July Slice of Life and Perhaps History in the Making

While we here in Pennsylvania watch our tomato plants flower and even produce some small green tomatoes by mid-July, we ( or at least I do! ) anxiously watch the stores or fruit markets for the first Arkansas tomatoes to arrive.

Ours will not be ready for awhile but for as long as I can remember, Arkansas tomatoes are my first taste of real tomato-summer :)

Along with slicing them up to accompany a sandwich, or a scrambled eggs and toast breakfast, or in a salad, I cut up one to go over a tray of roasted vegetables one morning.  ( I would not eat it in the morning but just wanted to beat the heat by cooking early. )

This combo was various colored sweet peppers, zucchini, cauliflower and tomatoes.

At the time, my youngest was off to a music festival and I had Koopa here. My dogs love cooked veggies but are not interested in raw ones. Koopa is different. As I was chopping up the cauliflower to roast he was at my feet enjoying cauliflower bits as if he were a human enjoying potato chips. He will eat anything…bananas, strawberries, the kids swing outside, the crabapple tree branches as he jumps…there is no limit :)

Meanwhile, while Koopa is back home with his daddy now, I am making trips down to my oldest sons house to feed fish and let cats in and out. Merle was to be at my DIL’s twin sisters house for the duration while they are camping at the beach, but they may be returning him a bit early…

I love this photo that she posted on Facebook of the children when they arrived for their first morning there.

Meanwhile as to weather and gardening and outside work it seems impossible to plan anything, such as finishing up the painting on my back porch.  The forecast will say 20% chance of rain in the morning and then change over to 80% within hours.

My Rose of Sharon bushes came in to bloom the other day, right around the time that we had one of the worst storms in years…totally unpredicted. It was like a typhoon of sorts hit us out of the blue…a deluge of high winds and rain and this shot ( Bottom right ) is of my neighbor’s yard…and many more were like it. Top right is my tomato bed.

We had thunderstorms yesterday and as I type this, thunder is rumbling all around and the wind is kicking up and that grass that I just mowed is going to be growing some more :)

Meanwhile today may have been a historical day so I want to briefly mention this.

  • The New York Times has been running a story, day by day ( were they drawing it out intentionally or was the party providing the information doing so…..who knows ) about a meeting.
  • In the second story, emails were mentioned. But it sounded as if people were just describing them…a he said / she said sort of thing where we’d never see the actual mails if they still existed.
  • Then today, Donald Trump Jr. released the emails on Twitter, because he knew that the New York Times were going to show the mails.
  • The mails to DT Jr. were also forwarded to Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.
  • Donald Trump Sr. was in the Trump Tower that day and after this meeting or during it ( that he supposedly knew nothing about ) he first mentioned Hillary Clinton’s 33,ooo emails. That figure had never been mentioned before as far as I know or have seen in the news stories.
  • In all of the articles that I read today this was summed up in a short statement that works for me and this blog post :

This is clear black-and-white evidence that there was, based on the email, a Russian government effort that the Trump campaign welcomed to try to discredit Hillary Clinton,” Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  • Today may have been a “history in the making day”.   Time will tell. One thing that I do know is that it will be quite hard to holler FAKE NEWS by Trump Sr. since his own son had to provide the news.

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My son and DIL had both taken days off from work on the 5th of July and they took the children to Ohiopyle. A few pics from my DIL that I saved and compiled into a collage….

They also took Merle, their dog, and Tallica said that he was very anxious about the kids jumping off cliffs in to the water…like a worried Mama : )

While I love that place, I did not go with them. Awhile back I’d had some work done on my back porch, replacing wood, etc. and that day the guy came to start on the painting….he’s a family friend and he also did some bush trimming for me as a favor. I have done everything with hand tools and need to invest in an electric trimmer like he has in the near future.

I kept thinking of the girls under the waterfall as I was outside in the afternoon heat sweating as I raked branches and worked alongside him for awhile :)  Some were in the spare garbage cans and some piled up for him to haul away later.

The forecast was for rain the next day or two so we agreed that he’d return when all of the rain passed.

Of course they are usually wrong…and this was no exception.

The entire day ( Thursday ) had no rain until around 4: 30 but it was so humid and ‘muggy’ that you could cut the air with a knife. If you live in an area where it is hot and dry I don’t know any way to explain it other than we’d prefer 90 degrees and dry than 75 degrees and humid :)

I may take a little blogging break …lots of yard work coming up after these rains, nothing exciting going on in the way of sewing aside from finishing up hand quilting on Scrappy Granny and next weekend I am the photographer for a wedding.  I will finish this post by showing these coneflowers. I have the standard pink Echinacea / Coneflowers in the back of my house but I purchased and planted these in the front last year.  The transition that they go through upon opening to the finished product ( on the left ) is fascinating to me :)

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