April Photo Diary

April 1st : Early Morning

sunrise and indoor light reflected collage

Reading Ms. Toody Goo Shoes Photo Diary for March and the reminder to start one for April ( and link up in May )

Her photo diary post

The gist of it is that you take a photo every day for the month of April…create a post about it, and then link up with her and Claire from a little CLAIREification between May 1 and 7. Check here for more info. I committed to doing / trying this for the month of April since it’s new and I wanted to see if I could keep up. I don’t lead all that much of an exciting life…so for more excitement you’d better check out the party :)

April 2nd: A blue jay arrives for his breakfast peanut

Bluejay calls ahead for his peanut

April 3rd: Finished up hand-quilting / working on tying borders

working on tying

April 4th : Raining again, and pouring…and several rainbows at the end of the day.

rain collage

April 5th: Cold & dreary outside…sewing inside

may as well sew

April 6th: Let’s dress up!

lets dress up

April 7th: A visit from the doves


April 8th: A giveaway arrived in the mail


April 9: Seedlings coming along

Seedlings coming along

April 10: Feet


April 11: Breakfast

pancakes for breakfast

April 12: Starting seeds / transplanting others

Play in Dirt collage

April 13: Palm Sunday: puzzle time in the afternoon

brent and J puzzle time

April 14: A finished quilt

A finished quilt

April 15: Would you believe it is snowing outside now and going down the the low 20’s tonight?


April 16: My lilac bush is wrapped in blankets against the deep freeze

bush in blankets

April 17: Male goldfinch brightens my day


April 18: Moving day ( son’s family )


April 19: More moving day activities, but a wee bit of quilting early morning

in the hoop early morning

April 20: Easter


April 21: Markings from an alien landing? Nope, sidewalk chalk tracing a child

sidewalk chalk

April 22:

Earth day squirrel

April 23: Grape Hyacinths

grape h

April 24: Brought in some branches to force ( Lilac and Crabapple )

forcing blooms

April 25: Lovely skies:

puffy clouds collage

April 26: Some time on the swings in the afternoon

brent on swings

April 27: A birthday party for the twins

Girls and Cake

April 28:

around here for photo diary

April 29: Love them :)

Scott and Brent

April 30: Whew, the last day of this photo diary! :) Raining and stormy today …cheating with a picture of these tulips that I took a few days ago.

Tulips for Photo Diary

Sharing at : Ms. Toody Goo Shoes 1st Link Party! :)  And she leads a MUCH more exciting life so I think that you’ll enjoy her photo diary as well as the others that have created theirs for April.

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