Critter Distractions When Quilting ; No Wonder I’m Slow

Last week in my sewing post I showed a lovely spiderweb that I had to dismantle after taking a photo, since it was under the hummingbird feeder.

This past week, Arachne was back…one morning there was another web below the hummingbird feeder.

another arachne web

Well this one had to come down as well but I have checked every morning since then and I think that she’s gotten the message.  The latest web was over by the edge of the porch and the pine tree.

web by pine tree

And the hummingbird is glad of that!

I’ve done more reading in my spare time than sewing this past week…I have found that as my eyes get older, if I dearly want to concentrate on reading a lot…then I can’t do that and strain my eyes with sewing as well. So here and there I concentrate on just one or the other.

I did finish the Starflower that I showed last week and  yet another English Paper Pieced hexie-thing…these and some baskets that I have prepped are for a border on a quilt and I am just working on them intermittently. I also began prepping another round for the next Rose applique block.

EPP baskets and rose prep

Still moving slowly around the the edges of the Crosses & Losses quilt. If it’s not out on the porch it’s on the top of the piano, where the cat doesn’t go :)

quilt hoop on piano

I thought to show you a few of my many quilting distractions when I am out on the front porch. No wonder I’m slow to finish this quilt : )  I keep putting it down and grabbing the camera. There’s the hummingbird…




hummingbird collage

Baby bunnies…this one’s been hanging out behind my front bushes and flowers and is growing rapidly…

baby bunny is growing

Squirrels that are so tame they will come up the steps and then come very close to me to get their peanuts…

squirrel collage

And now it is Goldfinch Season :  I have some sunflowers growing all around the house in various spots. Some are in the front, right off the porch.  Who would not be distracted when these little darlings visit for their seeds ? :)

goldfinch upside down

Goldfinch collage

And I have yet to edit some photos of a mama bird feeding her baby…they’d flown the nest but I had not realized that she still fed them. That will have to be for another day. For Slow Sunday Stitching I resolve to keep the camera put away and just quilt! :)

Joining all of the other slow stitchers and their lovely array of varied projects over at Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching. 

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41 Responses to Critter Distractions When Quilting ; No Wonder I’m Slow

  1. Margie Miller says:

    Your photos are so good! I love the birds!

  2. CathieJ says:

    Beautiful porch pictures. I really like all the WIPs that you have.

  3. Carla says:

    I can understand your distraction! Beautiful photos and I love the projects you are working on. I know as I was machine quilting this week it was nice to gaze out and see a squirrel and the birds at the bird bath getting a drink as temps reached over 100.

  4. Gail says:

    I get distracted when I stitch outside too! I love to sit outside and stitch! It is fun to see your stitching projects each week.

  5. Mimi says:

    I’ll say it again–you astound me with your amazing photography skills! Have you ever thought of submitting them to magazines? Seriously! Country Woman, Birds & Blooms….

  6. Karen says:

    you have a lot of distractions! a lot of nice projects going on too have fun with the mother nature as summer is quickly slipping by and before you know it fall and winter are back.

  7. Joyce says:

    Some people have to travel to a nature center and pay an admission to see what you do from your front porch! The pictures you capture are artistic and could, like Mimi says, be published.
    Best wishes on your quilting. It will be nice when Crosses is done – you’re almost there!

  8. Kaja says:

    I love your garden wildlife and your photos are very good, especially the spiderweb ones, which I love. Enjoy your reading!

  9. Chris K in Wisconsin says:

    If you, or anyone, thinks that you are slow….well I am then a certifiable slug!! You never seem to stop!
    And your pictures are wonderful!! :-)

    • debralynnpugh says:

      Chris I think I stop too much or that quilt would be done by now, lol! Two little interruptions of the human variety just showed up here…putting the quilt away for awhile to make lunch for the grands :)

  10. BillieBee says:

    Your photos are always excellent so don’t put your camera down too long. I love the little yellow bird hanging upside down…so sweet.

  11. Deb says:

    Ha! Birds must be the theme today! Love your gold finch. Not sure we have any of those here – although they are our state bird. It can be very distracting to sew outside.. too many critters, flowers, etc. Enjoy!

  12. Kim says:

    I saw my first Goldfinch of the year yesterday! I was wondering where there were, I didn’t realize they had a season.

  13. Carol Cook says:

    There just isn’t enough time in each day to finish all of my projects. I want to sew much more.

    Love your spiderweb pics.

  14. Grandma Kc says:

    Your quilting and your wildlife are all beautiful. It still surprises me how different your wildlife is from mine. The squirrels and the hummingbirds are very different! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Deb says:

    I would be distracted looking at all that wonderful wildlife too!

  16. Judy says:

    The webs are so intricate and beautiful, in my opinion. How can a creature do that?

  17. Your photo timing is spot on Deb! That hummingbird picture is amazing, as is the spider web pics.

    The Junkos flew the nest here too. At least I hope that’s what happened. I didn’t know they still get fed by the mommy bird after that?! I wonder if it’s specific to the type of bird?

  18. What a wonderful collection of nature photos. Now, if that spider could visit one of my quilting projects and instruct me on free motion quilting a web that would be a great help. LOL And, you and I could certainly have a conversation about ‘mature’ eyes. :-)

  19. Eileen says:

    Hello Deb, the critters are a nice distraction. I love the hummers. I am sure they appreciate the spider’s web coming down. Your quilt is gorgeous!

    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  20. Such lovely photos, Deb! You have the cutest distractions there…
    And your works-in-progress are always beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week!

  21. Snap says:

    Amazing webs … the spider really does beautiful work! :) I love your quilting. I understand about the eyes … I have the same problem. I have to pick what I want to get done … read or crochet or cross stitch … not all! Gorgeous humming bird pics. Love the bunny and aren’t squirrels fun?! Happy Monday!

  22. Such beautiful distractions to your quilting. I’m visiting from Mosaic Monday, enjoy the day.

  23. audrey says:

    It really is not wonder your quilting gets set aside so easily! You’re wonderful about catching all the ‘little’ moments in life.:)

  24. SO many fun things to do and beautiful things to see! Fabulous photos!

  25. DeniseinVA says:

    I loved all your photos, critters, creations. All wonderful eye-candy for the soul :)

  26. Rajesh says:

    Beautiful series of humming bird and spider web images.

  27. Deb I can see why you re distracted…I am too many days and reading books more than blogs…no gardening as I am sidelined but am out with my camera and writing a bit more….so nice to do what pleases us at the moment!

    Oh and the web pictures are incredible!

  28. Always love your nature photos Deb. I too just had my first goldfinch sighting of the summer, a quick one as he passed through my yard.

  29. Shane says:

    I love spiders webs but I wouldn’t like to think of little humming birds being caught.
    I’ve never seen a hummingbird, sadly we don’t have them here – we don’t have squirrels either – wish we did they’re sooo cute.
    Deb, I just love how you welcome and feed all the wildlife that visits your garden!

  30. Sweet Marie says:

    I’m with you on the critter distraction. :) hubby goes around every few days and knocks down some webs because some of them will catch hummingbirds. I didn’t think of that until he mentioned it to me! we having three feeders for the hummers now because they were actually sending some hummers away. lol I would like them to all have some juice! lol we’ve had three foxes on the road behind our house late at night, but I think they have moved on now. so glad because they were young and I was afraid they would get ran over.
    love your photos!!
    happy days to you,

  31. Judith @ Lavender Cottage says:

    Do you suppose that spider was trying to catch herself a hummer for dinner? Yikes, perish the thought!
    I am with you about ageing eyes starting to hurt after reading or crafting for a while…
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Debra.

  32. Sylvia D. says:

    Deborah, What great pics. The spider web highlighted in the light is great, gold finches, humming birds, quilts were all of great interest. Sylvia D.

  33. Amy says:

    I could have written this post, Deb! When I sit outside and try to work on my blog, I am constantly distracted by critters in the yard! I’m glad you showed that spider who’s boss! Great web photos, by the way!

  34. Benita says:

    Deb, if I had all of those beautiful animals to look at, I wouldn’t get anything accomplished!

  35. Susan says:

    Wow. Those photos are fabulous! I love all your projects, too. The baskets look so tiny.

  36. ladyfi says:

    Superb shots of that spider’s web and hummingbird!

  37. That was one giant spider web, Deb! They are beautiful to photograph but not fun when you have to walk through them–lol. I know how distracting critters are–it is always amusing to watch the wildlife. Even so, you get your beautiful quilts made!

  38. Adam Jones says:

    Those naughty spiders. Love web pictures and those Goldfinch.

  39. Marie-AZ says:

    Beautiful shots of each 7 every wonderful distraction! Loved the spiderweb too, and glad the spider finally got the message. Your quilting work is lovely too…check out my separate quilting blog sometime, linking to it from my main blog, if you’d like.

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