

    I admire how you put your memories into your quilt. I do the same thing. Can’t let those memories get to far away!

  18. Grandma Kc says:

    It turned out spectacularly! They are going to love it as it is filled with love and memories! Good Job!

  19. Vickie says:

    What a wonderful gift from the heart you’re creating for your son and daughter-in-law! I’m sure they’ll treasure it for generations to come.


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