Hobbling around due to the dog toy made for bears

My youngest has a pit and my middle son has a rottweiler-lab mix. Koopa the pit can kill a toy so quickly that it is amazing and it gets rather expensive. A few weeks back the boys’ dad bought Koopa and Merle each a large pink ball with a handle. It was made for horses so he thought it might last. Merle still has his. Koopas’ lasted a day or less.

This past Tuesday my youngest brought Koopa to play in the yard with a new toy that Nate thought might be hardier as he said it was made for bears. I thought he was joking…a big ball with rope on either end. Koopa had it out in the yard and I went to play and turned too fast or something when he still had the rope on his end and the rope sliced through my calf. It was heavy nylon…not the kind usually found in dog toys.

Very bad laceration. Much blood / very deep…started treating it at home up in the bathroom just pouring water on it…Nate ran for peroxide spray….after 5 minutes or so the DIL came with gauze, etc. and we headed to Med Express.

The doctor there would have preferred to send me on to the hospital but I put my foot down. I was there to stay. Well, she was concerned…this was through all the fatty layers and so close to a tendon and yet sew me up she did. She was muttering about how bad this was and she’d have to use mattress stitches. The wound was the size of my palm or larger.

Well I sew! What’s a mattress stitch? Do YOU sew, Doc? And off we went…with her explaining how it was easier to sew skin than clothes, except for MY situation where she was having troubles :) In the end I had my DIL take a photo with her phone to pass up to me so I could see what a mattress stitch looked like.

I had 19 of them! Don’t worry…I am not showing that photo! Gross!  :)

Tetanus shot, antibiotics…elevate the leg, use crutches or hobble only a wee bit. I am used to sitting at the table or in a chair, feet down, when I sew. I could see that sewing wasn’t going to be in the picture for days on end. And not much else. I am not in a lot of pain. If working through pain was the issue it wouldn’t be too bad….it’s the fact that if I blow it and this gets infected or pulls apart then I’d need to see a surgeon.

SO aside from a wee bit of computer time, hobbling to the kitchen to let the dogs out or get a little food….I am not doing much but reading and working my way through “Reign” on Netflix. The DIL has a medical background and she’s changing the dressings for the first few days …that doctor had me terrified about infection, swelling, surgery, premature death, the end of the world, lol…:)

The family is doing dog-poo patrol, carrying laundry baskets, bringing Dairy Queen Rocky Road, lots of pictures and hugs from the little kids, etc. Some sweeping and other things will get done over the weekend. Drives me crazy…I am usually the one to do for them :)

A bit of a blogging break here for awhile until I get back in to the swing of things…:)

This March and a Look Back

What a contrast we had here lately. Thursday afternoon reached a high of around 55 degrees. Daffodils, crocuses, bushes budding, trees leafing…..and all far, far too early.  I had enjoyed a walk in the afternoon with clear blue skies. I was transfixed for awhile watching and listening to a woodpecker high up in a neighbors’ tall tree.

I meandered down to my sons’ place to see the kids after school and my DIL and I sat out on the porch laughing at the antics of Merle, their young dog.

Merle was in his glory…he had two new toys in one day. Scotts’ dad had brought this large pink horse toy ball over and I’d brought a plush ball from the dollar store. Merle went back and forth between the two.

It was bright and sunny and warm, yet we were also discussing arrangements for the possibility of a school delay the next morning…..as surreal as it seemed in that lovely afternoon weather, we were to get snow that evening.

Sure enough the snow arrived…with no flash in the early morning, it all looks blue :)

Gusty winds and mini-blizzards followed throughout the day. I walked down to see everyone after school again….the kids are always so funny and wound up on Fridays, with no homework in sight and a fun weekend ahead. They were to go bowling later…

After that,  bitter cold settled in for the weekend and I decided to settle in too.

I had to get the camera out on Saturday morning. While just a few days prior the birds were splashing merrily in the bird bath after a rain, a pair of doves were visiting and one was just sitting quite contently on top of the iced up water. Another flew off to the crabapple tree since I was annoying her :)

There is that poor confused crabapple…just recently leafing out due to unusual early spring weather, then covered with snow, then basking in the sun in frigid temperatures wondering “what shall I do? what season is this?”

Since this winter has been so up and down in regards to the weather, I decided to look back to March of years past and see what was going on then :)  

I found things more interesting to me than the weather …

March 2013 : I did a very gloomy shot reflecting my perspective on having to work on taxes that year !

Working on Taxes

Towards the END of March I received a very sweet surprise from Judy of New England Garden and Thread. New Hampshire syrup…fresh from the shack where they’d participated in making this with their friends!

closeup syrup on spoon

Oh it was so good, and so different from the standard pancake syrup on the grocery store shelves.

In March of 2014 I found my little grandson doing the dishes…a favorite pasttime.

Brent doing dishes

I was enjoying my frequent blue jay visitor who expected a daily supply of peanuts when he stopped by.

What are you looking at

My Kanga kitty seemed to be just enjoying life in general one day…

Kanga Happy

March 2015 was quite cold and I’d done a post about our ONE spring day…and on that day I took the children to a local park.

I was also working on a series of Ancestry / Family Tree posts that winter…here is my grandfather Wilbert Zeiler building a house for me ; a replica of their house at the time. I was probably around 2 or 3 years old then.

Bup and the Weyman Road House Replica

Here is Charles Henry Zeiler, born Oct. 31 1817 in Prussia, a member of the Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War:

Charles Henry Zeiler Civil War PA Volunteers

I was also finishing up some simple hand quilting on a baby quilt that March:


As to March 2016 I was working on several quilt projects that month…here’s just one :

1857 blocks thus far collage end of March

We were busy with Easter eggs. I laughed at this…I forgot about our ‘handmade’ garbage bag aprons :)

egg decorating group

It looks as if we tortured the dog, too.

merle with bunny ears edit

I had fun doing this post on March and a look back to earlier ones, and I hope that you enjoyed it. I should do this more often.  One last shot…from a post about the beautiful skies that we had on St. Patricks Day last year.

Cottonball Clouds

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