Slice of Life: Fun & Serious Troubles as Well

Traditionally each year my middle sons’ family goes to a friends’ house to celebrate Cinca De Mayo.  ( just an excuse for a party! :)  This year the Kentucky Derby fell on the same day so everyone dressed up and all of the girls ( young and old ) wore hats in honor of the Derby:

Meanwhile if you are a regular reader you may recall that the boy’s dad ( we never divorced officially but were separated for longer than we were married ) died last year.  The youngest had a hard time coping and moved in and out of here ( and I had a hard time coping with all of that as well :)

He got involved with opioids in trying to cope. Since there is an opioid crisis in the country and I’ve seen many a normal person in our area  ( Professionals / people across the board ) die from this I thought to just open up and share.  He got in to Fentynol, a heroin subsitute, but he ( and many ) don’t shoot it…they *just* snort it. He went to rehab about a week ago and Scott ( middle son ) and I visited last night.

So in rehab, for HIM, getting off of the opioid Fentynol  was a three day nightmare and then over, because he’d not done it for very long, and was not shooting it.

What is the REAL nightmare?  Getting over his doctor prescribed meds for anxiety that he’d taken for six years. If you want to really understand the crisis in America today do some research in to what Xanax does to a person’s brain chemistry over time.

Within a few days of detox from Xanax he was rushed to the hospital with extremely high blood pressure, one of his sides going entirely numb…and he can anticipate many episodes like that going forward.

He tried going off of it before…when he was here with me. I had to rush to the pharmacy to get one of those teeth-things that kept you from biting your tongue because he was going in to seizures.

At rehab they currently have him on anti-seizure meds right now.

Just an FYI….there’s an opioid crisis yes, but those anti anxiety medicines are just as deadly and dangerous! If you or a loved one suffer from panic attacks or anxiety find another way to cope with it other than Xanax which destroys your normal brain chemistry over time :(

I hesitated about posting this….blogs are generally supposed to be positive, but maybe truth and honesty will help someone so I am going ahead with it :)

I WILL add this : while my son’s father and I reconciled  and got along over time once our first mutual grandchild was born. when we had marriage troubles and I was beside myself, there was no drug to help me…I took long walks and prayed.

I think that this is is the difference between the drug crisis then and now :(


Slice of Life & Progress on 2 Quilting Projects

In my last post  ( “She’s Probably Frying Zucchini in Heaven” )  I let it be known that my sister’s MIL had passed on and what a wonderful woman and legendary Italian cook she was ( HERE )

She was a devout Catholic and while I was raised as a Protestant and participated in many Protestant denominations over my lifetime, at one point I decided to explore the Catholic faith and am now officially a Catholic, though I attend sporadically at this point.

Still, at the funeral mass the ritual washed over me in comforting waves…and the priest had known her for all of his life. His mother and her were in the same maternity ward giving birth to him and to my BIL.  His parents were my BIL’s godparents and my BIL’s were HIS godparents.

That loving and compassionate priest  couldn’t get through the service without getting choked up on numerous occasions.

While I was over there with my BIL on that horrific night that we found her, fallen out of bed, and had assisted him and stayed until the ambulance came, I did not go on to the hospital.   I got the whole story later. She’d had a stroke and her heart was going in to failure but the tests showed a bit of infection and pneumonia setting in so it may have been a virus of some sort that heralded the end.

She was taken to a local hospital and then life-flighted to one in Pittsburgh.  She passed on early the next morning.

Both my niece and Steve, my BIL,  said that towards the very end a Presence and deep peace could be felt in the room and her attention left them and her eyes lit up and she began reaching towards the ceiling / air.  This did not surprise me as I have researched near-death-experiences off and on over the years….

The “Wake” was held at her house and while many people contributed a wonderful variety of foods, there were two big ‘hits’ :)   My BIL brought homemade canned pickles and peppers that were from his mom’s recipes, and the granddaughter that had come up from the south to stay there replicated her spaghetti sauce recipe, using the last of her canned tomatoes from the cellar.

Meanwhile prior to this and afterward life went on. My oldest son is in Missouri but the two others were pallbearers. Photos of them, the kids on the weekend with their cousins at a local place where they can jump on trampolines, the twins turning 8 years old, and one of them stopping by for cookies….

Meanwhile the drone of lawnmowers permeates the neighborhood as it just did a few days ago…I and many of my neighbors mowed on Sunday or Monday, had rain, and are mowing it all again now. My back yard had lush grass that had grown a good 2-3 inches since Monday afternoon when I had last mowed.

The crabapple tree is getting ready to display her spring glory soon…

I finished up the 3rd border of the Flower Basket Medallion :

I finished up another fan quilting section on my Rose of Sharon hand quilting project, marked another section and started again… I always get questions about this fan marking so once again, you can check it out at Fun With Barb’s Etsy Shop 

I have done traditional echo quilting and crosshatch on several quilts in the past…for his one I am enjoying the fan stencil :)

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I’ll be putting some more hand quilting stitches in on Sunday and joining other Slow Sunday Stitchers at Kathy’s Quilts