Tuesday Treasures : Bunnies

I was out on the front porch one early morning and went to get the camera since I’d observed a bee enjoying the blooms on my yellow rose bush. When I went down the steps into my yard, I noticed several bunnies hanging out in my neighbors’ yard across the street. The neighbors were away for the 4th of July holiday weekend / the grass was getting a little long, and the bunnies seemed to love this.

bee and bunny collage

There were three of them and I caught them in various poses…though I was laughing so hard when they began to chase each other round and round at top speed at one point that I couldn’t get a good capture.

Having said that, they are not the brightest…this is the time of year that I have to start the car, gun it and beep the horn a few times lest there are some silly young bunnies underneath it… they are most certainly not as smart or clever as the squirrels.

This one sprawled out amazed me..he looked as if he’d been flattened by something : I don’t usually see them this way.

two bunnies one sprawled out

They are just adorable when young and venturing out…

bunny with ears up

Run Bunny Run ! :)

bunny running from the back

Last year I had a wee one hanging out here at my place…Somebunny’s Growing UP and More From Around Here” 

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Tuesday Treasures: FIRSTS ( Gardening )

If you are in the South, you are way ahead of me in regards to gardening, but here in Southwestern PA., I just picked my first tomatoes which is always exciting, year after year :)   The lettuce hasn’t bolted yet; I think because I have it in a large round planter this year, versus in the ground.

tomatoes and lettuce

I received some Black Eyed Susan transplants from a neighbor awhile back,  and am seeing my first blooms. This is just as exciting to me as the tomatoes! :)

It was touch and go for awhile due to the hot weather. She was doubtful that they’d survive, but I watered them like crazy every day and they have responded to my tender, loving and hopeful care.

first black eyed susans collage

Marigolds seeds in a pot in the front, and a few in the back by the tomatoes have just begun their first blooms.

first marigold

While the hyacinth bean vines and volunteer morning glories are still climbing, and the sunflowers look like this right now…

sunflower first stage

The first zinnias have come into bloom.

first zinnias

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